The Difference Between Republicans And Democrats This Election

Hugh Hewitt writes,

“Pete Coors is a gentleman. Trailing by less than 50,000 votes out of nearly 1.8 million and with 12% of Colorado’s precincts yet to be tallied, Pete nevertheless took a calm look at the numbers and called Ken Salazar to concede. Classy.

Contrast that with Tom Daschle, Tony Knowles and Betty Castor, and of course John Kerry. No reasonable interpretation of the data in any of these races can give any of these candidates a win, but they are hanging on.

This is not the conduct of a great party, but it is also not surprising for the party of Michael Moore. What an example for the new democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Perhaps sleep will bring wisdom to this group. Sleep, and a good hard look at what Al Gore has become.”

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