I LOVE Diversity

I absolutely love it. Here is a recount of my day today…

I arrived at work to find my Indian/Canadian office mate in the office, we chated a little about martial arts and what not, than I immediately went to the lab to do some work. As soon as I arrived in the lab, I started talking to an Iraqi friend, this friend is from northern Iraq, and overall supports the war in Iraq. He is always up to date on all the news, and fills me in on what it’s like to be in Iraq. Today’s topic of choice was the movie I let him borrow, Voices of Iraq, he hadn’t watched it yet, as I was interested in his perpective on the movie.

Soon after that, I bumped into another friend at work, a native of Canada. This is a friend that I have long economic conversations with. He grew up amongst anarchists (damn Chomsky!!) and has leanings towards communism (yikes!!!). Needless to say, I immediately proceeded to talk about the wonders of Capitalism. Today’s topic was some books I had recommended him (Friedman, Sowell, and Hazlitt). He is a smart cat, with a huge heart, it won’t be long before he connects the dots.

Later, I chated with a different Indian friend, not my old house mate, but a friend that is part of my group at work. We chated about work stuff here and there, but overall touched on the topic of colonization (Queen Elizabeth, give them their Diamond back!!!) and what it does to a country. Nothing too long, just simple conversations.

I than headed to class (UCSD) with my other office mate (it’s a big office, ok!!), who I have known since I started college, and who happens to be a Vietnamese refugee. His father, after the USA withdrew from Vietnam, was imprisoned for 10+ years for fighting with the USA for South Vietnam. President Reagan (may he rest in peace) went to Vietnam, and gave every family that had a family member imprisoned for a certain number of years (can’t remember the exact number, I think it was 2 or 3 years) for fighting with the USA, free passage to the United States. My friend came, worked for a few years, saved saved and saved. Eventually enrolled into college, while still waking up at 4 amish to deliver newspapers, and graduated top of his class (I was second 🙁 ). He is now one of the top Engineers at a fortune 500 company. Imagine, with no help but his own will and dedication, in fact, there were many times where he had to go out of his way to support him and his father. Yet he did it, with no complaints and nothing but love and joy for this country. He never stops telling me how absolutely horrible it is to live under a communists regime, and always reminds me how lucky I am to be in the United States (God Bless America!!).

Upon arriving at school, I got the updates from our (school) lab partners. There are five of us, myself, my Vietnamese work mate, two foreign exchange students from Iran, and one Sikh from India (btw, Turbans in the USA pretty much means Sikh NOT Muslim). We chated a bit, and than headed back to work.

When I got back to work, another friend of mine was in the (work) lab. This is another Mexican/American friend who, like myself, speaks fluent Spanish. When I was younger my dad used to give me a ‘coscoron’ everytime I spoke English to someone who you could clearly tell spoke Spanish better, and it’s no different with this friend. I don’t care how many people are around that don’t know Spanish, when me and him communicate it is always in Spanish (Remember the Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo, before giving me an English Only lecture 😉 ). Sometimes we talk about his kids, who btw, were raised by him and his wife of SEVERAL years (they were married very early, both are natives of Mexico). His oldest son just completed, at age 25ish, his Masters in Electrical Engineering from UCSD and now works for Nokia (making BIG bucks), and his eldest daughter is a public school teacher, his second oldest daughter is getting her bachelors degree at UCSD in Physics. Yeah, you heard that right, I am very proud (on a side note, my 13 year old sister is very good at math, I have high hopes for her, more news in a few years)!!!

While walking down the hall, I chated with a white friend, about another Chinese friend who had been in a bicycle accident. Everything is ok, he will be back to work on Monday.

After this, I came home and chated with my white roommate about this upcoming weekend. You see, I have friends coming over this weekend, mostly old college friends, but some friends I knew outside of college. As a matter of fact, I have a very close college white friend of mine driving from San Jose as we speak, he is due to get here at 3am in the morning. Who is coming you say, well if everything works as planned, it should be possibly two black guys, two white guys, four mexican guys, two cubans, and a guy from Peru. And those are just the ones staying over my place. I invited some friends from work, friends from school, and just friends that live in San Diego (Oso and Derek, you guys are invited too).

All in one day. I haven’t even started talking about how my meetings at work are…It’s almost a mini United Nations (except we get things done, and don’t steal from the poor).

For all the crap some people give to California, this is certainly not part of it. This is the America I’ve known, the America I love, and the America that makes this country great. Sometimes I think it is even better than all the hot women here (ok, you’re right, the hot women are better, but it’s a close second). And it is very enriching.

With that out of my system, see you all on Monday, I got some partying to attend too.

PS: I also got A LOT of work done in the blank spots above…don’t want anybody getting the impression…

3 Responses to “I LOVE Diversity”

  1. DD says:

    I love diversty too. It’s wonderful. I think that when people understand other cultures……they become more compassionate and appreciative. We may not always agree with some things, however, rapport and friendships are important in this life. Have fun, Al. Don’t drink too much calories…..it will go to your gut. 😉 lol!

  2. Tim Binh says:

    Ronald Reagan gave Vietnamese that had spent three years or more in “re-education camps” (gulag is a better description) political assylum. It should also be noted that Ronald Reagan is the reason most of these Vietnamese were let out of the camps in the first place. My uncle also spent 10 years in a camp. He says the Communist’s original intention was to keep them there until they died.

    But then Ronald Reagan bankrupted the Soviet Union! The USSR could no longer support Vietnam with foreign aid! There was a mini-revoluion in South Vietnam when the rice farmers refused to grow more rice for free. This extra rice was to be exported to support he Communist government! So Vietnam had to turn to the west for trade and foreign aid. Before the west would deal with them, they had to release all their political prisoners. So in effect Ronald Reagan had these prisoners released also.

    I always tell that to anyone who disses Ronald Reagan. If not for him my uncle and probably millions of others would have died in Communist prison camps.

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