An Introduction To Racial Tensions In Los Angeles

So I hear there was yet another racial fight at Jefferson High School in LA recently. I always find it surprising how very few people know about the significant amount of racial tension that exists in LA. I guess after having lived there most of my life and knowing that everybody around me is aware of it, you just assume other people know as well. So, since I am finding out that very few people know what is going on, I thought I’d blog about it and give the readers of my blog a leg up on the status of LA. However, given that I am Mexican/American, I will primarily give the Mexican perspective on things, since that is primarily the side that I was most privy too.

First, some background. Gangs in Los Angeles (and by Los Angeles, I mean pretty much all of the LA area, like Compton, Watts, Harbor Area and valley) are ‘segregated’ along racial lines: the Crips and the Bloods (and there’s also Piru, but they are considered bloods by most standards) are overall Black gangs, and the ’13’ are overall Latino (predominantly Mexican) gangs; all Latino gangs in Los Angeles are 13s, whether or not they get along. It basically refers to “Sur 13”, meaning the ‘south’ of California, so all Latino gangs, south of say, Bakersfield, are considered 13s. Latino gangs in the broader California are further broken up between the 14s that control most of northern California and the 13s that control all of southern California. This split between the Latinos started a long, long time ago in prison, and since every Latino gangster in Los Angeles (except for one Latino gang, but they are by far the exception) belongs to the 13s, the 13s vs. 14s fights are usually handled in the prisons, when Latinos are mixed from the northern and southern parts of the state together.

Before the mid-90s, there was the occasional Black person that belonged to a Latino gang and there was the occasional Latino that belonged to a Black gang. Some gangs, or so I’ve heard, even started out united as Black and Latino. Now, don’t jump to the conclusion that I am saying that racial tension did not exist between Blacks and Latinos before the mid-90s, there was definitely racial tension, and a significant amount at that. It’s just that it escalated after the early 90s.

Up until the mid 90s, gangs tended to kill ‘their own,’ meaning that Latino gangs fought amongst themselves and the same went for Black gangs. Yes, there was the occasional fighting that crossed racial lines, but that was more the exception than the rule. Black gangs were the same way, they were composed of Crips and Bloods/Pirus, blue and red, and tended to primarily fight each other. All Bloods and Pirus tend to get along with each other and unite to fight the Crips. Crips, on the other hand, fight against Bloods, Pirus and other Crips. So, even though there was a lot of fighting between Black gangs, they all tended to kill each other and there was limited fighting with Latino gangs.

In areas where the two groups are highly represented, such as South Central LA, Compton and Watts, the territory claimed by the two groups of gangs greatly overlapped, with each identifying almost the same particular area as their own, and both respecting each other. In several areas, the Latino and Black gangs intermingled a lot, with several Black and Mexicans speaking with the same accent and doing several of the same activities together (cock fighting, pit bull fighting, etc). Everybody just understood that each territory was their own with respect to their specific race. It was a weird system, but overall it worked and allowed the two races, usually neighbors to each other, to live together.

Also, prisons in California are extremely racial. In other words, all Latino gangsters hang out together, even if they were rival gangsters in the streets, and all Black gangsters hang out together, even if they too were rival gangsters in the streets. The Latino group is referred to as “La Eme,” also known as the Mexican Mafia and ‘Sur 13’, and is composed of Latino gangsters from the streets, this is where the 13 comes from. To elaborate further, all Latino gangs in California are composed of two parts. The first, and some would say primary, is the fact that they are all 13s (the ones in southern California at least, the ones up north would be 14s), the second is their unique gang. So say you had Latino gang A and Latino gang B fighting each other on the streets, absolutely hating each other. When the members of these gangs go to prison, they are no longer gang A and gang B, they all become what they have in common, the 13 part of their gang. Their enemy now is not other rival gangsters, but other races. So say, for example, that you were Mexican and had a really close Black friend growing up, if you two were to meet in prison, you could not eat together, work out together, or associate with one another at all. Why? Because of your races, it’s that simple.

However, in the early to mid 90s, La Eme started dictating orders from the inside. They would send representatives to hold meetings with the heads of the Latino gangs and order them to stop killing ‘their own’ and direct their anger to those of other races, namely Black people. Those who violated these rules and were sent to prison would be killed. And since La Eme controls the Latino side of the prisons, and all Latino gangsters that enter prison would by default become part of their ranks, thereby needing their protection and association, this was a threat taken very seriously.

Many people thought (myself included) that it would never work. How could two gangs that had hated each other for generations, that had spilled so much blood, all of the sudden act as if nothing has happened, simply because of racial ‘unity’ and ‘fear’. Sure, they’ve been doing it in prison, but in prison everything is more compact, more orderly, but not so on the streets. More importantly, some thought, how could Black and Latino gangs that had grown up together in overall peace now all of the sudden become arch enemies, just out of a call for unity and threats from Latinos in prison? At the time, I thought it extremely unlikely to take effect.

Well, with time, I realized that I was wrong. Soon after, the Latino gangs that for the past generations had been rivals, started communicating and socializing. It was an odd thing to see. On the other hand, racial tension between Blacks and Latinos started to mount. First, you would hear of a Latino gang that had already been fighting with a Black gang make the fight more racial, escalating the anger between the two. Then you would hear a different Latino gang start a new fight with a Crip or Blood gang, and other gangs do the same. The ones who bore most of the brunt of this change were those few Blacks that were in Latino gangs, and those few Latinos in Black gangs. If they entered prison, they would be killed for sure. For example, I knew a Black guy from a Latino gang that told me that when he entered prison, he would say that he was Puerto Rican, because the Blacks wouldn’t take him, and without the Latinos to back him up, he would be defenseless.

Killings between the two races escalated so much that there was a point where just being Mexican, or just being Black, was reason enough to get killed by the other group.

In Compton, my hometown, Black vs. Latino type atmosphere created several killings between the two, where as the two had lived overall somewhat peacefully before – did drive by’s together, overall lived in the same neighborhoods with a live and let live philosophy – Blacks in Crips and Bloods, Mexicans in 13 gangs, the escalation afterwards was huge. I’m not saying that all Latino gangs started to fight all Black gangs. There were certain areas where the friendships remained, but it is undeniable that what La Eme did escalated the racial tensions to very high levels.

Some areas, especially the Latino areas that have fewer Black people, have prided themselves of riding as many Blacks as possible. It’s almost an unspoken test of what Latino gang is tougher, the one that rids more Blacks being the tougher gang. Also, after a few couple years, Latino gangs started to fight each other again, with La Eme unable to control the hatred they always had towards one another, but the racial tensions between Blacks and Latinos remained, never returning to the previous levels. In addition to this, this racial tension has spread into general areas of life and is not restricted to gangsters. If you were to go to Jefferson High school, for example, and witness the fighting, you would definitely see Latino/Black gangsters being the primary fighters, but you would also see a significant number of non-gangster Latino/Black people fighting. It has become an overall strong dislike between the two at the fundamental level.

Moreover, everything I have said here is all pretty much common knowledge in LA, you don’t have to be a gangster, or in many cases, even a teenager to know this. From the kids in middle school to the adults, everybody knows a good portion of what I have said here.

With that said, I don’t want to give the impression that all Latinos or all Blacks in LA dislike each other. Certainly there are many many Latinos/Blacks that are perfectly fine with one another. In fact, things are actually better now than they were in the mid to late 90s, but I would attribute most of that improvement connected with the overall fall in gang activity. Nor do I want to give the impression that all Black gangs hate all Latino gangs, or that all gangsters are like this. This is just to give a general overview of the way gangs are, and how this has affected the culture at large.

Before I end, I want to give a few words on what I am always asked after I explain the LA situation, how do you go about solving the problem? I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know. There are too many historical and cultural factors at play here for any one solution to solve the problem. I could give you a stronger list of things that I believe make the problem worse, than a list that will make the problem better. And, as one of the things on the list that makes the problem worse, I would put the media’s inability to classify the situation as it is. This was not a fight between ‘some students and other students’, or between ‘one gang and another,’ this was a race riot, pure and simple. It is proof of the larger race-related problem that LA has, both historically and culturally, and to deny the obvious and hide it under the rug as if it’s not, does nobody any good.

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  1. Paloma says:

    Looking back a bit in CA history, the coverage of the ’92 riots was interesting for the intense focus on Black-Korean animosity with no understanding that that simplistic perception didn’t explain the real situation– looking forward to the coverage of the mayoral election, I have yet to see one article understand correctly the complex ethnic coalitions forming around Hahn vs. Villaraigosa. Which is a longer way of saying, nice article!

    One of the reasons the HS fight didn’t get called a race riot was because that is politically incorrect… it might imply that people of color were involved in a crime. Nine times out of ten when someone thinks of a race riot, they think of white people beating up on people of color, perhaps because the conecpt of minority-on-minority racism is difficult for the PC crew, for whom it is darn near impossible for a minority to be racist.

  2. Thanks Paloma, and I agree with you, I have found myself annoyed at the media’s PC attitude for some time now.

  3. Wow. Thanks for the amazing rundown. It sucks that we’re fighting each other. I wonder if Brown and Black college students get along? Do organizations work together?

  4. Definitely, once you go to college, things are much different. I know the NAACP and other organizations have tried to step in, but its tough, you can only do so much to control LA gangs, they have a mind of their own.

  5. The reason I asked is because although we claimed to work together at UT, we never did. We did our thing and they did theirs. It wasn’t so much racial tension as much as apathy towards each other’s groups.

  6. Oh, I see what your saying. I agree too, that isn’t really racial, that’s just apathy towards all people who don’t share a common culture, be they black, white or asian. In LA, it is clearly racial.

  7. cindylu says:

    Wow, Alfonso, you really got into the nuts and bolts of things. I’m glad to see that you’re incorporating more of your personal experience from where you grew up to discussions like this. I’m surprised you stayed away from generalizations, since that is so unlike you.

    To DT, I know at UCLA the black student groups and Chicana/o and Latina/o student groups do work with each other frequently. There has been conflicts between the groups based more on people not getting along with each other and greediness over funding/positions of power. However, we’ve also seen that when we work together we get a lot done.

  8. Generalizations, what, me?!?!? I don’t know what your talking about. You liberals, always making things up.

  9. Expertise says:

    I’ve been getting a bit of traffic on my blog about a potential killing spree this weekend in L.A. Have you heard anything similar to this for either this weekend or even sometime this month?

  10. Nick says:

    The eme was trying to put an end to brown on brown killings… they also tried to put an end to drive by shootings since so many innocent ppl were getting killed. Their intentions were not to instigate problems but rather to resolve them. The reason why so much pedo has hit off between black gangs and surenos is that the blacks have a long history of abuse towards us and alot of raza were finally fed up with the racism of growing up in a black run area. Since many of these gang members are kids they didn’t know how to deal with their emotions in a positive way so they lashed out against the ppl that were oppressing them with blind rage instead.

  11. Expertise,

    Didn’t hear about it, I hope everything turns out okay.


    You paint a fuzzy picture with your comments. Yes La Eme tried to put an end to drive by shootings, saying that one had to stop the car and get out, but this was mainly to prevent innocent brown people deaths. Had you accidently killed a black person, they’d have no problem with it at all. And as far as your comment that “Their intentions were not to instigate problems but rather to resolve them”, that is not completely true. They were trying to resolve problems regarding brown people, but at the same time trying to cause problems with black people.

    As far as the causes go, it’s alot more complicated than how you make it seem. There were racial problems between the two even in areas where there are few Black people, and predominantly Mexican, such as East LA.

    For the record, I am not placing blame on any one group or the other, for example, I am not saying that the race problem in LA is primarily because of us Hispanics, all I was trying to do here was give an overview of the race problems from a Mexicans perspective.

  12. The Gringo says:

    Great post. I just linked it.

    Question: do you see or know of any signs that Mara Salvatrucha is infiltrating LA-area schools? Or that they are working on alliances with 13 or 14?

  13. I do know that MS is a 13 gang, so them working with the 14’s is out of the question. If they did that, not only would they loose support on the streets, thereby having all other Latino gangs turn against them, but support in the prisons as well. It would be a suicide move.

    As far as infiltrating LA schools, I could only give a limited comment on that, as I grew up in Compton. While very close to LA, the atmosphere, and gangs in Compton are different than LA. With that said, while you see MS on the news alot, I think it’s power and influence has been somewhat exagerrated, atleast in LA. While they may be more cruel than others, there are other gangs that are bigger than MS. For example, 18st and Florence, both of which would work against any infiltration by MS through High School or where ever.

  14. oso says:

    I agree with Cindylu – this is by far my favorite post of yours so far. I learned a lot. I hope the comments keep coming and I’d be interested in reading your list of what would make the gang situation better and what would make it worse.

  15. Thanks Oso. I was a bit reluctant to post this, being that it’s such a sensitive topic. But based on the responses, I might come out more with stuff like this.

    As far as what would help fix the problem, damn, I don’t know. There are sooo many factors involved here that anything I could think of would probably only mildly help. On top of that, I haven’t lived in Compton for more than 6 years now, so I’ve lost touch with the day to day stuff, and issues like this are always evolving.

    But if I think of something I’ll be more willing to post it, based on the positive responses I got from this post.

  16. Concerned says:

    This is my first time ever seeing this board, and I have to admit that I loved the info provided by the Hispanic Pundit. It was very important and, being a former Compton native myself, I can also say that it was on point. However, there is a an element to this story that seems to have been lost in tracking the history of the Black-Latino tension in L.A. And while I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, I only ask that you think first before drawing your own conclusions in regards to my post.

    First of all, as a young Black male who was born and raised in Compton around a family that was heavily involved in gang activity during the 1980s and early 1990s, I never saw or heard of major beefs or incidents of violence involving Black and Latino gangs. Sure there were isolated incidents here and there and, because of the cultural and territorial differences between the two, certainly an air of tension at times in the neighborhood between the two ethnic groups. However, these things were far from what we see in present-day Los Angeles County, and anyone who grew up in places like Compton, South Central, Watts, etc., would tell you the same.

    I honestly believe the tension between Blacks and Latinos escalated dramatically after the L.A. Riots, and I believe that escalation is directly related to the drug trade in the inner city, which we all know is a significant part and the “bread and butter” of the gang culture in our communities.

    If those from the inner city can remember, prior to the L.A. riots, the biggest and most popular drug dealers in the inner city were black men. Characters like Freeway Ricky Ross, Big Honcho from Grape Street and others like them were the main suppliers of drugs to the streets and the individuals that you would go to if looking to secure a substantial amount of cocaine or marijuana. These people influenced a lifestyle among young blacks in the inner city that caused them to strive for that same “High Roller” status because they were the standard for drug dealers and the individuals that were being targeted by the FBI, DEA and local law enforcement in their “quest” to solve the drug problem. Back then, if you wanted to purchase 10 kilos or more of cocaine, you could find several blacks who had that kind of stash at their disposal and more often than not, you would make that kind of purchase from a black drug dealer.

    However, something very strange happened after the riots and the “unity between colors and gangs” that stemmed from it. Now, before we jump ahead of ourselves, take a quick second to remember what happened during and after the riots. If you can remember, there were peace treaties developing between gangs all over the Southland. Bloods and Crips in Watts, which had murdered each other for years, agreed to bury their beefs in the name of peace. Latino gangs that had been killing each other in the same fashion were out robbing and looting — along with their black brothers — together, everyone cashing in on the moment as one big happy family. Whether you can recall this or not, the fact of the matter is that there was a huge cry for peace on the streets after the riots, and it worked in some cases for days and/or weeks and in other cases for months and/or years. There was a definite sense of unity among those who lived that lifestyle at the time, and I can remember going to peace treaty parties in Watts and surrounding areas where Bloods, Crips and Latino gang members were partying and having a good time with one another. Anyone who attended those parties can verify that what I’m saying is indeed 100 percent truth.

    But let’s get back to my original point about the escalation of tensions. Like I said, prior to the riots, most of the major drug dealers in L.A. were black, and the drug trade (either on the streets of the city or through the growing network of gangs leaving L.A. for places all around the country) were controlled by blacks. After the riots, for some reason or another, that dramatically changed.

    Slowly but surely, the drug trade started to fall into the hands of Latino gangs after the riots, and we’re talking at the street level of the business. Now, the drug trade at the highest level has always been in the hands of the people who produce the product, and we all know where cocaine is grown and cultivated. So, by no means am I saying that the drug trade at the highest level was ever controlled by anyone other than those from those countries. However, at the street level, which is where the drug and its sale have its biggest impact, that control was indeed in the hands of blacks prior to the riots.

    Now, if you know anyone that is currently dealing drugs or has friends that are dealing drugs, ask them today, on May 5th, 2005, if they wanted to buy 20 kilos of cocaine, where would they go to get it? I’ll tell you what, if you can find five black drug dealers on the street today capable of delivering such a substantial amount of cocaine on short notice, that would be nothing short of a miracle. Those who live and are still connected to the street will tell you any day that to make such a purchase right now, that you have to deal with a Latino drug dealer, because they are the only ones capable of carrying that kind of weight at all times.

    Remember back during the times before the riots, when the L.A.P.D unveiled its battering ram and crack houses were on nearly every block in the inner city? Whenever you saw raids of those homes and large caches of drugs/money/guns recovered, the individuals that were arrested on the scene almost always were black, and we saw one after another black face paraded in front of news cameras as a sign that they were the root of society’s growing drug problem. Nowadays, whenever you hear about police raiding a spot and finding several hundred thousands of dollars in drugs/money/guns or whatever, who are the faces being pulled from the homes? They are for the most part Latinos, and anyone who wants to dispute that is living a lie and not paying attention to their local news. Almost all of the “major” drug busts we see now — outside of the occasional meth lab bust — involve Latinos, and most of them have direct ties or affiliations to gangs because that’s the best and easiest way to distribute the drugs. Blacks did the same prior to the riots, and that method has proven to be effective when it comes to the drug trade (in other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it).

    Now, why are we saying all of this? Simple, he who has the money and the drugs and the guns have the power, and that is what we are seeing played out on the streets of Los Angeles today. Back when Black gangs ruled the streets of L.A., prior to the riots, they had the money and control of the drug trade (which allowed them to build a substantial inventory of fire arms) and that allowed them to rule the streets, which is why Crips and Bloods became a national topic and the subject of movies, documentaries, etc. Now, things have changed. Latino gangs control the drug trade and they have the money, allowing them to purchase and stockpile the weapons that they are currently using in their attempt to seize control of the streets of L.A. much like they have seized control of our prison system (and we all know who runs things behind bars).

