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“Regular church attendance has been a reliable predictor of voting behavior among whites, with church goers disproportionately voting Republican. Among blacks this has not been the case…. Gay marriage, and claims equating the gay movement to the civil rights movement, has been a wake-up call. Black pastors and their congregants are waking up to the fact that the liberal agenda that they have been supporting all these years does not liberate but denigrates, dehumanizes, and enslaves. They are beginning to see the liberal agenda, the welfare state agenda, as a moral problem, undermining the dignity and responsibility that makes men and women free” — Star Parker, president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education

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  1. Sarah Morse says:

    I wish more blacks would realize that what Star Parker says is true,. However, the truth of the matter is, that because of Al Sharpten (sp?) and the NAACP Blacks are more and more entrenched in the entitlement “house” that they can’t see the truth of it.

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