Abortion Is Not ‘A Religious Issue’

Remember that opposition to torture in Brazil does not become a religious moral position just because that opposition is now being led by the Catholic Bishops” – Dr. Baruch Brody, Rice University bioethicist and philosophy professor(1978)

One of my pet peeves in abortion discussions is for someone to refer to abortion as a ‘religious issue’ as if you must be Christian, or have some form of ‘faith’, to see abortion as wrong.

I do agree that there are certain things that are ‘religious issues’. Examples of those are the mandate to go to Church every Sunday or seeing the bible as the inspired word of God. However, abortion, unlike any of the above examples, deals with human life. It deals with what used to be called “natural law”. It falls within the same category as theft, murder, and betrayal; things that are of themselves wrong. I do grant that religion helps you see these evils more clearly, but that doesn’t make them religious issues. For example, Christians, largely championed the fight against slavery on mainly Christian principles, but does that mean only Christians can see slavery as wrong? Of course not. Something does not become a religious issue simply because the majority of people supporting it are religious.

If deciding whether an action is murder or not only falls within the scope of religion than we can never again criticize Hitler, slavery, women’s oppression, racism, or for that matter, any type of action by one human-being to oppress another, since one can make the argument that that person may have had a different philosophical/religious system than ours. Matters of life and death could never, and should never, be reduced to the merely religious.

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  1. […] t meant to be seen as a religious argument against abortion. Since I strongly believe that abortion is not a religious issue. Reply