    By now, I would imagine that you’re probably starting to see the picture I’m trying to paint. Here you have one group (Blacks) that once had control of a highly profitable market, and now you have another group (Latinos) that controls it and they just happen to be living side-by-side to each other. What did everyone expect would happen under that scenario? Money is the thing that drives our world, and people will rob, cheat, steal and kill for it in a heart beat. On the other hand, control defines our existence and empowers us. Whenever we have something under “control”, that means we have power over it, and any intelligent human being understands that power can be healthy or damaging depending on the mindset of the individuals wielding it. And since we’re talking about gang members here, there’s no doubt about in which direction that power is being used.

    I hate to see the things that are happening on the street, because you have two ethnic groups that have seen their hostilities toward one another inflamed by something (drugs) that will ultimate rot both communities to the core. By no means am I saying that my beliefs should be your own, but there are elements of my argument that I believe you will find factual from first-hand knowledge or can do so by simply talking to someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk of that lifestyle.

    I pray that God will intervene and stop this madness that is developing between Black and Brown before things boil over to the point where none of us can walk out of our homes and feel safe again. We are in the same communities, we will continue to live next to each other, and hopefully, with God’s good grace, we will find a way to co-exist in peace with respect for one another. There are examples of this happening every day, but unfortunately, the seeds of evil that have been planted in our communities threaten this even as I sit here and type this now.

    I hope I have not offended anyone with my opinions — they are strictly my own and hopefully will stimulate your mind to think a little out of the box when it comes to the root of the problem we are now faced with.

    Peace and blessings to you all, and may God protect us.

  17. Thanks for that response Concerned, it brought back so many memories. While I don’t know any of the big names you mention, I do agree with the general theme of your post. For example, I remember when I was younger everybody saying that Grape Street Watts, was the gang and place to get ‘water’, and Compton was the cocaine, and hence the crack, spot.

    I also remember as I was getting older, more and more of my Mexican friends started moving up the ranks in the drug trade. I don’t want to get into details on here, but I definitely see where you’re going with this, and if I had to give one reason why the prison gangs started trying to put some order and direction to the street gangs, it would be because of what you mentioned, control of the drug trade.

    And like you, the change worries me. I remember when I first moved to Compton as a child, in the 80’s, I was one of two Mexican families on my street. So naturally, most of my friends were Black. We would play baseball, video games, and roll dice together all the time. As I got older, with more Mexicans in Compton, and with the racial tensions reaching levels never seen before, things got completely different. The last couple of years I was in Compton, for example, you would no longer see Mexican kids playing with Black kids, or vice versa, the new divide was evident for all to see. More tragically, you would see gangs that had been very close for generations, start to fight each other, primarily over race. Compton Flats against Fruit Town Piru and Santana Blocc, 155 St against the Bloods, Alondra against Tragniew Park, Segundos against Kelly, some gangs even putting the N-word when they crossed out the rival gang.

    The interesting thing about this is that the older generation, those in my generation for example, clearly didn’t like it. They all still had close friends from the other gangs and still had strong memories of growing up together. In every example I gave above, it was all started and escalated by the younger generation, the generation that had no previous friendship bonds with the specific gang. But in many cases, the older gangsters would still get along and just look with disagreement at the new direction things were going, knowing that they can’t stop the inevitable.

    It is sad, very sad it is, and so much blood has been spilled, and so much blood will be spilled, over a fight that started over drugs.

  18. Thrasher says:

    This is a very shallow and weak overview of the interaction between Blacks and Browns. One of the realities of the anger from Brown folks is that Blacks have been able to dominate the racial marketplace in CA and of course the USA as a result Browns have always resented the power of how Blacks over white folks. Instead of addressing this shortcoing Browns attack Blacks..Browns even resent the Black Folks who are Hispanic because these pathologies

  19. Thrasher,

    You’re going to have to elaborate further, because from my end, what you say makes no sense.

  20. Booker Rising picked up on this blog entry, more comments found here.

  21. Thrasher says:

    I was feeling the same way about your drivel,it is apparent you have little contact with black people. I have lived in LA as well and what I observed was the usual envy of Browns(hispanics et al) with regard to anything Black including black gangs..

  22. I have had about equal contact with both, Black and Hispanics throughout my time in Compton, especially Black and Hispanic gangsters, and I can assure you that the dislike has nothing to do with resentment of “the power of how Blacks over white folks”.

    What you speak of might be a personality trait in you, that you attribute to everyone else.

  23. Chuntee310 says:


    I seriously doubt that the kids at these schools and the gangsters from the surrounding commuties are fighting over what you say. They have more serious things to worry about than if Usher won a Grammy and Frankie j didn’t, come on please. There worried about whether there going to get shot by the next fool walking down the street. It’s people like you that are making things worse. Talking all this nonsense. Then you call the blog narrow minded but say nothing to back up all your bullshit. And to say that you lived in LA for a while, for a while, so you really don’t know what’s up. And if you do then why don’t you tell us how we brown people of jealous of “you” not black’s cuz this sounds more like hp said a personal thing. If you did know anything about this then you would know that what HP and Concerned said is on point. So please oh mighty one tell me how we are envious of “you”. I honestly think that you’re the one that’s envious, what some g fuck you up some pretty boy fuck your girl, come on dog what is it let it out…..Oh and yeah I have friends of all races, African America, Samoan, Gualtemalteco, Vietnamese so don’t use that bull that I have no contact with who ever.

  24. Whoa, like I said everyone, some real tensions going on. Btw, love the log in name Chuntee.

  25. Concerned says:

    HP, thanks for your comments to my earlier post. I really don’t understand where Thrasher was going with his comments because I don’t think this problem has anything to do with jealousy. This problem is all about money and power, and it’s every easy to see that.

    The unwritten point that I was trying to make in my previous post — again, I’m not one for conspiracy theories — was that someone or some entity took control of the drug trade out of the hands of Black gangs and put it into the hands of Latino gangs after the riots. In my opinion, that change is directly related to the escalation of hostilities between the two groups, which started at the gang level and unfortunately is now starting to creep into the thinking of regular every day folks.

    Now, we all know that drugs can’t make it into this country on their own and without some assistance from our federal agencies that are designed to prevent their import. I’m not saying that any federal agency is guilty of any crime, but there may be people within those agencies with the influence to facilitate the presence of drugs in this country, and that is something that we have seen evidence of in the past and I believe still happens to this day.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that by taking control of a profitable trade out of the hands of one group and giving it to another, you could easily create a situation where the two groups would have “beef”. It would be no different that showing favoritism to one child over another for one point of time and then changing between the two of them who you favor. When you leave those children alone to interact, you know that the one child who had been favored for some time will now resent the other for his recent good fortune. You also know that other child, the one that had been shunned for a point of time and probably had his nose rubbed in it by his previously more fortunate counterpart, will flaunt his new-found status and try his best to make sure that the other never returns to his more-fortunate status.

    It has been documented and proven that back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, that some elements of our government did everything it could to prevent unity among the “non-whites” that lived within its borders. Whether you choose to believe that or not, the fact of the matter is that it did happen, and there’s plenty of literature or other materials at our disposal that can verify those claims.

    Now, if you’re one who believes that everything in this country is run on the up-and-up and that our government has never misled us about ANYTHING, then you’ll probably dismiss what I’ve had to say. But if you are among those who understand the things that have happened in the past (thinly veiled attacks on the civil rights movements of blacks, browns, Native Americans, etc.) as well as what we are currently seeing today (anyone following what’s going on in Iraq?), then I think you understand where I’m coming from.

    The best way to control those who might be deemed “out of control” is to pit them in a situation against each other and watch them kill one another. It is a strategy that has been employed for centuries, with great success and usually where the loss of lives is limited almost entirely to the two groups fighting each other. The moment Black-Latino hostilities spill over into neighborhoods that are not from that segment of society, that’s when you’ll really see efforts to do something about it. That’s primarily why the media and our city officials have ignored it, because in reality, this shit (sorry) doesn’t affect them or their families or their lifestyle. It’s a ‘hood crisis, and the majority of people in the ‘hood just happen to be black and brown. If the two groups ever found a real sense of community and joined efforts to improve our situations, then we would have a tremendous impact on the political landscape of our cities and would force the issues that we deal with on a daily basis to be treated with the same sense of urgency and action that we’ve seen when others have voiced their displeasure about their living conditions or certain elements of it.

    But at the present time, the stupidity that we see worsening the quality of our lives is limited to the ghettos of Compton, Watts, Lynwood, South Central, East L.A., etc., where there are no immediate threats to the “establishment” and the inmates can indeed run the asylum.

    It’s like I said before with the analogy of the two children. If you give them a reason to dislike each other, then they will, and without the proper mindset, that dislike will only continue until their is a sense of equality between the two. What we see happening with the drug trade in L.A. right now is one-sided and tilted heavily toward one group, and since gangs are the ones who distribute them for the most part, the hostilities we see will undoubtedly continue and more than likely get worse.

    Crime is big business nowadays, both for those who commit it (such as drug dealers) and those charged with stopping it. Prisons are sprouting up like crazy not just for the reason of housing the increased number of criminals we see, but also because they are profitable and ways for doing business at a relatively low cost. So if “they” can keep building jails and making money from budget increases and other revenue streams, why would “they” be encouraged to give those who truly want to stop the madness on the street (some law enforcement at the local level and those of us who live in the communities plagued by crime) the tools to curb it? Getting tough on crime (in the form of longer prison sentences for drug-related offenses, among other things) also meant getting rich off crime for those in position to capitalize off it, like the companies who build prisons who donate big $$$$ to politicians that use their platforms to impact the polls when it comes to voting on certain issues that guarantee the recycling of this game.

    Ultimately, the game is easy to figure out, and while your version of it might differ slightly from mine, I think you’ll see that we’re all playing on the same board. I only question “who” or “what” decided to shift that control in the drug trade (which is at the heart of Black-Latino tensions), and what their motives were for doing it, although, as you know by now, I already have my own suspicions for why it happened.

  26. You make good points in what you say, and I agree with you in the sense that the dots seem too aligned to not connect. My problem with conspiracy theories is, first, that they can’t be proven or disproved, and second, that they give a sense of escaping personal responsibility, and therefore become obstacles to solving the problem. Do I think that some people wanted Blacks and Latinos to dislike each other, definitely. Do I think there were some federal workers who turned a blind eye to the situation because they saw this as only affecting minorities, most likely. Do I think that certain federal agencies helped provoke the situation, maybe. But I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say that any outside group or agency is the primary cause of all of this.

    Several people make the false assumption that if you leave gangs alone, let them ‘kill their own’, that they will kill themselves into destruction and the problem will be solved. However, the reality of it is very different. Gangs, left unchecked, are much more like cancer in the sense that they spread throughout other areas that had never been exposed to them before. You see it now, with gangs spreading to more and more areas. For example, with the MS vs. 18st feuds spreading across the country, with Bloods and Crips in states other than California, with Surenos fighting in different parts of the country, etc. In every single one of these cases, you have LA or California specific gangs spreading to other parts of the country.

    Whenever someone asks me why gangs fight each other, I always give them the heart of the reason, drugs. Gangs fight each other over territory because the more territory they have, the more places they can sell drugs. With drugs comes money, with money comes power, and with power comes respect. As DMX said, “Money, Power and Respect”; it is at the heart of the gang fights, it is the engine that keeps them moving forward, and it is what is primarily behind the new racial tensions.

    So I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how to solve the problem, what should be done? I’d be interested to hear what you think would help, but as for me, the more I think about it (when I first heard about it, I had a negative reaction), the more I come to believe that the only real solution is the one that gets to the heart of the problem, legalize drugs.

  27. JD says:

    HP – In looking at why the Eme are primarily controlling the drug trade in SoCal, maybe the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one. Each racial group (Black and Latino) has two subsets (Blood/Crip, Norteno/Sureno). As you have so excellently pointed out, in SoCal, the Eme (Sureno) have taken de facto control of gang activity for the Latino racial group, while the Blood/Crip subsets are still in a somewhat shaky equilibrium.

    So: One strong and cohesive racial group, versus one group that is basically split. In a race between the strong horse and two weaker horses, who’s going to win?

    I also wonder what (if anything) the fallout of the LAPD Rampart scandal has had on the increase of gang activity – especially with the curtailment of LAPD gang enforcement.

    Informative read, tho, bro. Well done.

  28. christian pacheco says:

    well im in the 6 grade and im in a crew called bps brown pride surenos an there is
    a black creww called bp black they stepped up to us and they told me to
    have a rumble with them in aprk since im mainhead should i or should i not go?i now
    its a stupid question but just answer it

  29. jkljfio adfga says:

    Legalizing drugs won’t do a damn thing to stop the violence. All it would is make gangs rob more stores, extort businesses, jack more cars, and a bunch of other things to get money. There are a lot more ways in the streets to get money besides drugs. In fact I think it keeps civilian safe, that way gangs won’t rob to get money.

  30. There is a lot more ways to get money in the streets, but drugs is by far the primary method.

  31. jkljfio adfga says:

    Tell that to the Asians, they make a lot money by punking local businesses out of their money. I think the surenos are getting more into robbing stores these days. Like that store that sold their stolen stuff, I think the news said it was worth 2 million what they took. But believe me when I’m telling you it is way too late to stop the violence. Lots of guns are already in the hands of criminals, and a gun that is built good can last you forever. Not to mention a lot of gang members still have rivalries that go way deeper than drugs. When you talk to ex gang member that has gone staight in their mid 20s they always tell you how hard it is. Taking orders from a guy you would usually check if he even looked at you the wrong way. And the only people making actual money selling drugs are the guys selling by the kilo, the rest ain’t going to make any more if he worked a regular 9 to 5 in a burger joint, unless he hustles real damn hard. Maras in Central American use drugs but they don’t really sell them. Like the Asians, extort money and steal, but they are way more violent down there because they have all the guns they could want and are to broke to have anything else to do but be a Mara, that’s why they defend and kill for it hard.

    When you have both black and Mexican gangs going after civilians, like Longos, ECC, CVTF,Pirus, and a bunch of others, drugs is the last thing that is going to stop the violence. And belive me both sides are real damn pissed at the civilians thing and each one blames each other for starting it. The guns are there and the hate is there. To say drugs will do something is a fantasy. Especially thesse days since it’s not like it used to. Gangs are not selling drugs in their turf like they used to, the drug game for gangs is spread out. There isn’t as much selling in street corners like in 80s and 90s, there are some exceptions but it is still no where near like back in the day. So to me that saying people always have about fighting for drug turf is not that convincing in the year 2005.

    I’m not a guy that is for legalizing drugs or against it, to me it is not the big deal it was 15 years ago. But when people give that cheap and easy answer about drugs it makes me mad because they are ignoring something that might cause LA to go up in flames a lot worse than the 90s, and I’m in no way the only one that feels that way.

  32. Bottom line is that we still spend billions more on our drug war than we do on any other issue that involves the inner cities, legalizing drugs would free up most of that money to be used for more productive issues.

    Nobody is saying it’s the magic bullet.

  33. jkljfio adfga says:

    In that earlier post you said it was at the heart of the problem, what changed since then? You were saying it was the magic bullet, in my mind anyways. To me thosse people obsessed with legalizing drugs always say how much better things would be. MAYBE in some cases but not in this one. Those tens of billions ain’t bothering me since the government spends trillions, and probably there will be a lot of people complaning that the new money we would get would be also spent in a stupid way. Either way you can’t win. Just believe me when I say that the drug “problem” is the last thing you should be looking at to solve this situation. And what productive issues are you talking about?

  34. Whether drugs still represent the largest proportion of the income to gangs is debatable, afterall robbing banks, robbing liquor stores, and home invasions can only go so far. Nonetheless, drugs still represent a significant amount of income, be it the largest, or the smallest. In addition to the benefits of inner cities, legalizing drugs would severely handicap the mafia trade, in the USA and in other countries.

    I don’t think that the price of drugs, or it being illegal, is that great of a force to stop those who want it from getting it. In other words, if you legalize drugs, you wouldn’t get that many more people to do it. But you would undercut several factors that are directly connected to inner cities. You would hurt the mafia trades, including the prison mafia’s, power. Maybe drugs don’t represent that much of a factor to the day to day gangster on the street anymore, but they certainly represent one of the greatest sources of income to the powers at top, including the prison mafias that yield large control on the streets.

    While I still don’t think it is a magic bullet, I do think that it is one of the strongest proposals to have a positive impact on inner city violence. But like I said above, I’m open to other suggestions. Care to give better ones?

  35. jkljfio adfga says:

    Money from drugs is a none issue in this problem. You have any idea how bad some sureno and black gangs hate eachother. Some surenos hate a black guy like a white supremacists hates a black guy, and the same thing goes for the other. Now I don’t think there is a way to determine how legalizing drugs will affect the power of Eme, I think they were the ones behind that 2 million dollar thing because there is no way Eme is going to let money like that pass, besides these guys sit in their SHU cells and just think of crinimal stuff to do. What better things do they have to do? The drug problem is a thing of pass in the inner city, it is still there but it not really a big deal. As for solutions, I can’t see any. I know in prison they try but it hasn’t worked so far, if it can’t work with gang members inside I don’t see how it would be any different with gangsters outside. They tryed having OGs trying to talk to the younger ones, it didn’t work. In fact one OG was an ECC that killed that guard, it was no acident the guard was Mexican. And even if Eme lost power I will bet anything that in prison Mexicans and blacks will stick to their own. Can you explain what positive impact are you talking about. And last, money made in the streets is not a factor in these racial tensions. It’s sad to say but I think it is to late to something about it right now, the scars are to deep. Drugs legalized or not it wont matter much.

  36. This is what I wrote at the beginning of this thread when someone asked me for solutions to this problem,(Comment 15)

    As far as what would help fix the problem, damn, I don’t know. There are sooo many factors involved here that anything I could think of would probably only mildly help.

    So I agree with you, the problem is deep now, and there is no magic bullet to this. Drug legalization would only help reduce the problem somewhat; it will nowhere near eradicate it.

    I also agree with you that this problem runs deep. I know a lot of people from Compton Flats, and I remember how things were when they still got along with Fruit Town, I also remember how different things were after they began to fight. Just being Mexican, or just being Black, was enough reason to get you killed after the fighting started (…and it was the primary reason one of my close 18 year old friend was killed by Santana Blocc – for being Mexican). So I agree with you that there certainly is a lot of hate that will not stop even with drug legalization.

    However, I do believe that drug legalization has the highest potential to help than all other solutions I’ve seen proposed. I see drug prohibition a lot like Alcohol prohibition was in the 1920’s. Once you legalize it, you will see a dramatic decrease in crime and violence, and you will bankrupt the mafia bosses (you don’t see any drug dealers selling alcohol now, precisely because alcohol is legal).

