Another Country Falls To Communism

It looks like (WSJ$) the beginning of the end:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s program to seize land from large farmers and ranchers is promoted in the name of the poor, but carrying it out may further batter Venezuela’s economy and hurt the landless peasants Mr. Chavez says he wants to help.

The campaign already is having negative repercussions beyond the few parcels targeted so far. Fear of confiscations is drying up agricultural investment and financing, and a continuation of this trend almost certainly would erode production in the not-too-distant future — which in turn would force Venezuela to import more foodstuffs. The economic viability of tracts divvied into small parcels is also dubious.

Few things are as important to economic stability and growth as strong property rights. Yet that is one of the first things communist’s regimes attack.

Karl Marx, spreading misery one country at a time.

Analysis has more.

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  1. Fernando says:

    hey!!!! The Democrats like Chavez. I don’t know why but they like him.…rs/200501170904

    In the case of Senator Dodd, his behavior with Chavez should come as no surprise. Just as in the 1980s, when Dodd and Senator Kerry led the opposition to US funding of the Nicaraguan Contras, Dodd has always favored lefty strongmen or radical forces in Latin America, rather than their democratic or pro-market opponents. Dodd was a prime critic of the government of El Salvador when it was under attack from Marxist rebels supplied and funded by the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Had the rebels won their fight, Dodd would undoubtedly have been the first US Senator to visit them. Dodd has been the leader of a group in the Congress that can be best described as anti-anti-Communists when it comes to Latin America. While the scourge of Communism (though not authoritarianism) may be dead in Russia and some of its former satellites and former republics in the USSR, in Latin America, the Marxist struggle lives on in many countries. One can read about it in, which is of course always sympathetic to the cause.

    Dodd is not up for re-election in 2006, and will likely face no political fallout for his actions. He is a Democratic Senator in what has become a fairly safe blue state. But his two other fellow travelers on the trip to Caracas are another story.

    Lincoln Chafee is the leading member of the RINO club in the Senate – Republicans in Name Only. He was elected off the strength of the affection his state’s voters still hold for his father, John Chafee, who served honorably in many government capacities for many years. In the 2004 election, Lincoln Chafee refused to vote for President Bush, instead writing in the name of Bush’s father.

    Chafee will run for re-election for his seat in 2006. Rhode Island is perhaps the country’s most safely Democratic state. Only somebody named Chafee can win there as a Republican. By behaving like a Democrat, Chafee may preserve his seat and discourage opposition from Patrick Kennedy and others. Maybe Senator Dodd will tell his fellow Democrats to go easy on him, since a maverick Republican may be more embarrassing to Bush than one more robotic opposition Democrat. Coddling Communist dictators might strengthen Chafee’s appeal among the DailyKos crowd.

    The endangered species in this story may be Florida’s Senator Bill Nelson. Nelson won his seat narrowly in 2000, and will face a tough re-election battle in 2006 in a state that leans Republican. Governor Jeb Bush might challenge him. So might Congresswoman Katherine Harris. President Bush won the state by 5% in 2004. Jeb won re-election by 13% in 2002, and Republican Mel Martinez was just elected Senator for the open seat vacated by Bob Graham in November (the first Cuban-American in the Senate).

    Nelson making nice with Chavez may play well in the New York Times, but might not play so well among Florida’s large Cuban-American population, which remains very hostile to Cuba’s government and Marxism. Many other Latin Americans, who have migrated to Florida, also might not be so high on Chavez, regardless of their political affiliations. Unlike the drawing room leftists and media demagogues who pilloried John Ashcroft, many Latin American immigrants have a first-hand acquaintance with political repression, and do not suffer fools gladly, when they are blind to the consequences of playing kissy-face with dictators. Much like the recent Democratic Senate candidate in the state, Betty Castor, who handed Mel Martinez a giant gift by her record of support for terrorist Professor Sami Al Arian when she served as President of the University of South Florida, Nelson may have just provided some fodder for his challenger in 2006.

    Senator Dodd did not need political cover for his behavior. He has always been first to embrace Latin dictators, so long as they lean to the left. But he may have endangered one of the few remaining Southern Democratic Senators, by bringing Bill Nelson along for his trip. As Chavez inevitably becomes more of a thug and more hostile to America, the past week’s photos of Nelson coddling him will find their way into the campaign, with consequences for Democrats’ hopes to regain control of the Senate.

    For far too long, Republicans and the MSM have ignored an unfolding tragedy, a Twentieth Century story reappearing in the Twenty-first, in which a nation and a people slip away into Marxist tyranny. Reagan-era triumphalism may have blinded us to the ability of Communism seemingly to rise from the dead, like a blood-sucking vampire. It is well past time for America to go on the offensive against the spread of Communist tyranny in the Western Hemisphere. George W. Bush and the GOP should be no less vigilant on this score than was his predecessor John F. Kennedy

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