Three More Judicial Nominees Blocked

Exactly as I predicted, Democrats blocked the other three Judicial Nominees today,

U.S. Senate Democrats blocked three more of President Bush’s judicial nominees Thursday, raising to 10 the number they have stopped in a battle sure to extend until at least November elections.

The Constitutionality of this was brought up again,

The U.S. Constitution says the Senate is to give its “advice and consent” on judicial nominees, but Republicans said the president is the one with the power to make such nominations.

“We shouldn’t rewrite the Constitution to allow senators, especially those of the opposite party, to nominate judges,” said Senate Majority Whip Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican.

McConnell warned Democrats about setting a precedent that “senators of the opposite party get to pick a president’s circuit court nominees … this precedent may well be used when there is a Democrat in office.”

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