    Granted, it’s not the perfect solution and it certainly isn’t the magic bullet. But it is one of the few solutions I’ve seen proposed that actually has some chance of making a difference, however small that difference may be.

  37. Jacey says:

    HEY jkljfio adfga ,
    “Tell that to the Asians, they make a lot money by punking local businesses out of their money. I think the surenos are getting more into robbing stores these days. Like that store that sold their stolen stuff, I think the news said it was worth 2 million what they took. But believe me when I’m telling you it is way too late to stop the violence. Lots of guns are already in the hands of criminals, and a gun that is built good can last you forever. Not to mention a lot of gang members still have rivalries that go way deeper than drugs. When you talk to ex gang member that has gone staight in their mid 20s they always tell you how hard it is. Taking orders from a guy you would usually check if he even looked at you the wrong way. And the only people making actual money selling drugs are the guys selling by the kilo, the rest ain’t going to make any more if he worked a regular 9 to 5 in a burger joint, unless he hustles real damn hard. Maras in Central American use drugs but they don’t really sell them. Like the Asians, extort money and steal, but they are way more violent down there because they have all the guns they could want and are to broke to have anything else to do but be a Mara, that’s why they defend and kill for it hard.”



  38. ice says:

    this whole black brown hatred stems from ignorance and white supremacy. we should realize that white folks love us killing one another but we are to stupid to see this. some mexicans are darker than some black people yet they want to hate on us because of our skin color.mexicans dress like us listen to our music (tupac)and some even date the sistas but yet they want to blast brothas aint that a bitch. after my ancestors came to this country as slaves and fought for cinil rights of all people of color and for mexicans and latinos to turn on blacks because you have us out numbered is a joke. eben in prison mexicans team up withthe white boys and ride on the brothas, why? because were to strong. im not being cocky are saying blacks are better than mexicans but all that miyate bullshit is just that bullshit, SA’S STOP BELEIVING WHAT THE WHIT MAN TELLS YOU ABOUT BLACKS AND REALLY GET TO KNOW US CAUSE WE DAMN SURE AINT LEAVIN CALI. IM A MAN OF PEACE BUT IF ANY MEXICAN TRYS TO TAKE MY LIFE IM GONNA LET THE AK BLAST OFF PERIOD.ASIACTIC ORIGINAL BLACK MAN. OH YEH LOOK AT THE FACES OF THE STAUES IN MEXICO WHO THEY LOOK LIKE BLACK MEN. MEXICANS YOUR A MIXESD PEOPLE OF SPANISH AND INDIAN AND BY THE WAY TELL THE WHITE MEXICANS IN MEXICO AND ALL OF SOUTH AMERICA TO STOP BEING RACIST TOWARD THE BLACK LATINOS AND DARK SKINN MEXICANS- I LOVE YALL DARK SKIN MEXICANS BE PROUD OF YOUR SKIN COLOR AND LETS KEEP IT REAL YALL KNOW OTHER LIGHT SKIN AND WHITE MEXICANS DISCRIMINATE AGAINST YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR COLOR-AGAIN HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? THE WHITE MAN. MEXICAN AND LATINOS STOP BEING BRAIN WASHED, WE NEED TO UNITE BOTH BLACK AND BROWN TO MAKE BETTER LIVES FOR OUR CHILDREN AND THW WHITS KNOW IF WE EVER UNITED THEIR WOULD BE NITHING ARE KNOW ONE WHO COULD STOP US. IM OUT -LOVE CALI LIKE ILOVE WOMEN-OEACE MY LATIN BROTHAS-OH YEA YALL GOT SOME FINE SENORITAS

  39. Fernando " lil makaveli " Perez says:

    Ice. Orale man look. Your black. Im brown. 2 cultures man. I gotta dream man n one day imma make real. WE WILL GET ALONG. BLACK AND BROWN. What you say about us listenin to your music man im proud i listen to 2pac man. Yeah hes black but i love him man. This is from tha bottom of my heart man for real. i love black people. i grew up with them man!{ west englewood in chicago} n they blacks grew up with me in a mexican nieghborhood man { la villita also in chicago } dude que viva la raza! Ngifuna siza! cha ingozi! thats south african for I want help! No more danger as in no violence between us man please!

  40. Fernando says:

    God will help us unite Ice and u know sumthin imma talk 2 my frends bout what u said man. N we’s gunna get all r black brothas 2gethter man
    ice look at my nickname man, lil makaveli, it is a sign of what came about in my frendshipwith a black!

    Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz! – Benitito Juarez { mexican president/hero } it means that peace will bring respect between nations and individuals in which this case i want to aply the saying to blacks and browns.

    n one thing man quoted from the song TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA

    Cuz would it be LA witout Mexicans?!
    Black Love Brown Pride!
    – 2pac

    peace brother.

    n 2 hispanicpundit man this is the best thing u evr done!


  41. Shadow says:

    Ice theres something wrong with you man because if you knew something about the streets you would of wrote something positive not something stupid.All of this we do it even me to SURVIVE.Do you think we love this fuck NO. Living are entire lives in Prison.Is not are fault is the people that write shit they dont know.People that have never witness a homeboy a friend get killed in front of your own eyes.Is people like bad cops Corruption that is making us do this shit.Forget about us doing something wrong something illegal you know what were doing TRYING TO STAY ALIVE!!!!! But I do Know one thing kids need role models a friend somebody to talk to because I sure fucking did.

  42. Shadow says:

    Ice don´t talk Shit you dont´t FUCKING Know.Your just hating on my Race man. Yeah I Know some Mexicans dress like black people but I Know they don´t want to be like them.How the FUCK DO YOU FUCKING KNOW WE HATE ON YOUR FUCKING ASS BECAUSE OF YOUR SKIN COLOR THAT DON¨T MEAN SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you listen to Tupac because you like him Don´t be an Ignorant Bitch ESE I listen to tupac and that don´t mean SHIT.Homie DO ALL OF US A FAVOR AND KNOW ABOUT THE STREETS AND WHAT IM LIVING THRU BEFORE YOU WRITE ANYTHING.

  43. sneaks says:

    blacks vs latinos
    surenos run the prison system
    the white boys will take orders from surenos just like the pakis “they are our bitches” we surenos tax them for anything we wish picture that. its pretty sad that we both cannot unite as one we’re all in the same boat as minorities, but its like what was said DRUGS. it’s the whole power of a dollar concept with it comes money and respect thats what it ultimately comes down to in gang territories. my idea of a complete solution.. JOBS good well paying jobs, we create more jobs we keep people off of the streets.

  44. A somewhat related article appeared in the Los Angeles Times:

    The system of using street gang members to extort “taxes” from drug dealers, which Ojeda allegedly introduced, has been implanted throughout Southern California and is now being exported to Northern California and other states, authorities say.

    “These guys are branching out,” said Leo Duarte, a state Department of Corrections expert on the Mexican Mafia….

    Ojeda did not invent drug dealer taxing; the Mexican Mafia had been taxing inmates in California prison yards since the 1960s, said Duarte.

    “A lot of them study the culture of Aztec history and [also] get the ideas from the Italian mafia,” said Duarte. The Aztecs taxed surrounding communities, and the Italian mafia extorted protection money from merchants.

    But the Mexican Mafia — also known as “Eme,” the letter “m” in Spanish — didn’t expand from prisons to the streets in a sustained, organized way until about 1992, gang experts say.

    That year, with gang feuds tearing up Latino neighborhoods in Orange County, Ojeda convened leaders of the warring outfits in Santa Ana’s El Salvador Park to organize what was billed as a truce.

    Police video of the meeting shows Ojeda in a checkered shirt standing atop baseball bleachers, talking to gang members assembled on the field below. Ojeda ordered a halt to drive-by shootings, said Richard Valdemar, a retired Los Angeles County sheriff’s sergeant and a leading expert on the Mexican Mafia.

    Ojeda also allegedly called for gangs to begin taxing the Mexican drug dealers operating in Latino neighborhoods, Valdemar said.

    “He says: ‘This is your neighborhood. You died for your neighborhood. They ought to pay to sell dope in your neighborhood. They ought to be taxed,’ ” said Valdemar. “He was the first to order the no-drive-by-shooting policy and the taxation.”

    But the gang truce was a ruse, a way of bending the fiercely independent street gangs to the Mexican Mafia’s will, said Al Valdez, an investigator with the Orange County district attorney’s office and author of a book on street gangs.

    “Behind the scenes,” Valdez said, “they were telling members to whack the guys who didn’t pay tribute.”

    Few mafiosos had believed that gang members would attend such a meeting, let alone obey Mexican Mafia orders.

    The El Salvador Park meeting “was like an epiphany, a life-changing moment for the mob, where he got 200 gang members to get together at the park,” said Rene “Boxer” Enriquez, a Mexican Mafia member for 17 years before dropping out in 2002. “Sana was the first one we saw put this together. We replicated this guy’s success and his model for organizing and infiltrating the gangs.”

    Over the next several years, Mexican Mafia members on parole began holding mass meetings of gangs in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, many of which were monitored by police. At those meetings, the method of taxing local drug dealers was expanded, and authorities say gang members were also told to halt drive-by shootings.

    “That’s where the Eme went from being a prison gang to a criminal street organization,” Enriquez said.

    Over the last decade, the system became a criminal forum for displaying which mafiosos had business acumen.

    Some did little with the opportunity; others created massive criminal enterprises.

    Enriquez said that when he was in solitary confinement at Pelican Bay State Prison in the 1990s, he used the system to control drug dealers in Artesia, Pico Rivera, Victorville, Bell Gardens, and the Lennox and Lincoln Heights areas of Los Angeles.

    Through the late 1990s, Mafia member Francisco “Puppet” Martinez, while incarcerated, gained control of gang members who, in turn, taxed street drug dealers west of downtown Los Angeles. The operation generated hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, said Luis Li, the former U.S. attorney who successfully prosecuted 26 members of the Martinez crew.

    So while legalizing drugs may not be the panacea, it still would have a significant influence.

  45. TrippLA says:

    Ice, shut up and stop being nonsense on between hispanic and black but they isn’t compared with it like differnet culture. You’re stupid to talk about thing on white people so quit it cuz white people is nothing to against on other race. Not all mexicans are dress like hip hop, only some.

    Hello, I’m deaf guy that raised in West Hills (San Fernando Valley). I had experienced with some gangs problem in SFV but there is no racial tension problem in SFV too. SFV is largest middle class region, diverseful on mainly white and Latino and less crime than rest of LA area. You just nothing to find gangs problem in SFV but just quietly few. I went to school with more Latino student than white student, they are great to around, great social and nothing to be repulation. There is some black people at our school but not all are dress like hip hop. They just dress normal, skateboard appeal, surf, preppy, rock fashion or punk fashion, like hot black girl just dress like rock fashion with cute dyed hair. I have alot of mexican punk friend at school so same with alot of white friend, Asian friend and some black friend. I have few black friend that are skateboard appeal with DC shoes. It’s nothing to be race tension or other something.

    I feel sorry about Jefferson High School got racial tension and fight problem. I’m predicts that in South LA. Most black families are move out from South LA to Las Vegas, Phoenix and some in Inland Empire. Most hispanic are move in South LA but it’s prolly to become majority by 2010. White population in LA County and rest of Southern California is used declined after 1992 LA riot and starting rebound (Most white people from east coast and some part in Midwest are moving to LA) in 2001 but it’s growing so slower.

    I have great life in LA with alot of diverseful and nothing to be against on other. I love Mexican food, Latino music and culture so it’s great to me. Most Latino communities has low crime rate (lowest murder rate) like Santa Ana, East SFV, farther East LA, Onxard and rest of INland Empire.

    Nice meet to you.


  46. Nice to meet you too TrippLA.

    You are welcome here anytime.

  47. TrippLA says:

    Thanks for replied.

    Just check at

    There is crime stats in Latino communities and it’s pretty low crime rate if it’s majority than 50% but 70% Latino will be much appeal with low crime rate.

  48. Hello Mr. Hispanic Pun,

    I am an African American Queen. I happened upon your site in an effort to inquire more about the present situation in regard to Hate Crimes involving FreeWay Shootings perpetrated by cowardous Latino’s against innocent African’s.

    I am wondering why an African hasn’t picked up an AK-47 and took revenge in downto
    I shoud warn you. I am a separatist, which means that I believe that people should stick with their own. You may call me prejudiced…and you would probably be almost correct. I don’t dislike all mexicans…only some of them. I could say the same about other races, even my own…but maybe not to the same degree.
    You may call it ignorance, however I don’t. I understand why whites took flight when Africans could finally afford to move into houses next door.
    Personally, I wouldn’t want to live in a white hood…and I sure as hell wouldn’t ever move into a mexican hood. The property value sinks to an all time low when mexicans move into the neighborhood. The public schools have turned shitty because they have been ruined by no speaka english; illegals who have crossed the border looking for a better way. I can’t say that I blame them, afterall…before the Mexican-American War schools turn shitty, and My 500,000.00 dollar home suddenly becomes half priced.

    FK a melting pot.

  49. Oh, hell… that was an accident… You were not supposed to read my first DRAFT…(oh damn) EEEK!
    I always write an Angry version of the truth …then tone it down the second time around.

  50. BigMista says:

    I’ve read all of the letters posted on this website and I’m saddened by SOME of the poorly constructed grammar. If we, all ethnic groups, focus more on education rather than moving up in the drug game then its possible to have a better sense of achievement. All I’ve read, predominantly, is how the rift between Blacks and Mexicans was spawned from prison and drugs??? It is upsetting to know that incarcerated men are calling the shots for free people. In addition, these orders are carried out on innocent and unarmed people so that when the perpetrators are caught they can receive protection in jail??? I can’t believe that there are people out here who are unacheived enough to follow this distructive lifestyle. If these gang members are so tough why don’t they pursue something that is very tough to obtain….a good education?! What’s the matter….rather than you hitting the books the books hit harder and you dropped out?! FINISH SCHOOL PLEASE!! I’ve been in Los Angeles for 6 years now and I, as an African-American, was introduced to Latino/Black intolerance by a Latino who called me a “big black ‘N’ “. He subsequentally lost his dignity when I knocked him out in front of his girlfirend who he was trying to impress. I was born and raised in South Bronx New York where Blacks and Puerto Ricans(Boricuas!) love each other and share our common culture which is Hip-Hop. We watch each others back against white cops and look out for each other in the work place. If there is a disagreement between the two cultures its just between them two and nothing racial. I came to Los Angeles with a love for Latinos because it was what I was use to but now I’m saddened to know that less intelligent people are making decisions for Blacks and Latino on the streets. I don’t want to hate Mexicans but how am I suppose to act if they consistantly show hostility towards me. Its ridiculous that poor people are fighting and killing poor people. I call my Boriquen(Puerto Rican) friends in New York and tell them about whats happening out here between Blacks and Latinos and they are in disbelief. They tell me that “whatever is going on over there please don’t bring that nonsense over here”. I want to end on a positive note; not all Blacks are into this nonsense and I truly believe that not all Mexicans are into this foolishness either. When we see each other on the streets lets say “what’s up” to one another in a brotherly fashion rather then trying to punk one another. Let the criminals and lesser men rot in jail…peace.

  51. RaggoStar says:

    This sounds a lot like the strange situation in London where the South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi) and other non-white (black) communities live side by side and largely share similar (contemporary) cultural interests but blud- you see how fast it would take an Asian family to send their daughter to the other end of the Earth rather than find she has an interest in a black brother!

    Although it isn’t really that simple. These same communities largely segregate themselves from each other despite the relative proximity of their origins. Religion, family caste/class and language join skin colour as the dividing lines and I have met a few black people who look down on Asian people. The main difference is that the divide with others from what I have seen is a fairly consistent feature of the various South Asian communities, whereas the “black community” is a less clearly defined and more open network which includes a substantial number of “mixed-race persons”.

    More specifically to you guys. Maybe I’ve just got my “arsehole glasses” but isn’t it the rule for Latin American countries that mostly- the darker the skin (black) or the more Native American you look, the more likely you are to live in the barrio (or a marginalised neglected rural community), get treated like a dog and get massacred when the security forces come around? If on the other hand you are white, you are (more) likely to be running t’ings (as your ancestors were probably invited to the country to “whiten” or “civilise” it’s population and given incentives or just straight took the shit).

    Personally I think judging people simply according to their skin colour is bullshit and sets yourself up to be judged in exactly the same way. But unfortunately in my efforts to navigate these obstacles, I have to acknowledge their presence to prevent me from blindly bumping into them time and again.

    PS. No doubt someone will tell me if they disagree with my pocket sized version of Latin American history.

  52. Rondo says:

    Stamp uproar shines light on black Mexicans’ issues

    By Hugh Dellios

    Chicago Tribune

    CUAJINICUILAPA, Mexico – No one ever put Melquiades Domínguez’s face on a postage stamp. Nor Juan Ángel Serrano’s. Nor any other of the descendants of black slaves who live along Mexico’s Costa Chica.

    Nor did Mexico’s blacks have much say when the federal government ignited a racially loaded controversy in late June by issuing stamps of a popular 1950s-era cartoon character that the Bush White House and Jesse Jackson declared an insulting stereotype.

    The reappearance of Memín Pinguín, a caricature of a naive black boy with exaggerated lips, set off a tense exchange of criticisms between U.S. and Mexican leaders, just six weeks after President Vicente Fox angered civil rights activists by saying Mexicans in the United States were doing jobs that “not even blacks want to do.”

    Though few bothered to ask, the reaction was passionate but mixed here on the steamy Pacific coast, where much of Mexico’s small black population works the land and tries to preserve Afro-Mexican customs.

    Some felt insulted. Others thought the whole scandal an unfortunate distraction from their far more serious challenge of overcoming poverty and a lack of recognition.

    Nearly invisible

    While Memín may be Mexico’s most famous black face, the country’s real blacks are nearly invisible to the wider population. Discrimination confronts them, they say, when police or airport officials insist they must be Cuban or Puerto Rican, question their credentials and make them sing the national anthem to prove their citizenship. Or when their children open a history textbook and find barely three paragraphs about there being black slaves in Mexico once upon a time.

    “They just don’t see us,” said Serrano, 41, a Costa Chica cattle farmer who heads Black Mexico, a group trying to raise the black community’s profile. “People ask us where we’re from. They say we can’t be from Mexico.”

    In a country proud of its mixed heritage and where the government for years officially denied the existence of discrimination, Mexico’s blacks are not recognized as a separate ethnic group. They have no specific government programs addressing their needs; the country’s many indigenous groups do.

    Federal officials estimate that there could be 500,000 black Mexicans, concentrated in Guerrero, Oaxaca and Veracruz states. Community activists believe that number is far too low, that many Mexicans have some African roots and that even some 20th-century independence leaders were part black.

