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“”Leading Democrats are discomfited by this demonstration of Iraqi support for the Bush Doctrine. John Kerry urges that we not ‘overhype this election.’ At the very moment when the first seed of democracy is planted, the Democratic leaders want the United States to turn its attention immediately to withdrawal… This might be terrifying to Iraqis who just risked their lives to get democracy underway, and who still remember the Baathist slaughter of tens of thousands 14 years ago when the United States urged them to rise up against their oppressors and then abandoned them. But it will not be terrifying to Iraqis, because they know that this is a different time and a different Bush. He won’t listen to the Saudis. He won’t listen to the Democrats. If the world knows anything about George W. Bush, it is that he does what he says. Iraq’s president called this talk about withdrawal “complete nonsense.” Which is why the Iraqis could dance”. —Charles Krauthammer

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