    “Their invisibility is practically total,” said José Luis Gutiérrez, adjunct director-general of the National Council to Prevent Discrimination. “And their situation is more serious than the indigenous communities. They are the poorest of the poor.”

    The struggle for recognition has become far more urgent in recent years as community leaders fear their culture’s disappearance. A coastal highway built in the 1980s broke their isolation, and youths began leaving for the cities and the United States before learning much about who they were.

    The other threat, activists say, is a stubborn belief among some blacks that they must intermarry to make their children less black.

    “You still hear these kinds of things,” said Sergio Penaloza, 51, a black teacher and activist. “People say it’s better to hide your identity, and that we should try to `improve the race.’ ”

    Penaloza and other community leaders have been working to raise the blacks’ pride. For nine years, they have held an “Encounter of Black Peoples” attended by people from the United States and elsewhere, and they opened a museum celebrating the local mixture of African and Mexican culture and history.

    The Black Mexico organization has reached out to black groups outside the country and appealed for economic aid for small villages along the coast.

    “We don’t even recognize ourselves, and that’s where the problem begins,” Serrano said. “I’m convinced that when we all know where we come from, when we are not ashamed of our color, we will all be better off.”

    Others express concerns about the political motives of “black gringos” and other outside activists who have offered help. They want Mexico’s blacks to develop their own identity, one that recognizes and values their mixed heritage.

    Differing visions

    “They come in and say, `Brother, we’re going to rescue you,’ ” said Eduardo Anorve, 43, an activist and community chronicler. “They have their vision. We have our own.”

    According to oral history, the Costa Chica area was a disembarkation point for slaves after the Spanish conquest. The villages were mostly established by blacks who escaped and armed themselves to stay free.

    Today, much of the community survives by raising cattle and growing melons and grain, or on money sent home by relatives in the United States.

    Dominguez, 82, narrates and sings for dances at the annual festivals in San Nicolás village in Costa Chica and leads efforts to preserve traditional customs. But these days it’s only young women taking part.

    “The young men don’t concern themselves with this anymore,” he said.

    Residents say they face little discrimination within their own mixed communities. They encounter it, they say, in Mexico City or Acapulco.

    Many here believe the recent controversies reflect an insensitivity and a tolerance of racist attitudes that run through Mexican society, most visibly in discrimination against the country’s dark-skinned Indians.

    Fox helped push an unprecedented anti-discrimination law through Congress in 2003. That has raised awareness, but a national survey in May indicated that few Mexicans understand the link between racism and “the loss of rights or opportunities,” said Gutiérrez of the National Council to Prevent Discrimination.

    Mexican officials rejected the protests over the stamps as foolish. They said the cartoon character stood for friendship and good will.

  53. Hiz - panic says:

    This is interesting I live in Sacramento now but was born and raised in Fresno. California used to be Mexico once upon a time, and my family roots go back to before that since Im part Native American. And from a California Tribe I even have a roll number issued to my family by the good ol USA. Look the truth of the matter is I used to be a gang member From Fresno one of those Norteno’s. Im now 32 pay taxes and work.. I also have a degree. You see up here its a little different, yet the same. The gangs are more mixed on the streets. And the whites arent as shy in the racial responses and attiudes they give. Towards poorer people in general you see the majority of this country is whitewashed myself included.
    I can’t speak spanish ( but am trying to relearn). I work with a guy who is mexican born american raised but hates all mexicans. You see it all starts in the lies we are told about U.S. history this is done out of ignorance of course, because our educational system is still based on a English meaning an England or European viewpoint. We are lead to belive that Latino’s are Wetbacks or immigrants to this land, which was taken from Mexico, which was taken from Natives. If we were to teach that America is a continant not just one country We might get somewhere with the truth. the reason I call myself Hiz – panic not hispanic is to make a point. The point being: as we Native to the Americas grow in numbers we will become the majority in The united states and as we reclaim our cultures and respect each others we will unite and become a major voting bloc in this country. As I grow older I realize that all parts of my heritage are equal in importance to me. And I am striving to relearn what the truth was. The Panic part of hiz panic refers to mostly the whitewashed part of us all who forgot that those who are calling my people wetbacks aliens and the like and who fear losing there jobs and stability, might want to think about how big of a body of water thier ancesters came over to get here. No hatred here just truth. Now the truth is black and latino’s share allot Lowriders were invented by mexican americans aka chicanos. Dre and Eazy made them gangster and they are not. They are chicano or Malo art. Ben Davis pants or dickies have been a style chicanos have been wearing since the late 40’s early 50’s with the the white shirts and all. Black’s made popular the Zoot suit in New york and chicano’s in LA during the zoot suit riots. So see by us minorities hating on each other we only feed into Hiz – panic. And look drugs arent only a latino or black problem it now is also a white one where white kids are dealers and so are some white adults. The thing that upsets me is the division between us all as peeps on this planet. It always has to do with fear not drugs. end fear, end the need to numb it. And the best place place to start is to read more than our sorry assed books we get in school and open our minds past the scales that blind our eyes. Our kids dont want to hear lies they want the truth. This bieng that the rich top 3% of any nation controls the rest. Untill the rest have had enough and decide to unite and really do something besides complain about it. I hope that each of us begins with ourselves and stops pointing fingers at others in blame. Plus one of the things that African Americans has given me is my love for music not only hip hop and Motown oldies, but blues and many other contributions that are mixed with Latin Beats. And for all my Gente in LA that do bang Lil Rob is off the hook even up here in Northern Cali. Oh yeah one more fact Mexican americans where also shot raped and enslaved who do you think built the missions here in california the spanish monks? Not hating just telling the truth slavery no matter by who or to whom is wrong.

  54. Hiz - panic says:

    Sorry for any gramatical errors to the over educated. I work graves and i’m tired.

  55. BigMista says:

    To “Hiz-Panic”

    There is no such thing as “over educated”, you are either educated or not educated enough. I want to express my empathy for any racial experiences you have faced living upstate. Hiz-Panic, this should solidify us as brothers of the same cause rather than our people fighting each other. I’m not interested in “zoot suits”, fashion, and who wore “Ben Davis pants or dickies” first; I’m interested in peace and cultural acceptance. Latinos have the numbers and African Americans have the voice. Here is an excerpt from a Los Angeles Times article:

    “As Latinos continue to infuse some of their distinctiveness into the melting pot, they are simultaneously assimilating a culture that has — from the beginning — been heavily influenced by African Americans. Mexican American essayist Richard Rodriguez has extended his gratitude to blacks for refashioning the English language, giving it so much of its cadence and dynamism, and then sharing it with the children of immigrants.
    It is rarely acknowledged that black influence in U.S. culture and politics far exceeds African Americans’ percentage of the population. In politics as in culture, their power has always been less a function of numbers than of their unique role in American history. Latinos may now outnumber blacks, but African Americans will remain firmly entrenched in the American psyche.”
    Copyright 2003 Los Angeles Times

    Hence, I reiterate my previous point, Latinos have the numbers and African Americans have the voice. Let’s come together and help each other get to that upper 3% you were writing about.

    Nenda Salaam Ndugu Wangu which in Swahili means, “Go in Peace My Brother”.

  56. TheWriter says:

    Legalizing drugs would reduce the number of people going into the prison system. It would also cripple the mafia and bring in more tax revenues.

    The state of California started this problem in part by segregating prisoners by race. No other state does this. So California can end the problem by ending racial segregation in prisons.

    Beyond that, I’m African American. I see no reason for black/latin unity. I did study and I do speak Spanish, but I am no more connected to Latins than I am to Asians, Europeans, Indians, or whatever.

    As for things supposedly being so good between blacks and Latins in NY, not necessarily. Go out to Queens. How many blacks are employed in Latin businesses? I’ve never seen it happen. Ditto for other immigrants. Some people may not realize it, but black people are better off by far with white anglo saxons who discriminate a lot less than do Latins, Asians, etc.

    We’re all human beings, and along those lines, we should all respect each other as such. I have no problem with any group of people.

  57. The Writer,

    Thanks for your comments and input. Only a small point of disagreement regarding your statement of California prisons being desegragated. I don’t think that would help solve the problem, that would only make it worse. If you forced the latinos and the blacks to share cells together, congregate, and overall be much more near one another, that would just create a lot of dead inmates, not peaceful inmates. The hate is already alive and very strong, and desegragation is the only thing keeping many people alive in prison.

  58. Observer says:

    This topic has really captured my attention from time to time. I remember my junior college professor asking the class why we thought there was so much tension between the two groups. Most who answered said it was the system built and ran by “whites” that was the cause of the Black/Brown “racial” tension. And while not one who of those persons who voiced this reason could supply a true example of this actually occurring they still insisted that it was the whites who were to blame for the Black/Brown tension, that is until the professor offered his simple answer.

    He simply offered that maybe the two groups dislike one another and that it bigotry that was the primary fuel for the racial fires that would erupt from time to time. I have reelected on that for quiet while and think that is the best general answer to the racial tensions in the Los Angeles area. However, the obvious follow up question is much more difficult and maybe impossible to answer satisfactorily to everyone concerned. I can only offer my perspective on this issue, which of course is biased in some measure by my ethnicity; I am a Chicano (Mexican-American) .

    In recent years I have vowed to no never again live in any area that is significantly populated by Blacks. This discussion is a result of some very negative encounters I have had with some Blacks and my experiences in living in an area that had a relatively large Black population. I have found that Blacks on average tend to be the most boisterous of people I have encountered and I have also found that Blacks tend (on average) employ the threat of physical violence during disagreements more often then any other group with whom I have interacted or witnessed.

    This is a quick overview of my perspective and was done in haste- I’m at work..

  59. Observer says:

    HP, rather than joining in with the “liberals” in their almost patronizingly fawning over your initial contribution on this topic I’d prefer to ask you a question.

    Given that the vast majority of Blacks and Browns in high school do not belong to gangs or engage in “gang activity” how does your prospective on the “race” relations between criminals or organizations that tend to engage in criminal activities relate to the Black and Brown high school students in general?

  60. Certainly the gang and criminal side of this is where the racial tensions are the highest, but there is also an amount that affects the average person. I would attribute that to the fact that most latinos tend to associate with other latinos, and most blacks tend to associate with other blacks. So even from the sidelines, since everybody has some friend or even a family member involved in gangs, and since we all share the same nationality, the racial fights tend to spill over and create fierce partisans with even the non-gangsters.

    That, and there are cultural differences that rub people the wrong way.

    Just my $.02 cents…

  61. BigMista says:

    To Hiz-Panic,

    I hear ya brother. I don’t have any friends that are or ever were gang members. I was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York. If my friends demonstrated anti-social behavior it was as individuals not as a gang. I was talking with a friend, who is mexican, about the racial issues between us and he and I agreed that it is pure foolishness and ethno-centrism that is leading to one group feeling as though they have to dominate.

  62. BigMista says:

    To The Writer,

    African Americans in Queens not being employed by Latinos doesn’t have to be viewed as racism, but rather indifference. I have never sought employment in a predominantly Latino business but it is because I chose to be in a more culturally diverse environment. If I have the ability to make a Latino business owner a lot of money I don’t think he would refuse to hire me because I’m black. Also, maybe the Latino business ownwer is trying to target his own people and the positions available require a spanish speaking person. I haven’t seen a lot of Latinos working in Harlem either(around 125th Street and so on). Are we racists? Do we hate Latinos? I haven’t experienced as much intense hostility towards one another until I moved out here. My point is, as a whole we, blacks and latinos, get along much better back on the east coast then out here in LA.

  63. Observer says:

    “Certainly the gang and criminal side of this is where the racial tensions are the highest”


    I don’t agree that tensions are highest, but I would agree that the potential for violence is greater when you have to groups of people who use violence regularly to settle disputes.

    “So even from the sidelines, since everybody has some friend or even a family member involved in gangs, and since we all share the same nationality, the racial fights tend to spill over and create fierce partisans with even the non-gangsters.”


    Ok, you have confused me here.

    First, it is not true that “everybody has some friend or…family member involved with gangs.” Secondly, most of those involved are of the same nationality- they are US nationals.

    But I think you are saying that events that happen between Black and Brown gangs can often and have ignited the racial powder keg that exists between the two groups. With this I would agree, but it doesn’t explain why the volatile situation is there in the first place. But what you write next is a beginning, I think, to uncovering the reason of racial tension and violence between Blacks and Browns.

    You write, “…there are cultural differences that rub people the wrong way.” And what cultural behaviors to you think “rub people the wrong way?”

  64. Observer says:

    I see HP is reluctant to answer or further expand on his statement; I don’t blame him. Knee-jerk reactions by pundits who are overly sensitive on “race” issues and would rather cave to diplomacy than try to resolve the problem via honest dialogue are often quick to label anything said that is “negative” about any ethnic group as being “racist,” but I digress.

    The “racial tensions” seem to have more to with culture rather than with race, at least I think that is the root of the problem. Of course, once the mob mentality enters the picture then we see large scale violence break along “racial” lines. Now, I have lived in the southern California for over twenty-five years and have seen what I would term cultural intolerance from many ethnic groups. But I have found (via casual observance) the group that has within it the greatest numbers offenders of cultural intolerance are among Blacks and of varying economic backgrounds.

    Here in southern California inner-cities Blacks have had very publicized history of clashes with Asians (Koreans). In fact, the Black rapper Ice Cube back in the early 1990s released a song entitled “Black Korea,” where he laments over the large Korean in “Black neighborhoods.” And many of the targets of the Black rioters in Los Angeles in 1992 were Asian and “Latino.” Of course, the national media interest was over the “white” motorist who was beaten by rioters and not the scores of Asian and Latinos that were also physically assaulted. I have heard that 40% of the business that were looted and destroyed were Latino owned (I do not have any data to support that contention). But I do remember watching in horror (on local news channels) a Latino male laying on the ground nearly striped naked and seeing the sight of Black males dancing over his body holding a open flame; the implication was that the man was doused in a flammable liquid and the males were apparently threatening to set him ablaze. It should be noted that a Black clergyman threw his body over the naked man and successfully pleaded for the men to move on and not cause any further harm to the man. But these incidents can attest to the long history of cultural/racial intolerance in Los Angeles.

    And we have another incident of Black cultural intolerance; although not as sensational as the above, it is evidence that cultural sensitivity among Blacks in Los Angeles has not improved to acceptable levels in 2005. The headline on the front page of the August 10, 2005 La Opinion* read: “Discriminan a pasajeros de MTA hablar español.” Apparently, a Black female bus driver became upset with one male who was speaking Spanish to another passenger, and told them to stop. When the man refused she order him off the bus and called the police. Now while occurrences such as these are often not deemed news worthy by the “main-stream” (“white”) media it gets due attention among Latinos in southern California. And I can tell that some youngsters (gang affiliated or not) will be upset by this latest example of cultural intolerance.

    The “racial” violence has little or nothing to do with jealously (as someone mentioned), but rather it has to do with the cultural intolerance of an ethnic group that will violently fight back

    * I didn’t italicize the title of the periodical because I do not know how to do so. HP, if you could be so kind, I’d appreciate it, thanks.

  65. Done, for future reference, if you want to italicize something, put a “< "i">” in front of it, and a “< "\i">” after it, but without the quotation marks and spaces.

  66. BigMista says:

    To the Observer,

    I’ve read your contribution to this message board but it still seems as though you are using incidences to point the finger. There is ignorance and intolerance in every ethnic culture all over the world. I, in one of my previous messages, explained that I was introduced to intolerance by a Latino. He called me a “big black ‘N’ ” and subsequentally I harmed him. In that situation we were BOTH IGNORANT but I dealt with HIM SPECIFICALLY. I did not generalize nor did I feel antagonistic towards all Latinos. When a person is confronted with incidences of ingnorance it should be dealt with on an individual basis. I’ve experienced violence from my own African American people and I’m sure you’ve seen violence carried out by your people against your own people too. If violence is a reason to have ill feelings towards “certain people” then we should not excuse our own people when they carry it out towards us or others. Let’s have an attitude towards violence and not towards a particular group of people.

  67. Observer says:


    Thanks for responding, I was starting to hear the crickets chirp.

    First, I would like to let you know that my purpose is to honestly discuss possible reasons for the repeated clashes between the two groups in question, and not to mock, ridicule anyone, or to inflame tempers. However, I do try to write as objectively as is humanly possible, and I am old enough to know that honesty, especially on a topic as sensitive as “race” relations, can be hurtful and can also create hard-feelings. I ask that you take me at my word that I am not trying to insult you or any ethnic group, but rather I am making known my point of view; and my POV is obviously largely shaped by my personal experiences.

    Ok, here I go…

    You are correct, I am “pointing the finger” at what I think to be the main cause of the violence between Blacks and “Latinos;” that is, the obvious violent cultural intolerant behaviors practiced by a relatively large number of Blacks towards Latinos in the inner-cities in southern California. However, I am also supplying (limited as it is) a rational based on empirical evidence for my conclusion, or my “generalization.” Now, it seems to me that the verb “to generalize” has unfairly and wrongly come under fire by many who are left on the political spectrum; they often tend to (or want to) dismiss (often without a countering argument) conclusions or opinions they do not like. It also tends to come under fire from certain “minorities” from time-to-time; it seems they only like to generalize when it suits their political needs or desires. I often hear minorities (including both college students and college professors) make generalized statements in regards to “whites,” within and out of ear shot of whites. But is it wrong to “generalize?” And what does it really mean when one generalizes?

    Is it wrong to “generalize” that Mexicans tend to prefer dining on Mexican cuisine over any other ethnic food, or that Mexicans are, numerically speaking, the greatest consumers of Mexican food? Any honest and sane person would answer “no.” There is nothing inherently wrong with generalizing; however, like any other tool of argumentation it works best when used in a “honest” and “fair” manner. Certainly, we can agree that based on empirical evidence Mexicans do tend to eat Mexican food more than any other ethnic cuisine, or that they (as a group) eat more Mexican food than any other group, right? So, generalization was not “wrong” or “bad” in those instances (IMO) because it is based on inferences honestly derived from empirical evidence. I do not have statistical data to support my contention that Mexicans tend to love eating Mexican food, but I do have the gift of sight and (I would like to think) what is commonly referred to as “common sense,” both of which combined with intellectual honesty renders my contention worthy of serious consideration. Likewise, my contention on “race” relations between Latinos and Blacks or the relatively high instances of cultural intolerance perpetrated by Blacks against Latinos here in so. Cal. is worthy of serious consideration.

    Now does that mean that I think all Blacks are violent? No, not even close. But I have witnessed that the ratio of “aggressive behavior” among Blacks is higher than in any other ethnic group, and I think it is that aggressive behavior exhibited by some Blacks in combination with their cultural intolerance (and as you noted it is “in every ethnic culture”) that is largely to blame for the violence between the two groups.

    It is unfortunate, that the wanton ignorance (of race relations) and “good intentions” of “white” liberal scholars and the uneasiness of “educated” so-called minorities prevents honest discourse on subjects such as this; I find one can only be honest in regards to race if it is uttered in a joking fashion (or only among a close group of friends or acquaintances). I just watched The Kings of Comedy, and I remember Cedric the Entertainer and his “real” assessment of the differing “creeds” of Blacks and whites, and in it he notes that Blacks do tend to have a more aggressive and potentially violent social demeanor and disposition. Of course, his conclusion isn’t a result of “scholarly” sociological research, but rather it is based on his personal observations, and it sure as hell seemed to strike a cord of familiarity with the overwhelmingly Black audience. Perhaps, if we as a society were able to be more “honest” than “scholarly” we might get to the root of this problem and develop some solutions.


    You are correct that there is much cultural intolerance towards Blacks that is exhibited and perpetrated by Latinos; I (and many other Chicanos / Latinos) are in a prime position to attest to that sad fact. I know of the epithets that are sometimes said by Latinos behind the backs of Blacks, I have also been told (by Blacks) that Blacks too covertly utter derogatory remarks in regards to Latinos. But it is the aggressive behavior (a cultural trait, that has little or nothing to do with race), I think, that is the primary cause of the violent outbreaks in Los Angeles area schools.

    I would like to write more, but I will await your response before I do. And by the way, you can dispense with the formalities, just call me Obs; no need for the “Mr.”

    Thanks for reading.

  68. BigMista says:

    To the “Obs”erver,

    Thank you for your contribution and condor. It was a pleasure to read such an eloquently written essay. However, I must balance the perspectives on violent people. I did a little research on Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The scores of women that have been raped and murdered there is abominable. In addition, the amount of unsolved murders and women living in fear is inconceivable. Here is an excerpt from the Associated Press:

    “Since August, 1993, Mexican Federales have been baffled by the number of young women found brutally raped and murdered in the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, an industrial border town next to El Paso with a population of 2 million. The numbers of the dead vary according to the sources. Local women’s rights groups believe that since 1993 at least 187 women have met violent deaths in Juarez. Of these, many were killed by pimps, drug dealers, husbands and boyfriends. With 187 women confirmed dead and 95 more missing, life seems to have lost its value in this city of the dead. Unknown, still, is how many more predators are roaming the Chihuahua desert waiting in the dead of the night for their next innocent victim.”

    All of these women murdered by who?…not Black man! In fact, an Eygptian chemist was arrested as one of the perpetrator and he was an Arab. There is a sizeable Latino population in our prison systems and they are not there for crimes of self-defense. Amongst that population sits murderers, child molesters, and rapists. I’m sure you’re familiar with the name Alejandro Avila? Here is a little background on this counter productive member of the prison system:

    “Alejandro Avila was arrested and charged with the murder, kidnapping, and two counts of forcible lewd acts on Samantha Runnion.”

    I also want to highlight another man named Jose Raul Pena. What was his act of violence? wrote:

    “Pena, 34, was holding his daughter Suzy when he opened fire on police last Sunday, unleashing 40 shots in three separate exchanges. He and his daughter died in a hail of gunfire after he confronted police in an alley behind his apartment. The 17-year-old stepdaughter escaped, later telling police that Pena was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol and had threatened to kill her, the toddler, his wife and himself.”

    All I’m stressing is that your culture has a high propensity for violence as well. I understand that this is a discussion regarding Black/Latino violence due to racial intolerance but to emphasize that African-Americans are more violent than Latinos is not being “objective”. Please reflect upon the scores of peaceful marches that African-Americans have initiated. The Million Man March was one of the largest non-violent protest in the history of America. There was not one fight! However, African Americans have suffered a great deal of violence perpetrated against them through, slavery, the police system, and random acts. Once again, OUR people, both Latinos and African American can be violent, not just mine(African-Americans). There is mass murders taking place in Rwanda Africa and there is mass murders taking place in Ciudad Juarez Mexico. I’m not being “scholarly” just “honest”.

  69. BigMista says:

    PS> Please excuse my errors, I wrote it in between my 2 jobs.

  70. Observer says:

    “I understand that this is a discussion regarding Black/Latino violence due to racial intolerance but to emphasize that African-Americans are more violent than Latinos is not being ‘objective.’”


    I disagree, I am being objective, but I am limited in what I witness and read. If you have a different POV on the social relations of Blacks and Latinos in regards to the topic at hand I would very much like to read them. But I think you are missing the point, I wasnt’t refering to all blacks but the Blacks here in LA. As far as the horrible murders in Ciudad Juarez, what does that have to do with the high levels of cultural intolerance of Blacks in Los Angeles? If I was inclined to get into a nonsensical tit-for-tat discussion about the violent nature of the “different races” I guess I could submit the genocide the African countries of Rwanda and in Somalia, but that would only support what you and I both already stated; that cultural intolerance exists to some degree in all cultures. What we are discussing is the violence between Latinos and Blacks in Los Angels, California and not Mexico, Rwanda, or Somalia.

    So here is a very simple question: Why do you think Blacks in Los Angeles, California have had violent clashes that have been reported in the mass media with two different ethnic groups (Koreans and Mexicans), and Mexicans have not had clashes with Koreans. at least not that have ever been reported to a similar extent as the Black/Korean conflicts?

  71. Observer says:

    Oh, and no worries as to the errors; I post while at work, so I completely understand.

  72. BigMista says:

    Observer wrote:
    “You are correct, I am “pointing the finger” at what I think to be the main cause of the violence between Blacks and “Latinos;” that is, the obvious violent cultural intolerant behaviors practiced by a relatively large number of Blacks towards Latinos in the inner-cities in southern California.”

    Additionally Observer wrote:

    “As far as the horrible murders in Ciudad Juarez, what does that have to do with the high levels of cultural intolerance of Blacks in Los Angeles?”

    I think any open minded person should be able to accept the usage of “outside examples” to support your limited(as you called it) point of view. I, in my travels and interactions with other cultures, am able to use different sources to support my point. Your blood pressure seemed to have gone up now that I’ve pointed out very pertinent examples of your people’s ability to contribute to violence. In addition, you mentioned staying on the topic but yet you’ve invited Koreans into this discussion. I have to pitch it back to you and mention Mexican’s relationship with its Latino community. In conversing with different Latin ethnic groups on Venice Beach I heard from El Salvadoreans, Ecuadorians, and Puerto Ricans about Mexicans intolerance towards their culture. I was sitting in Glendale Galleria with my best friend who is Puerto Rican. He was wearing a Puerto Rican Flag T-Shirt as we sat on the bench talking. Unsuspectedly four Mexican teenagers came over to him and told him to take off his shirt and wear a Mexican flag. He told them he was just representing what he was as the boys surrounded him. If I did not step in with the assistance of security there would have been fists thrown at my friend because that is how these young boys postured themselves. Where was the cultural tolerance there? The only reason they didn’t mess with me is because of my physical stature not because they were peaceful.

    Observer also wrote:

    “Why do you think Blacks in Los Angeles, California have had violent clashes that have been reported in the mass media with two different ethnic groups (Koreans and Mexicans), and Mexicans have not had clashes with Koreans. at least not that have ever been reported to a similar extent as the Black/Korean conflicts?”

    If I may ponticate, please explain the clashes Mexicans are having with Armenians in Glendale? Please explain why in Highland Park are Blacks being shot at, stabbed, and chased out by Mexicans gangs? Then please explain why Mexicans can live in a predominantly African American community(Ladera Heights, Watts, etc.) and Blacks haven’t chased them out or targeted them for violence?

    Historically Blacks have been taught through constent exposure to negative and ill- targeted media to hate THEMSELVES not Mexicans. You’ll find more Black on Black crimes then you’ll find Black on Mexican crimes. In July 15-21, 2005 issue of LA Weekly one of the titles on the cover reads, “Brown Gang Black Prey; Race kills in Highland Park”. Mexican gangs are chasing working class African Americans out or just killing them while they are waiting at the bus stop. The same situation took place in Hawaiian Gardens about 5 years ago. Were Mexicans chasing out violent Blacks with VIOLENCE? Yes! Why? You nor I really know why but in this quest for understanding it would make more constructive sense to avoid “pointing the finger” because in doing so is how you and I ended up in this “non-sensical tit-for-tat”.

  73. BigMista says:

    PS> I’m not angry but thoroughly engaged, and that I thank you for.

  74. Ms. ScarletBlue says:

    First of All I would like to say I really admire all you’s for posting, keep up the love(THUMBS UP!!)

    To Observer,
    I remember the LA riots and that clergyman you mentioned was a personal friend of MINE and our family, he died of Cancer 1 year after that riot,I was in Washington D.C at the time and saw him on television, I told my husband..OMG that is Pastor Benny!! but he used to always visit the prisons as well and try to help people of all color. I think the whites may have felt threatened after the LA riots, because of the races and their unity a riot like that is too mighty for the majority and they never wanted bad blood with others, it would kill them to have other races angry. In the bible God stopped the tower of Bable from being built…how did he do it? By seperating everyone by language, after no one speaks the same language, the tower could not be completed or finished. We are at odds becasue there are situations that make us speak a different language, meaning somehow between the riots and now, there has been a monkey wrench thrown in our friendship somehow. It would not be pretty for the whites if East Indians, American Indians,Iranians,Somoans,Polynesians,Spanish,Asian and Blacks were angry with them and riot against them now would it? I think fear persuaded someone to make a move that would cause a sure separation. Something similar happened but not to this extreme when the lighter skinned blacks were more priviledged than the darker skinned blacks and there was a rifted between the 2 during slavery, it is not because they loved the lighter better, but it was a form of control over both , which also kept them divided. WHERE THERE IS UNITY A PEPOLE IS STRONGER, BUT IF THEY ARE DIVIDED THERE POWER IS WEAKER AND EASIER TO ATTACK. I don’t think it is race really but fear that the minority will over-run the majority and I think they want to remain the SuperPower, and what better way to do that? Than to devise a plan for us to riot against each other. While we fight each other they are safe. I love history and the respect blacks recieved in foriegn countries even as slaves, the Spanish even married thier slaves…not so in America. I think America is a wonderful place but I don’t think blacks have been respected as in other countries as far as slavery is concerned, I am rambling OFF TOPIC now but maybe what they are thinking is …if the minorities are freinds that would spell trouble, if another child is shot by the police, or if an Amber Alert for non-whites is not activated immediately, and we all riot together like that again, millions of dollars would be lost and the country could never heal itself. Schools in Georgia have separated as we speak Blacks,Mexian, and Whites are segregated and forced to go to their own schools. What is going on???

    Anyway that was just my 2cents, and I love all cultures, that is the way it was in the Bible days Pharoah could not tell that Moses was not an Egyptian because they were all mixed in the Bible days. God does not want us to hate each other and I pray there will be a solution for us all to love each other and wake up and smell the coffee.


  75. Ms. ScarletBlue says:

    I did not mean to spell Mexican wrong… and if I misspelled anything else I appologize.

  76. BigMista says:

    Observer wrote:

    ” But I have witnessed that the ratio of “aggressive behavior” among Blacks is higher than in any other ethnic group…”

    Observer also wrote:

    “I just watched The Kings of Comedy, and I remember Cedric the Entertainer and his “real” assessment of the differing “creeds” of Blacks and whites, and in it he notes that Blacks do tend to have a more aggressive and potentially violent social demeanor and disposition. Of course, his conclusion isn’t a result of “scholarly” sociological research, but rather it is based on his personal observations, and it sure as hell seemed to strike a cord of familiarity with the overwhelmingly Black audience.”

    This is why I eluded to Mexican’s aggressive behavior in Ciudad Juarez and also the aggressive behavior of Alejandro Avila and Jose Raul Pena. I did what YOU did FIRST! I used an outside source of information to fortify my position and perspective. Just as “it sure as hell seemed to strike a cord of familiarity with the overwhelmingly Black audience” my leveling of this “Blame Game” your playing would strike a chord of familiarity amongst Whites, Blacks, and Asians.

  77. BigMista says:

    To Ms ScarletBlue,

    You are so correct in your perception of how we should unify rather than fight amongst each other. I truly believe that we are being shook at each other via the media in an effort to keep us weak. I previously wrote:

    “Latinos have the numbers and African Americans have the voice. Let’s come together….” from posting #55.

    The media is doing a good job of keeping score and informing us of who’s killing who. I think we should turn off our TV’s and start interacting with each other in an effort to dissolve our misconceptions of one another.

  78. Ms. ScarletBlue says:

    BigMista that is a very true statement about turning off the TV’s and start communicating it all goes back to Flava Flav words in his songs “Don’t Believe the Hype”, Some victims of crimes have been blamed as gang related but if you were to ask family or friends,in some cases crimes where not gang related but just crimes that happened. However that is not what you hear on the evening news. The media is used as a “Bible” because some people who watch the media beleive it is true because you get a visual stimulation as well as audio stimulation that we are against each other when it is not true. I don’t believe it has to do with racism but it is all about money and power. The only enemy against all races of people is the Devil himself, he hates White,Mexican,Black,Indian,Somoan,Asian and etc, and he wants us to all hate each other, it is hard and it’s sounds like a utopia but I wish that all races could actually see this and understand it’s Satan against People, it is him we have to fight not each other.

  79. Ms. ScarletBlue says:

    Blacks in America are the most wealthy Blacks in all of the world, so I think the Whites are not totally mean toward Blacks but they are fed up from trying so hard trying to makes Blacks happy many Whites have tried to make up for stuff that happened during slavery times, nevertheless the King issue was TURNED into a race issue when it was not a race issue it was a ppl issue, things will never be corrected if we all allow isolated incidents destroy our relationships among each other and among races. Whites have totally lost the power now Whites are the Majority only by name.

    I think the rioting was a mistake in history,no one person can correct it’s too late, but all can learn from it. I don’t think that Mexicans, Somoans,Whites,Asian, and Indians would have caused a riot and many of others have been abused or beaten by the police, however it was made a high profile case by the media!!!!! However everyone joined in becasue THINGS did happen to them and they could identify with the person it would not have mattered if Rodney King was white,black,mexican,etc…..but the world saw him as a person not a race and they hated to see this happen to a person, I think it was turned into a racial issue when blacks started beating up innocent ppl and pulling them from thier cars. Drugs is the wrong way to get rich,remember “Dr. Feel Good” by Motley Crue?? but an education by far is what we all need. They can take away everything you’ve got but no one can take what you’ve learned.
    Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

  80. mr feva says:

    wasup peeps..blaks,raza whites, asians ,humans…see pas the media bullshit that has all races aint about race cuz…its about rekn that a wealth latino giv 2 fuks about poor latinos..or a wealthy balk man for instance..take a look at what white peeps are doing to eachotha wit the traila trash name calling and all that..wake up…ALLL FUKN GANGS started for protection in neighbourhoods and to bring a sense of peace and community..they all started as a sort of neighbourhood watch programme..then they wanted to live the american dream..thas wen shit went wrong–and bak then in a racist society like the united could any good come out of it?
    racial tensions will happen in any state and territory of the u.s..why does l.a have it..sorry to say black peeps an all otha non latino’s but l.a is mexican was even before..they just reclaiming territory..thas how is going down an there aint no way to stop it..HELL..jus look at the name..LOS ANGELES..u tell me thats english!!!wat needs to happen is education in community..and im not talking about school education (tho it is a big part of it)
    im talking about education agaist the goverment..a goverment wich spends billions of dollars on wars were our people,blacks browns and whites..all of middle lower class income get killed for a system wich if they survive give them a pat on the back…look at nam..look at the black latino and white vets!!!a goverment which encourages a class and wealth separation..
    Hell!! even with jews they have separations with old and new money!!!
    THey want us to fight!!they want us to live the way we do so we stay slaving!!
    much love to all the people
    and i am an ex 18st gang member if u wanna know…

  81. mr feva says:

    by the way i aint sorry bout the gramatical errors…cause thas the way i raised.if i had picked up on education at an earlier age
    i could make more constructed and constructive points..pero i havnt had the luxury being in la pinta..i have been free from incarceration and gang life for 6 years..and i am curently studying..cause education is my only weapon..
    the pen is mightier than the sword..
    “ese tupac an shakespear”

  82. mr feva says:

    and wat i ment about l.a been mexican owned is azteca-mayan-gabrielino entiendes?
    we all the same..

  83. Observer says:

    Ms. ScarletBlue,

    Wow, what are the chances?

    I am sorry to read of Pastor Benny’s passing; his act was truly heroic.

    “This is why I eluded to Mexican’s aggressive behavior in Ciudad Juarez and also the aggressive behavior of Alejandro Avila and Jose Raul Pena. I did what YOU did FIRST! I used an outside source of information to fortify my position and perspective.”


    I am perplexed by your inability comprehend that you did not do “what I did first.”

    I made (or tried to make) the point that many people within what is commonly referred to as “Black culture” in “America” also recognize that relatively Blacks tend to exhibit aggressive mannerisms. That is, Cedric “The Entertainer” noted that Blacks tend to have an aggressive demeanor and “wish” for a confrontation with others. Furthermore, his point of view (and my POV too) was supported by the laughter of many, many other Blacks in the audience. Do you really believe that had he substituted “Asians” for “Blacks” in his joke that it would have elicited the same response? It is the truth and honesty of his observation that caused the Blacks in the audience to laugh at his joke. Like Bernie Mac said, “It’s jokes, but it’s the truth.”

    So what was your point, that a defining characteristic of Mexican culture is its tendency to promote murder of women? If so, I don’t agree. But I must say I am glad to read that you have so easily overcome your distaste of employing generalized statements.

    “I’m not angry but thoroughly engaged…”

    -Big Mista

    Clearly, that is obvious.

  84. BigMista says:

    To the Observer:

    Well welcome back! I thought we were going to end on a sour note, which would have been sad.

    Observer wrote:
    “I am perplexed by your inability comprehend that you did not do “what I did first.”

    I’ll make it very simple, you used an outside source, which I am reiterating, to reinforce your position on Black’s propensity for violence and I used an outside source to display yours. I’m sorry that I don’t have a Mexican comedian to refer to and an overwhelming show of solidarity and “familiarity” to one of his “jokes” but my point still stands. My position is that every culture has a violent subculture that can be highlighted to make everyone in the ethnic group look uncivil. My initial contribution to this message board was not to place blame or initiate conflict, but to UNDERSTAND. To this point I still don’t understand why we are fighting and unfortunately I’m not getting any further in my understanding with this kind of dialogue.

    Observer wrote:
    “I must say I am glad to read that you have so easily overcome your distaste of employing generalized statements.”

    When you use NAMES like Alejandro Avila and Jose Raul Pena I think that is being SPECIFIC not GENERAL. The incident in Ciudad Juarez is SPECIFIC not GENERAL. Those murders are not happening ALL THROUGHOUT MEXICO. So please read with a higher level of understanding and comprehension and recognize what being written rather trying to squeeze out an angle that would make you right. In addition please get past using “The Kings of Comedy” and a comedian’s perspective on such a serious and sensitive issue. I challenge you to bring something more credible and insightful to this discussion and leave those, in my opinion, “Buffoons of Comedy” on the shelf.

    Oberver wrote:

    “That is, Cedric “The Entertainer” noted that Blacks tend to have an aggressive demeanor and “wish” for a confrontation with others. Furthermore, his point of view (and my POV too) was supported by the laughter of many, many other Blacks in the audience”.

    Bernie Mac and Cedric The Entertainer and even the people in their audience still only respresent a small percentage of the 38,149,703 African-Americans(CIA, The World Factbook, 2003 est.) Would any of our African-American leaders have laughed? African Americans still participate in peaceful assemblies and would find his perspective both limited and grossly ignorant. Until you can prove to me that ALL African-Americans in California or the U.S. agree on the Buffoons of Comedy’s perspective using this as a source to support your position is the REAL JOKE.

    Observer wrote:
    ” I can only offer my perspective on this issue, which of course is biased in some measure by my ethnicity; I am a Chicano (Mexican-American).

    But then Observer wrote:
    “I do try to write as objectively as is humanly possible”.

    HUH?! I don’t think both can TRULY exist in any measure in one person on a topic that involves ethnic tension.

    So, once again I reiterate that we all have a propensity for violence and we need to talk about solutions and provide insightful perspective rather than blame.

    Amani(Swahili meaning Peace)

  85. steve nalls says:

    I to grew up on the east side of Compton,I agree,I’m black and my neighborhood was piru/but you did’nt mention the 70’s C.V.70’s/as well as C.V 3…now growing up as kids we did’nt know we’d be Piru or 70’s,you see we where kids in Compton since the Year Martin Luther King was killed(1968)so my point is similar when a person who happens to be Mexican gets shot and killed you new for 30+ years…thats equivalent to your brother in the cases I’ve seen personally,but fast forward 15 years and now I live in the Bay area(San Jose,EastPalo Alto)and My occasional trip back to Compton what I see on the Corporate and Street front is..a surface like between us..agaibn I’m a brotha so I’ll have my bias to naturally,but I feel like the Mexican cats I meet now(Chicano)bump our music,and have similar mannerisms as we do!but really seem like he act like a white boy would towards us!then the Mexican that knows very little english at all displays hate on the job,I believe they feel inferior to us if your english is butter(so to speak)to jockey for a better job for himself!back in the day and now,I’ve grew up eating at places like “El Castillo’s” and on and point is we all way’s where cousins we act the same foods we started puttin hydraulics in cars watchin yall!shit when Chico and the man was coming to T.V shit Fred Sanford Might show up talking stuff!I’m not sure how to fix it but understand,the blacks don’t/Can’t issue greens cards/visa’s,and just like the 70’s our plight is the same!prison is big business and someone has to occupy them!stay free and be kool we all folks!at least where I’m from!!

  86. unity??? says:

    I’m a forty something year old black female. I’ve never gang banged. I don’t associate with gangbangers. Yes, I know of some but I don’t kick it like that. I’d like to give my point of view, from my perspective and experience. When I was of school age in the sixties and seventies, black and Latino children got along, we considered ourselves friends. I remember this Mexican boy named Tommy who had a big crush on me. On of my best friend’s name was Patricia a lamina. I think of them both often. When my children, nieces and nephews who are in there mid-twenties were of school age in the eighties and nineties they had Latino friends up till sometime in junior high school when the Latino kids stopped associating with them. The Latino kids did a 360 degree turn as far as friendships with blacks went. Now a days not even the toddlers play together. My grand-daughter who is 3 years old and lives in a predominantly Latino apartment complex does not go out to play because the Latino kids run from her, call her names, like: monkey, blackie, nigger, etc. It breaks my heart because she is a sweet child who is so innocent, and doesn’t know prejudice or hate, but is being taught it by these children who obviously learn it from their parents. Why are you teaching your children to hate? Black people DO NOT teach their children to hate. Our children go on the defense because of the way they are treated by every other ethnic group in this country. That results in the aggressive behavior exhibited by some, it is a defense mechanism, born out of how we are treated daily by others. An example of the Black’s tolerance of other cultures – during the civil rights era Blacks fought for the rights of ALL MINORITIES. EVERYONE! Now that Latino’s out number Blacks they have no use for us. In the past three years I personally know of by 38 black men who have been shot by Latino’s 32 of them DEAD. Without any provocation, most were approached while walking or standing alone minding there own business. The latest victim known by me was 14 years old shot dead seven times by more than one Latino. The day before he was killed another acquaintance in his 30’s was shot 22 times by two Latino males one of them had two guns. When he fell to the ground they continued to shoot him. Get this . . . he went to school with them, grammar, junior high and high school. He saw them coming up the street, he wasn’t expecting anything, cause he knows them, once they got up on him they didn’t say anything just pulled out their guns and started shooting. They left him for dead! Fortunately, it wasn’t this man’s time to see GOD, because they didn’t hit any vital organs, not one! Observer you say, that Blacks perpetuate the violence that’s going on out there in the streets. I beg to differ. Do you PERSONALLY know 38 brown people over the course of 2 ½ years shot by black persons? And I’m just one person! As far back as five years ago I know people shot my Latino’s for no reason. In July of 2001, my daughter (20 years old at the time) and four others were shot by Latino’s while leaving a night club, one of the men died. My daughter and her friends are not gangbangers nor drug dealers. It wasn’t provoked! She almost lost her life, but again it wasn’t her time to see GOD either. She was 5’1″, 105 pounds, and was shot with a 9mm, she almost bled to death, had to have three surgeries. The doctors couldn’t believe she survived. There was a higher power at work. THERE IS A GOD! Her boyfriend, and three of his friends were shot in January 2003, by a Latino hiding in the bushes as they existed a car, her boyfriend died. It wasn’t provoked! Black people are being attacked for no reason, other than for the color of their skin. And because the Latino gangs were ordered to do so. For Blacks to be the most hated disrespected people on this earth. I don’t understand how a group that hates us so much can emanate us to the degree that they do: the talk, dress, music, hairstyles, etc. Latino’s aren’t the only race guilty of this, whites, Asians, and anything in between are also guilty. I wouldn’t change who I am for anything in this world. I love being Black! Our fault is that we are the most trusting, inclusive, forgiving, human beings on this earth. And the rest of you know it. Another example of how we Black people are so forgiving: WE HELPED LATINO’S VOTE IN MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA, even though his people are gunning ours down in the streets at record numbers! Again, any Black on Brown crime is because Black’s are defending themselves, against violence started by Brown people who are following orders. Remember the Latino’s got their rights because the Blacks included them in a fight so that all minorities could have rights. I know I’ll get some negative responses but it’s okay. I don’t expect anything different because THE TRUTH HURTS. And even though some may see my perspective as onesided, I STILL LOVE THE HUMAN RACE though each ethnic group has its faults. Yes, it’s getting harder to speak to my neighbor, but I do because we are all human! I do hope to run into Tommy (Saturn Street school) and Patricia (Alta Loma School) again. They made a lasting impression and I hope I did as well. Hopefully because of our friendships so long ago their children aren’t out there trying to kill mine.

  87. unity??? says:

    Why did your site automatically change the spelling of some of my words? And eliminated some letters in words altogether?

  88. unity???,

    Which words are you referring to? My site uses Spam Karma 2, and as far as I know, it doesn’t do that. However, if you like, I can fix whatever words you are not satisfied with. Just shoot me an email…

  89. unity??? says:

    Here it is again in it’s original text. I hope this is transferred correctly. Bye!!

    I’m a forty something year old black female. I’ve never gang banged. I don’t associate with gang bangers. Yes, I know of some but I don’t kick it like that. I’d like to give my point of view, from my perspective and experience. When I was of school age in the sixties and seventies, black and Latino children got along, we considered ourselves friends. I remember this Mexican boy named Tommy who had a big crush on me. One of my best friend’s name was Patricia, a Latina. I think of them both often. When my children, nieces and nephews who are in their mid-twenties were of school age in the eighties and nineties they had Latino friends up till sometime in junior high school when the Latino kids stopped associating with them. The Latino kids did a 360-degree turn as far as friendships with blacks went. Now a days not even the toddler’s play together. My grand daughter who is 3 years old and lives in a predominant Latino apartment complex does not go out to play because the Latino kids run from her, call her names, like: monkey, blackie, nigger, etc. It breaks my heart because she is a sweet child who is so innocent, and doesn’t know prejudice or hate, but is being taught it by these children who obviously learn it from their parents. Why are you teaching your children to hate? Black people DO NOT teach their children to hate. Our children go on the defense because of the way they are treated by every other ethnic group in this country. That results in the aggressive behavior exhibited by some, it is a defense mechanism, born out of how we are treated daily by others. An example of the Black’s tolerance of other cultures – during the civil rights era Blacks fought for the rights of ALL MINORITIES. EVERYONE! Now that Latino’s out number, Blacks, they have no use for us. In the past three years I personally know of 38 black men who have been shot by Latino’s, 32 of them DEAD. Without any provocation, most were approached while walking or standing alone minding their own business. The latest victim known by me was 14 years old shot dead seven times by more than one Latino. The day before he was killed, another acquaintance in his 30’s was shot 22 times by two Latino males one of them had two guns. When he fell to the ground, they continued to shoot him. Get this. He went to school with them, grammar, junior high and high school. He saw them coming up the street, he wasn’t expecting anything, cause he knows them, once they got up on him they didn’t say anything just pulled out their guns and started shooting. They left him for dead! Fortunately, it wasn’t this man’s time to see GOD, because they didn’t hit any vital organs, not one! Observer, you say, that Blacks perpetuate the violence that’s going on out there in the streets. I beg to differ. Do you PERSONALLY know 38 brown people over the course of 2 ½ years shot by Black persons? And I’m just one person! As far back as five years ago I know people shot who were shot by Latino’s for no reason. In July of 2001, my daughter (20 years old at the time) and four others (all young Black males) were shot by Latino’s while leaving a night club, one of the young men died. None of them gang banged none of them were drug dealers. It wasn’t provoked! She almost lost her life, but again it wasn’t her time to see GOD either. She was 5′ 1″ tall, 105 pounds, and was shot with a 9mm, she almost bled to death, she had to have three surgeries. The doctors couldn’t believe she survived. There was a higher power at work. THERE IS A GOD! Her boyfriend, and three of his friends were shot in January 2003, by a Latino hiding in the bushes as they existed a car, her boyfriend died. Children who were playing nearby said the gunman warned them to get in the house before the shooting. This incident wasn’t provoked! Black people are being attacked for no reason, other than the color of their skin. And because the Latino gangs were ordered to shoot us down like animals. For Blacks to be the most hated disrespected people on this earth, I don’t understand how a group that hates us so much can imitate us to the degree that they do: the talk, mannerisms, dress, music, hairstyles, etc. Latinos’ aren’t the only race guilty of this, whites, Asians, and anything in between are also guilty. I wouldn’t change who I am for anything in this world. I love being Black! Our fault is that we are the most trusting, inclusive, forgiving, human beings on this earth. And the rest of you know it. Another example of how us Black people are so forgiving: WE HELPED LATINO’S VOTE IN MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA, even though his people are gunning ours down in the streets at record numbers! Again, any Black on Brown crime is because Black’s are defending themselves, against violence started by Brown people who are following orders. Remember the Latino’s got their rights because the Blacks included them in a fight so that all minorities could have rights. I know I’ll get some negative responses but it’s okay. I don’t expect anything different because THE TRUTH HURTS. And even though some may see my perspective as one-sided, I STILL LOVE THE HUMAN RACE though each ethnic group has its faults. Yes, it’s getting harder to speak to my neighbor, but I do because we are all human! I do hope to run into Tommy (Saturn Street school) and Patricia (Alta Loma School) again. They made a lasting impression and I hope I did as well. Hopefully because of our friendships so long ago their children aren’t out there trying to kill mine.

  90. Anita Bonghit says:

    I don’t understand why there is so much racial hatred out there. Funny how you only hear about it when Whites are involved but never when non-Whites are involved. From what I’ve seen over the years Whites are the least hateful of all the races in Ca. No one is perfect but how is it that Whites and Asians seem to be able to gain success in the world even if they came from poor beginnings but Blacks and Latinos can not even come close as a group. Look at any city in Ca where the majority of people are non-white and you will see nothing but failure, poverty, and uncontrolled crime. New Orleans is a perfect example.

  91. unity??? says:

    To Anita Bonghit, the following – an example of white hatred/racism: There was a new orleans paper that showed a photo of two black men existing an abandoned market with food items in their hands and the caption read: “looters steal from market” in the same paper there was another story that showed a photo of a white couple, the caption read: “couple finds milk & bread in abandoned market”. Why when they’re black it’s stealing, when they’re white they found their food?! BOTTOM LINE – BOTH BLACK AND WHITE’S WHERE JUST DAMNED HUNGRY! This was mentioned on a popular radio station last week. When I get the name of the paper and the date it ran I’ll post it. What about the murder of Jane Nora “Genore” Guillory in Clinton Louisianna?

  92. unity??? says:


  93. Blogging.LA says:

    La Vida Loca

    If there’s anything about modern urban Chicana/o and Latina/o life I know little to nothing about it’s la vida loca (the crazy life). I grew up in the suburbs and even though I did know people involved in gangs, I…

  94. CJ Chitown says:

    I stumbled upon this blog while doing research on recent changes in gang violence, especially in the city of Chicago. We have seen the drug markets in our City change from the hands of blacks to the strong latino gangs that have survived many years of gang wars. I believe the change has nothing to do with the riots, it has been quite simply the timing. Because of the prison gangs’ influence, and the ability of Latino gangs to communicate better across the nation, there has been an extreme rise in Latino arrests, Latino violence, and also a rise in Latino population as a whole in the city of Chicago. Since Chicago is essentially seperated into ethnic burroughs, there is some sense of the violence being centralized to a select few neighborhoods. Of course, the neighborhoods with the most violence are also hotbeds for drug activity. What people fail to realize is those burroughs are named and the boundaries drawn by previous gang territories that are being fought over to this day. The majority of the violence is situated along the borders of the ethnic burroughs.

    Latino gangs have found themselves being more effective in monopolizing the drug markets in most of the major metro areas because of better communication between gang members, a stronger sense of infinsibility due to greater numbers in the streets and in the prisons, and also a more structured organization. It isn’t a matter of outside powers, the source of the narcotics, or the peace that insued briefly following the riots- it is because they are a better run business, and when the business is more effective when they stay off the radar of all federal and local authorities, the Latino gangs are succeeding where all others have failed going back to the Italian street gangs of yore. Not that it is a good thing to be successful in the world of drugs and gangs.

  95. The Kimster says:

    wow, this was very interesting and sad. I’m Black and I’m sad to hear that LA is so racsit, especailly since I like Latino guys.

  96. Alpha KaOs says:

    Good read on the escalating tensions between Black and Latino Youth in Southern California. You really only told half the story though but this is the first time in my life that I have read or seen anyone report on this situation with any accuracy. But alas, you still only told of half the story.
    This WAR was called by La Eme. It wasn’t racial per se but that is what it boiled down to. This was a massive power grab for control of Cocaine Distribution in the United States of America. This is a Drug War and since Cocaine has been introduced to the United States: more specifically Crack Cocaine, Blacks and Latinos have been the mules that have pushed kilos throughout the United States.
    The main supplier of Cocaine had opted out of the business after the Presidential Election in 1992. With the defeat of George Bush, the covert operation used to fund secret wars in Latin America and the Middle East came to an abrupt halt. One would have to wonder why Cocaine was so cheap in Southern California: cheaper than Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, & Texas which are all closer to the point of origin than the Ports of Long Beach.
    For over a decade, the cocaine trade in America had it’s best supplier of all–the United States Government. All those pardons that you saw concerning the Iran-Contra scandel were basically get out of jail free cards for drug traffickers. Manuel Noriega received all types of aid from our government while he was allowing ships to transport tons of cocaine through the Panama Canal into the port of Long Beach. When it appeared he could not be controlled, Iran-Contra was discovered, and that many people would begin to talk to save their own collective asses, the one witness that could bring the whole government down was tried for Drug Crimes in the United States and silenced forever in a Federal Prison.
    How do Latino Gangs play into this. When it was discovered that the operation was going to shut down (Supply Chain for powder Cocaine) in 1993 if Bush were to lose the election, a golden opportunity availed itself for someone to supply Cocaine to America. The routes had already been established. The Customer base was still available to deliver the product. All someone had to do was take delivery in South America and deliver the product to the shores of America.
    El Eme got greedy…At first the price of cocaine went down from just under $13K a Kilo to around $9K/kilo. The Mexican Mafia then decided to eliminate the Black Drug Dealers. As you stated in your editorial, Black Gangs and Mexican Gangs have lived harmoniously in Los Angeles for years. The gang war that set it off was South Los vs 107 Hoovers. El Eme instructed the SoXLos to tax the Myates $10K/kilo over the normal price of $13K/kilo. This caused the first war to start because the Hoovers resorted to their first line occupation: Robbery. El Eme put a Green Light on 107 Hoovers and every Mexican Gang in LA was gunning for 107 Hoovers. This spilled over to 112 Hoover, then to 59 Hoover, then 52 Hoover, 83 Hoover, 74 Hoover. As the Mexican gangs stopped differentiating between Young Black Males and Hoovers, this drew in other Black Gangs like One Eleven, Underground which brought all the Neighborhood Crips in.
    The same situation unfolded in the Jungle when the 18th Street Rancho Park Boys (RPB) began warring with the Black P. Stones; a Blood Gang in the Jungle. This escalated to a full war on all Blood sets within the RPB territory. Soon Rollin 20s NHB, Rollin 30 Fruit town, Rollin 20 Avenues, and 30 Piru were in a war with 18th Street. This was over control of the crack cocaine distribution system in these gang controlled neighborhoods. Anyone that knows anything about Gangs in Los Angeles and Drugs, understands that no one would or could sell dope in another persons hood without killing them. That’s a fact.
    So whoever posted this diatribe about El Eme attempting to stem the flow of violence in the Brown Community is pushing bullshit. El Eme was taking control of the Cocaine Drug Market and knew that they needed all their resources to wrestle the distribution from the hands of the Black Gangs in South Central LA. For a minute it looked like they were going to accomplish their mission. As Black Gangs were still at odds with each and then this new assault from the Mexican Gangs (And it’s just that with the exception of MS–all Mexican Gangs which is why midway in this post I stopped calling them Latino Gangs)they had to regroup. Black Gangs were getting messages from their comrades in state prisons saying there were being slaughtered inside because of the retaliation their sets were doing on the outside. They had to form alliances with groups like the Nation of Islam, Black Guerrilla family, Blue Notes, Blood Nation, and the New Black Panther Party for protection.
    A few strong sets in the Black Gang Community put the El Eme coup to rest but you still have some strong holds that have the mentality of ridding the basin of Black Gangs. But with Crips and Bloods dropping their Crip and Blood designation to form stronger alliances such as the Rolling 20 Outlaws and all Hoover Sets. Eight Tray Gangsters are believed to be discussing doing the same. Rolling 60s and Rolling 30s are doing the same.
    That my friends would usher in a whole new era of Gang Warfare in the Streets of South Central.
    But this was a DOPE grab. Don’t romanticize this situation with any love for the Latin Community, this is about money plan and simple. In the penitentiary, El Eme clicked up with the Aryan Nation in an attempt to control the Black Male Prison Population because they couldn’t do it themselves. The Nuerte’s wasn’t having that and let the Surreno’s run El Eme. The Nuerte’s control San Salvador, Panama, and Eastern Mexico. After a few choice shipments were hijacked en route to California, the Surrenos understood that they couldn’t control all Mexican Gangs and none of the Latin Gangs. Trying to move product to Detroit, Chicago, New York, Pittburg, or definitely down South in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, & Texas was going to be impossible and the Black Street Gangs had already got a strong foot hold of these territories.
    So Sur13 had to back down because what’s more obvious than a Black Hoodlum in the White Suburbs than a Mexican anywhere other than California and Arizona. Especially a Cholo that can’t quite blend like 2000 era Black Gang Bangers have with the Hip Hop Culture.
    Anyway…that’s the part you left out. Now the whole story is out there.

  97. hailmary says:

    I Think it is so dangerous and stupid for the blacks and latinos in california to be fudeing with each other over drugs or whatever the cause may be.We are in the same struggle worldwide so why the hell are we fighting each other.It makes absoultley no sense, drugs and other ignorance was put here by the government to keep us from uniting with one another.Before the events of slavery took place black people and brown people around the world lived peacefully together as one, we traded with one another from Africa to the Americas and there was never a problem. But these white devils came and used tricknolegy on the Africans and alot of our other people worldwide,eventually the white man split us up into a million differnet groups to make us think we are all different and this led to fights amongst our own people.In unity there is strength and he doesn’t want us to have that,tell me something blacks and lations don’t own a damn thing in this country and we don’t have the infrastructre to bring any type of drugs in here, so how the hell do all these drugs end up in our communites. If you go to the white communites you don’t see that shit! Was it really the Mexican Mafia that started all this when blacks and lations were for the most part living in peace or was it the government the white devil? The blacks and lations started really fueding with one another after the L.A riots in 92 right hmmmmmmm! this was more than just a little bullshit riot that this devil’s media made it out to be this was a rebellion against the government! We blacks were tired of the evil and hippocracies that we have endured for more than five centuries so we decieded to set it off! The blue-eyed(the hottest part of a flame is blue) devil saw this and thought to himself oh shit! if these niggers wake up across the country and realize that nothing has changed and come together in unity its over for our reign as devil of the earth, ruler of the world, the boss. And if these wetbacks wake up and realize that we stole this country from them and masscared a whole race of their people like we did those niggers were fucked! We have to think of a plan quick, well drugs worked the last time when the blacks were in open revolt against AMERIKKKA during the civil rights movement when those niggers stopped turning the other cheek and started grabbing artilery for freedom(black panthers)that scared the shit out of us! but we put drugs in their communites and pretty soon they started blowing each others brains out and their focus was lost. So since the black man(orignal man of the earth)and the brown man are living in peace side by side lets get them to go against each other by taking our drug trade out of the hands of blacks and put it into the hands of the lations.Its like labrats, bring those two labrats over here lets start by making one labrat so hungry that he becomes angry. Now let’s give this “angry-hungry rat” a deadly weapon,and lets give this other rat a big piece of cheese, now lets put them in a small box together and see what happens. Oh no! the angry rat just stabbed the other rat and took the cheese! now the other rat is vowing revenge damn this shit is fun! look! the other rat is beginning to violently attack the angry rat in revenge! ah man the other rat just killed the angry rat what a shame.
    Lets start all over with a new rat in the box (a new nigga on the block) and lets do it again! I love these little projects. They don’t call it the projects for nothing!!! These are the projects and were the experiments when are we going to wake up and see this? The time has come for all the orignal people of the earth(black,brown anyone that is non-white)to reclaim the earth and make it a place for peace!The white man’s time is all but running out, and the prophecies of the bible,and quran and other books are starting to come to light.Oh you don’t belive me right? Well look at what’s going on in the world more hurricanes,tsunamis,earthquakes,war in Iraq.The books speak of these prophecies and give us signs to get ready or forever perish. I will have to get back to you later because im on the plantation right now and i don’t want to get whipped! Peace and Black and Brown luv forever!

  98. Mark Anthony says:

    I just read your article on the Black/Hispanic conflict. I was impressed on your commentary and keen insight. Most blogs are just that – blogs. I really impressed with how much time and careful consideration you put in writing your article. For some reason I’ve always been intrigued with gang society, I’m not sure why. I guess, on some basic level we all (everyone else) are part of some gang, group, or association. It’s just that the word “gang” has some sort of stigma attached to it. A brief story: I was in Los Angeles this past September for a job interview (from Boston, MA). I was there for a week. While I was staying in Hollywood (not the “hood”) I was attacked by a person, brandishing a gun. He (looked Hispanic) ran from across the street and started uttering racial epithets (he called me a nigger). I’m not sure why or what his motive for doing this but needless to say, I was not going to stick around to ask him why. In the end, I did make my escape and got over my fear but after reading your article it’s apparent to me that racial tensions between Black/Brown peoples is not something imagined. It’s hard to draw such a conclusion based on some possible isolated incident but at the same it’s hard to dismiss it as well. Like most outsiders, I grew up watching films about the “mean streets of L.A.” For example, “Colors”, “Bozy N’ Hood”, “Menace II Society”, to name a few, are not absolute accurate accounts of L.A. hoods but one can not help if it is (based on my experience). Thanks for your article, I learned a lot.

  99. third says:

    all this black and brown crap is bullshit is just another way for people to turn their face at the real issue is time blacks and latinos only those of indian and black descents not them full blooded spaniards to start acting more intelligent we act like a retarded version of our opressors is time we act like their greedy asses have been acted since the romans ruled i say let all the blacks and hispanic gangs unite get educated and start communicating with parties in south america, and africa with our same interested and enslave all the damn white people and asians for that matter i can really care their white too so what yah think
    p.s. i aint ignorant i just think its time we do to other like they did us if you know your history most spics don’t

  100. Mitch Wagner says:

    third, are you a cute Hispanic chick? If you are, then I would like to be your slave. I have been a very, very naughty slave, and I must be spanked.

    If you are not a cute Hispanic chick, then disregard the preceding.

    Thank you.

  101. bk face says:

    Well you are very right on this this topic. Mexicans are now controlling the cocaine market. But you must remember that Armenians(the Armenian Boyz gang) Have selling the black gangs here afgan heroin for over a decade which is now at a all time high. With Black pushers moving it to all over CA, DC, and Baltimore Maryland. So Mexican do run the Cocaine and Tar but blacks are the ones who produce the pur heron on the streets due to thier ties with gangs in the south midwest and eastcoast. So it all evens out in the end. Also statistically(you can look this up on any LA county police rap) Blacks gangs have been responsable for 83% of the murders since 1982. With almost all of them killing other blacks. So statistically blacks have essentially killed each other off almost for the mexicans to just take over. Its unfortunate but after 20 years of conflict balcks are continueing to kill each other at rapid rates even with the over rated black vs mexican beefs.

  102. Texas says:

    Regarding all this Black on Brown – Brown on Black garbage…..all I gotta say is, why talk about what kind of disgrace a race is to society regarding drugs,power, respect? What a childish thing to even waste a brain cell on ? Can you people not think of anything else to talk about? Like for example what good or positive things blacks n latinos have accomplished independently or together…this 14 yr old latino here sure has..I also have WAY more important things to blog about….only reason I put in my 2 cents on this topic is because we are in the year 2006 and Gangs/Gangsters HAVE BEEN PLAYED out …..GROW UP PEOPLE…peace out from Down South in Texas !

  103. Texas says:

    Oh yea….one more thing…I met a ” typing gangster ” online once that was claiming a set/ click ahahahah….a typing gangster ! ahahah what a joke

  104. bk face says:

    Blacks still run most of LA even though there minority now, they still have hoods they atablished a while back.

  105. bk face says:

    Thats why the mexicans are trying to gain more areas of compton and watts. But its not easy,there paying a heavy price for some strange reason black crips pride themselves on puting in work as much as posible on any rival, primarily other crips. I n the 80s blacks would pass up hispanic 13s they saw hanging out on there way to kill other crips because they had no beef, even though they did kill a lot of hispanic crips just because they were crips. You should read the book Monster its true story that Monster Kody , a crip gang member from eight trey gangster crips, wrote while in San Quenten. He explains that crips are the number 1 killer of other crips, he expalins that its has reached a point in 87 where they were kidnapping eachothers family members and murdering them then putting them on there rivals front lawn. When war gets to that point its hard to stop, even with this new mexican black beef.

  106. bk face says:

    Aslo at least about 18% of all crips are are hispanic. Go to

  107. bk face says:

    It has great pics you guy should check it out.

  108. platinum loc says:

    I am a crip gang member from nothern california…I am black…The crips here are alligned with the bgf and nuestra familly i have no problems with mexicans only with the mexican mafia an the sureno gangs….I resent the scraps makin race an issue and would shoot them on sight

  109. platinum loc essj crip says:

    i think the mexican mafia was made racist by bein affliated with the aryan nation..they put it in their head that they both could make more money eliminating blacks out of the drug trade…blacks cant just leave the drug trade this is how we pay our rent feed our fucking kids in this racist society

  110. platinum loc essj crip says:

    the solution is to provide more jobs an better education… and arrange a peace meeting with representatives from the aryan nation the mexican mafia the nuestra familly the bgf and the crip car

  111. bk face says:

    bs all you guys are liars from no where the ab and mm allied in the 80s to protect themselves against the blacks when the blacks ran the drug trade and in prison and on the streets. Blacks kill and raped a couple of mm members and thats when the beef really got out of hand.KNOW YOUR FACTS

  112. bk face says:

    also the ab has to allign with the mm in order to survive. My personal opinion honestly is that theskinheads here in CA are getting really strong and really deep due to them becoming a minority and seeing mexican gangs everywhere, it pisses them off, even though most of them are sheep you still have a substantional amout of Timothy Mcveys.Also whites hate seeing everywhere in CA look like Toyko except with mexicans so that how they are gaining membership so fast. The poles say they have doubled there members in the past 2 years. READ TUNER DIARIES thats what they make there members read. Essentually they wanna be terrorist to america like the mujihadene arabs but lack the know how. Timothy leaned his bomb making from the arabs.

  113. bk face says:

    apologize for misspelling typed too fast.

  114. Kjerringa mot Strommen says:

    H.P. I happened on this blogline this morning and got hooked. Afraid I’ll be late for work – no that can’t happen, the kids are waiting and finals resume! I really enjoyed reading your article and did what I could to catch the rest in the hour following. This blogline, extending from May to January and who knows how long, should become an anthology.

    I agree with “Concerned” that “Money is the thing that drives our world, and people will rob, cheat, steal and kill for it in a heart beat.”

    I agree with you that the problem with conspiracy theories is that they can’t be proven and give and escape hatch from personal responsibility. But they are sometimes true.

    I love that Hiz-panic is trying to relearn Spanish – that’s what it’s all about.

    My two cents – it goes back to the old saying “Let’s you and he fight” – If we are looking to blame and kill others, we are not paying attention to the larger powers in this country (please excuse the reference to “military-industrial complex” and in this administration, add the executive to that) who are really keeping us down.

    But also, it goes back to Mariano Azuela’s observations in “Los de abajo” The Mexican Revolution was an opportunity to turn a corner in oppression but in many ways, it allowed some of the oppressed to become the new oppressers.

    How said to see the oppressed in-fighting – when, as some have said, each adopts the others cultures to some extent – e.g. Tupac. In fact, Tupac took his name from the undying Incan revolutionary, Tupac Amaru.

    Like Fernando, I can’t say it better than the first indigenous president in the Americas(I think), Benito Juarez:

    “El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz!”

    And BigMista said it all and so well:

    “Hence, I reiterate my previous point, Latinos have the numbers and African Americans have the voice. Let’s come together and help each other get to that upper 3% you were writing about.
    Nenda Salaam Ndugu Wangu which in Swahili means, “Go in Peace My Brother”

  115. O.G. S.C. says:

    H.P. GREAT site Carnalito! I am a 49 yr. old Blackman from Oakland, CA. Yet I’m always amazed, though NOT amused, by the antics purpetrated by a FEW, that involve so many. We dont have the Black on Brown animosity here in THE TOWN specifically, nor in Northern Cali in general. The gangs play a part in keeping the drama going on. Where there are less gangs, there is less funk…period! I’ve been `state-raised’ from `68, CYA to CDC. Black and Brown ALWAYS got along! The Black Panthers, and Brown Berets marched side by side back in the day. Ceasar Chavez utilized Martin Luther King’s philosophies. This younger generation MUST be re-educated. Black and Brown live in the same `hoods, work on the same jobs, do tiempo in the same pintas. Chicano killing Chicano…thats what THEY want…Blacks killing Blacks…thats what THEY want…Chicano killing Blacks…thats what THEY want…Blacks killing Chicano…thats what THEY want. But once WE come together, THEY dont run shit!!! Of course, there is the age old prob of racism. To a rational person, racism is wrong. To an irrational person, racism can make sense. Sorry to say, but most gangbangers are irrational. Hell, I’ve taken MANY a CAT test in the pen. It’d always be me and some white-collar criminal with the purple colored book. (Grade 12+) 99+ per-cent of the cats behind bars function at elementary school level. These are men who forsook man’s law, even GODS’ law. The bottom-of-the-barrel. I challenge all youngstas to listen VERY carefully to ANY Veterano, or O.G. comin’ up off the SHU in Pelican Bay. I would love to get a program like that started. I lived the `gangsta’ lifestyle for decades, but never clicked-up. No tattoos. Solo-Bolo, suka-free. It can be done. I workout with whomever I choose, kick-it with whomever. It aint WHAT you are, but WHO you are. Hell, I’ve had other races treat me better than my own. I’d hear it from many a carreer Mafioso, that they are sickened by the increased infighting. The 1991 Title 15 (CDC handbook) listed AB,BGF,MM,NF & TS as recognised `disruptive prison groups’. Guess how many it is now? Education, re-education, de-progamming offer some help. Racism is a MAJOR flaw in this country’s fabric, that MUST be addressed then abolished…by ANY means necessary.

  116. The Reason of Brown Vz Blacks is cuz blacks think every body owes them sumthing:.just because the were slaves n there was racism aganist them n shyt the brownz got sick of it n finally said sum thing to them:. they werent the only only ones getting judged so brownz finally told them sum thing n they didn’t like it:. That’s what i think:.

  117. platinum loc says:

    that bitch is so ignorant she showed it tellin people that wat she think it about she just guessed ….this is over drugs an gangs not fuckin race…the fuccin sur rats just made it about race

  118. YaY aReA boss says:

    FUCK LA!
    i am from the bay area and blacks n browns are like brothers to each other. WE NORCAL minorites are smarter than u SOCAL (LA) minorites who are brain washed. This is a white man’s/polititions dream come true to have blacks and hispanics hate and kill each other..beacuse they know that if we unite we will be hella strong. In the bay area and northen california we are all united.


    and all u surenos are a fucking discrase to the mexican race for uniting wit a arayn brothers…u fuckin reterds.

    black luv brown pride!

    BAY AREA STAND UP…..northside~

  119. joe bloe says:

    All this crap with gangs fighting each other and killing and drugs is completely unacceptable. We (meaning anyone that wants peace and comfort in our ENTIRE nation) should get together and vote to end long term prison sentences, immediate execution AFTER DUE PROCESS AND CONVICTION, and much stiffer penalties for all crimes. We simply do not need “bad” people in society, and yes they are part of society even if they are in prison, after we are supporting them. If we had 60% less prisons, at least 5% more police, the country would be much better off.

  120. Majestic Gent says:

    If the Black & Hispanic communties merged to worked together instead of trying to keep each other down and by this I mean blacks vs. blacks , hispanics vs. hispancs, black vs. hispancs, we would be unstoppable!!! Instead we are doing exactly what they want; Divide and conqure…

    It’s the same as in Iraq. They will divide the people and conquer.

  121. platinum loc says:

    the problem is too many hispanics dont like blks if any of you wanna talk to me more about it one on one my yahoo id is Crip_loc_platinum

  122. lil psycho says:

    YO cuzz me being a former crip if you ask me the hole black vs brown shit is nothing more but a plan sceemed by the white man bacuse the white man can’t stand black people and they don’t even want mexicans in their country no offense that’s why they stick people like us in the ghetto just so we can kill each other off this gang shit is nothing more than a plan for blacks and latinos to kill each other off, both of our races are pretty damn dominant if we joined up together eventually we could take this whole country over black/brown pride homeboy

    ws 211

  123. southsider says:


  124. D. Andre says:

    Very interesting blog. I have been studing this phenom.(sp) for a few years and have seen Brown – Black unity go down the gutter. most of my otherquestions have been answered except: What about a Sen Dog or Mellow Man Ace in prison? Who would they side with? A dark skinned Rican or Cubano?

  125. Justice says:

    It is a shame that blacks and browns can’t seem to get along these days. Both groups have tremendous pride in their culture and heritage and both peoples are strong and demand respect. We have more in common with eachother than with whites in this country. I believe that we are beefing because both cultures place a HIGH value on respect. Thus, both cultures need to respect eachother and understand that the other will not be punked. Let’s not waste time and energy testing eachother.

  126. el tumi says:

    I live in the San Francisco bay area. It’s different from the L.A. area, since the brown power here is carried by the nortenos. I myself am a sureno sympathizer, but feel sometimes powerless to see the blacks trying to pull their crap on the “Mexicans” all the time. By Mexicans, I mean all surenos and sympathizers. I tend to hate them so much that I would rather support the white boys and skinheads over them and their so called “black cause.” There is something that is never brought up to the media channels, and that is that there is racism amongs minorities. As a latino, I tend to support all latino causes first, just as a black would support all black causes first. I have mixed feelings about the nortenos also, on one side I do find that they have a lot of respect in the area, but on the other I have to see at what price, and a lot of them talk like blacks, and a lot of them look down on people born south of the border. Now, I was not raised to talk like that, and I cannot be someone I am not. I don’t hate them, but really cannot understand their point of view.

  127. Westside Native says:

    Now I have been born and raised in west LA and I have experienced this racial tension firsthand in the mid 90’s when I went to different high schools. It seems that whenever Mexicans are a majority they seem to act up and and start harrasing people for no reason. Of course there are exceptions, I am speaking from experience.

    A lot of us black folks were targeted for no reason at all. You don’t see the same happening in Black majority areas.

    The Culver City Boyz 13 gang is perhaps one of the most anti-black gangs on the westside. They are the biggest gang on the westside. They are known to have stomped many innocent black folks to death in the Mar Vista Gardens housing project, just for being black.

    It is well known on the westside that the Culver City gang has been given orders to target any black person that looks like a gang member on site. However, they have a lot of white members in their cliques. Perhaps this is because they uphold the Sureno/Aryan Brotherhood unity in the prisons.

    Growing up, I got into a lot of fights with the Culver City’s, Sotel, V13, and SM13. This has been here from the beginning.

    I had homeboys from the BPS in the Jungles and they had similar experiences with the 18’s so they backed me up when I was in need.

    Also in Longbeach

    the Insane Crip gang is at war with the Longos, and they are allies with an Asian gang Tiny rascal gang that is at war with the Longos as well. It seems that Asian gangs are also having tension with Hispanic gangs in Southern California

  128. Trece Killa says:

    I got homies that just got out of the Pen and some that are CO’s and the 13ers still get they ass whooped by us Myates. Who ever posted that “blacks were gettings slaughtered on the inside” is bullshit. That Pelican Bay shit that popped off happened when most the blacks were in the units and that is why the 13ers outnumbered us so bad. If you look at the tape it still took about 5 mezkinz to take down 1 black. Yeah the 13’s are are more organized but when it comes to kicking shit off they still no who runs that shit. And they will NEVER EVER try to see one of us 1 on 1 and you know this.

  129. esepayaso says:



  130. steve says:

    i’m about to drop a bomba on all you mayates!!!!!!

  131. steve says:

    this is for “trece killer”,why would a mexicano have to go heads up with a mayate if physically we are at a disadvantage,blacks are naturally bigger than us,so why not throw a couple of motherfuckers at him!!duh,just like natural geographic when the hyena’s get together to take down the much bigger lion,thats strategy dumb ass .it is what it is,besides i’ve seen plenty of blacks get there ass kicked when the odd’s are even!watch boxing and you’ll see what i mean,a lot of mayates get dropped!!!!!so if your crying about a crab getting slaughtered by 5 hyena’s tough it out mayate !!thats what you get for eating all that kentucky fried!!!you say that blacks run the lock up’s?whitch one?iv’e personally seen 20 crabs run from 12 blood thirstl little vato’s!black’s are scared to mix it up’they have a bad reputation for running scared at the first sign of there own blood!!!damn,imagine if we were the same size as you animales!what excuse would you have then?

  132. Eric says:

    This is a response to Steve who said “i’m about to drop a bomba on all you mayates!!!!!!” Boy cant even spell bomb or much of anything else. Anyway. Yeah I see your point about the hyena strategy when it comes to mexicans mixing it up blacks. However, all that bullsh** you’re popping is just that, bullsh**.

    First of all, you said blacks are scared to mix it up with mexicans. Im from Chicago, where you dont see a bunch of mexican gangs and wannabes talking shit or doing shit because they know that them Disciples will send them all to hell. You mexicans in LA are only popping all that bull because the numbers are like three to one. If I got five of my guys to jump one man, that aint shit to do because chances are, I wont even get hit by that opponent. Thats almost like shooting an unarmed man in the back. If yall are so bad, try all that shit on the Southside of the Chicago. Well actually, some mexican vatos (haha) tried to mix it up with the blacks on the southeast side and got ran over by a truck.

    Second. You mexicans are too much of a coward to even start shit unless you go five to one. I used to go school with your mexican carnale roaches and 8 times out of ten when they fought a black, they lost. Then we even fucked them up for talking shit about “shooting all the niggers” at school and none of them did shit because they knew they would catch hell and its not like Chicago dont have mexicans or mexican gangs. Chicago does have Latin Kings. But see, they dont try to bring it to the gangsters like the disciples (GD’s) or blackstones. Instead, them mexicans roaches like to shoot up block parties on the sneak tip and run, shooting people that dont gang bang. COWARD-ASS WETBACKS.

    Third. As far as boxing is concerned, yeah I will give it to the mexicans who are 90 pound fighters, they can fight and rule featherweights. Notice is said featherweights because there are BARELY any blacks who fight in such a light weight division. The lightest black fighter who held belts is floyd mayweather and he has dropped MANY OF YOU WETBACK PUTOS.

    Maybe if you mexicans stopped eating all those damned beans, burritos and tacos, you too could be as phyically strong as most blacks. Also Steve, have alot to learn about your history and I dont know what kind of education you have, but it doesnt sound like much. IF BLACKS DID NOT STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE DISENFRANCHISED AND OPPRESSED, THEM WHITE BOYS WOULD STILL BE LYNCHING YOUR ASSES IN CALIFORNIA JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH THE ZOOT SUITE RIOTS. Read about the zoot suit riots and how them white boys fucked yall up and raped your women on the motherfucking streets. Wasnt that cowardly for 20 men to jump one chicano and strip his ass butt-naked for wearing a zoot suite and then gang rape his bitch in the streets. Well thats what the white boys did to yall back in the day and OUR (MEANING BLACK) CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT FORCED THE LEGAL SYSTEM TO PUNISH PEOPLE (WHITES) WHO COMMITT MOB VIOLENCE AGAINST MINORITIES. The messed up thing about this is this: I think I speak for a substantial number of blacks when I say that used to be sympathetic to your La Raza cause. But now Im like fuck yall bean eating, wetback, border jumping, midget sized, tatoo on the forehead, cowardly, putos. Eat that food for thought mexican.

    We need to build a 75 foot wall on the border and wire it with some electricity to shock anyone who tries to cross it.

  133. Q says:

    wow,look’s like “eric”is hating a little bit too much on the mexicanos!!first of all you can’t compare chi-town gangbanging to the cali shit cause it’s really out of hand over here,so sorry you can’t compare the two.try again ,(by the way, “bomba”mean’s bomb in spanish),mother fucker’s like you always try to catch error’s in somebody’s spelling!your a “dork”smart guy!ERICA!oop’s i spelled your name wrong!spellcheck!homey,no matter what you say the black’s are still getting smashed out here whether you like or not!i guess you watched “american me “too many time’s!bringing up that zoot suit shit,lame!you should be watching something more too your liking like”AMISTAD”IT’S ABOUT HOW A GROUP OF SLAVE’S WON THERE FREEDOM!it’a real tear jerker.or how about “boy’z in the hood!”they got a barbeque going on!it’s about the old soutrh central when black’s ran it,but then the mexican’s came and ………well you know what happened!!!!ha,ha,ha!it happened in compton too and watts,longbeach,etc,etc!!!so don’t feel sorry for the notorious black gang’s ,the’bloods,the crip’s,they wanted too be gangsters so let them eat it all up that’s there problem!!be happy you ain’t from the killer cali!!!if your so mad like you sound then maybe you could be a great samaritan and take one of there place!!did’nt think so!that’s just the way it is crybaby i’m sure there’s mexican’s out there getting smashed too!!it’s a dog eat dog wolrd in gangsterland!!but out here it’s the raza that run’s it,inside and out side!sorry!!!!

  134. j-dog says:


  135. Eric says:

    Fuck you Q. Maybe you should watch SELENA since you sound like a muchacha, hombre. It should be more to your liking.

    Nobody is hating on mexicans here. They should be running LA, both on the streets and at City Hall. As a matter of fact, they should have been running shit politically a long time ago since they have been the majority for some time. Im just calling a spade a spade, or shall I say a bean a bean. The fact of the matter is this, most of you only start shit when its five to one so what does make you, COWARDS. It doesnt take much guts to go five on one. It doesnt take much to shoot an unarmed man either, but thats the type of shit that most of you all are on. I went to school with mexicans and they only messed with people who had no friends to back them up. You catch that bean fuck in an alley by himself and you wouldnt have to do anything because the bitch in him would come out. You still havent addressed the issue of how cowardly alot of your kind are. I wasnt talking about no motherfuckin’ bloods or crips. I dont have anything to do with them. Im talking about how them motherfuckers fuck with people that they know cant retaliate, beating up on women and kids, or people that have nothing to do with gangs but were of a different race.

    I dont claim no parts of south LA nor do I even want to go near that place. So if the mexicans want to go there, then more power to them. As long as they stay their asses away from our parts of the Chi, I could care less.


  136. Q says:

    erica,erica calm down!!!!i guess you dont like the truth spoken!there are cowards and lames from every race whether it’s latinos ,monkey’s ,purto ricans,whitey’s,you!!monkey!i will say it again when the odds are even a lot of monkey’s have been “exposed”you must be talking about the kfc eating, grape soda drinking,ash on elbow’s goon’s that need to get jumped,thats not cowardace,that’s strategy!why would a 5 foot mexicano think he could take down a 6’6 foot grease monkey,why not get a few homies together and chop’em down!black’s would do the same if they were smaller than us ,so shut the fuck up already crybaby!!!!!dude live with it,it suck’s don’t it!!!ha!ha!another thing if you know anything about boxing,you would’nt say foolish thing’s,larry holmes?tyson?foreman?here we go again !!,raza don’t fight in those weight’s!!remember,that’s why monkey’s get jumed on,cause there’s a big size disadvantage at that level!moron!don’t you fucken listen?ha!ha! your funny!belt holders?i believe most of the black fighters mentioned also held various championships idiot!i’ve come to a conclusion,you don’t know shit about gangbanging,strategy,surviving,hey erica remember vietnam?these little fool’s ambushed american gi’s,they fought dirty,did what they had to do to win the big fight,so when you hear sbout black’s getting ambushed,getting jumped on,think about it dumb ass!!!!go to sleep tonight and think about what would you and your homies would do in a similar situation {if you were mexican)if you wanted to take over a black hood?get dirty motherfucker!!!!!ha!ha!i love it!………..oh i almost forgot to mention,j dog forgot to mention a couple of other black fighers that got wacked by raza.
    like another “belt holder”meldrick taylor.remember when he almost got killed by cesar chavez?and oh yea the odds were even!!!!!!don’t bother responding,i got some strategy for your ass!you don’t know shit!!!!!!!!

  137. Eric says:

    Whatever puto. You call ambushing old people or kids who dont gang bang strategy? You must be one sick fuck. Ambushing rival crews who are bigger I can respect, but ambushing people who have nothing to do with your gang wars is fucked up and cowardly. Yall do your thing in LA, but dont try shit in the Chi because brothers will run yall the fuck out of town.

    Oh yeah, did you enjoy the Vargas – Shane Mosely fight. An example of a bigger mexican getting his shit caved in by a brother. I respect Vargas because unlike alot of other mexicans, the man has heart. But damn, he sure did look like an alien after getting rocked by Mosely. HAHAHA.

    Go choke on a tamale.

  138. Eric says:

    Oh yeah midget muchacha, forgot to mention. You keep talking about gangbanging and taking over turf like its the only means of gaining power and wealth. All that gang shit is nothing compared to political power. So you can have all the gangs you want but without political clout, your eses dont really run shit in this country. Since a substantial number of yall are either illegal aliens, in jail, working at McDonalds, or hanging drywall for minimum wage, I guess its going to take some lifetimes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Figure out what political clout means and how that would make your kind better off in this country. Read some damn history too because you dont seem to know much about this country’s history. I knew about the damn zoot suit riots long before “american me” came out because I read dumb fuck.

  139. Q says:

    monkey eric,once again your off blabbering away just like a true chango,you fuckers never shut the fuck up,all you do is cry and complain!but your black so i better be black cause if you aint ,get off the monkey’s dick, dont waist my time!cause i’m thinking i’m talking to a crybaby monkey,that need’s a reality check.anyway’s i thought the topic here was supposed to be”AN INTRODUCTION TO RACIAL TENSIONS IN LOS ANGELES”.that’s why i keep talking about gangbanging and taking over turf “pendejo”and that mean’s your a stupid monkey!stick to the topic,besides you got me started,you thought you had something to say but you don’t know shit about the street’ don’t know about stategy,tactics,survival,the how and why’s about mexican’s giving the “los angeles”black’s an ass kicking!reminder,”tensions in los angeles”so why in the fuck do you think you can put any input in this?are’nt you from chicago?you have no come back for why raza handles there business so they can survive,and you don’t know shit about boxing,saying a mexican never beat “larry holmes”stupid mother fucker!how about the ones that did get beat,what,no comeback?you want more you smart ass,how about a “belt holder”from the old school,hall of famer azuma nelson!salvador sanchez beat that boy down!and yes the odds were even ance again!all these fools got beat in a fair one on one fight!!!!but you problaby don’t know who i’m talking about.what do you know.any way’s i’m sure you’ll have an entertaining responce!blabber away monkey!…….good night cry baby!

  140. kilo says:

    vargas is washed up!!!!!been washed up,de la hoya and trinidad killed him already!nuff said.

  141. kilo says:


  142. wes says:

    wheres eric from the chi-town????bring that chi-town heat fool!no disrespect to any of yall but theres great boxers commin fom the black and brown side!the mexicans is known for there warrior mentality and bravery,they also train very hard.the black folk,we got speed and power on our side,so when it comes down to it it makes for a great match up!but all that beefin yall talkin about i aint wit it!peace to black and the brown,unite!

  143. rick says:

    o.k it’s official,eric from chicago had no more comeback’s for “q”.you got punked over the internet!what a shame,you ran out of ammo cause” Q”was saying the truth.i actually like what he said about strategy and tactics,why black’s getjumped,hey homie was just being honest,and he also had a point with the boxing.when the odd’s are even the mexican’s have won a lot of times.eric was in denial,in los angeles it’s a all abouty the mexicano’s,”q”even admitted that there’s mexican’s getting”smashed”too.he was’t in denial about anything,so next time,eric,you need to know what your talking about before you talk!

  144. Eric says:

    Fuck yall, THIS SHIT AINT OVER. Ive been busy. I have a real job making real money, unlike alot of you motherfuckers that sit at home all day and smoke. I dont always have time to bullshit on this blog. I’ll admit I was being bias about the boxing shit, I know who Salvador Sanchez WAS, but that wetback spic Q doesnt seem to get my main points. The topic was racial tensions in LA and Im basically saying the reason for the tension is because most of you mexicans are a bunch of punks who want to fuck with people who have NO MEANS of bringing the heat back to their asses. Every black person out there that they fuck with arent gangbangers. You got beef with other rivals and the means to smash them, then go ahead. I know black folks who dont gangbang and live in LA and they are tired or your la raza bullshit. I wasnt arguing against Q’s strategy argument about why blacks get jumped, I can see how and why it happens. Here in chicago, mexicans get jumped too sometimes. However, that doesnt happen much because they dont fuck with us. They know better. We (Blacks) are the majority here. All this hating blacks shit isnt cool when if our people (blacks) didnt march for civil rights, them white folks would still be oppressing your mexican asses like they did back in the day. I only used the Zoot Suit riots as an example of mexicans getting oppressed back in the day. I wasnt trying to call your kind weak because of what happened. More of your kind (including your punk bitch ass) need to learn the history of this country since they are so busy trying to sneak across the border.

    Im done arguing with that spic fuck because he sounds like someone with a 8th grade level education. I didnt say mexicans dont run LA, they do from what Ive heard and more power to them. I heard they even have a latino mayor now. Took long enough. Im glad they dont live on the southside of the chi because they do be fucking up neighborhoods that they move into, living 15 to a house, etc.

    Oh and by the way Q aka dirty mexican, aka TACO BELL CHIHUAHUA, monkeys have white skin, straight hair, and are very hairy. They dont just come from Africa, they also come from central and south america. That description more than likely fits you more than me, little monkey ass spic.



  145. Q says:


  146. big mike says:

    damn dude,you had some good comeback’s for that “chimp” from chicago!that guy just took a loss for all of chi town,i hate it that nigger’s think there the shit cause they’re ghetto and get away with alot of bullshit!jacking people and terrorizing communities that we live in,and this punk “eric”want’s to back there play,fuck him!it look’s like the mexican’s can get more ghetto than you fool’s,cause they’re taking you fool’s out!!!!!!!!!!your stupid little kid’s look up to movies like “new jack city”,boyz in the hood”,and “colors”,ha!it’s not even like that in real life,all your doing is setting up your choldren to grow uo to be gangsters and shit,only to realize that it’s a bad day for a black man in “south central los angeles!”

  147. Cuzz says:

    I have beeb listening to these mexican dirty spics, and i am from L.A and i can tell you that we are holding it down out here .
    You fucking dirty wetbacks apes be acting like you run shit in the street but in fact you dont. Yo cuzz dont be listen to these wanna bs gangsta mekikans, they dont really know what going on here. Come to Compton and you will find out.
    We be dropping these spic apes everyweekend.
    Its Mekikan spic killa season out here cuzz.
    We be giving a fucc bout the mekikan mafia wanna bs.
    Fuck all the mekikans, i really hate em.

  148. Eric says:

    Yeah “Cuzz”, obviously these dirty mexican fucks will believe whatever the fuck they want. Like q writing “!YOU KEEP SAYING THAT RAZA BE SMASHING ON INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE THAT AIN’T GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH GANGBANGING,WHAT!ARE YOU SERIOUS?THEN EXPLAIN ALL THOSE DEAD CRAB’S AND SLOB’S ALL OVER L’A?STILL IN DENIAL” Well q, what about that trial involving those guys in highland park. They got convicted because they were smashing on people who had no gang ties.

    Here is a quote from your local newspaper. “But unlike other racial gang strife in the city, the Avenues’ violence was deliberately aimed at African Americans with no gang affiliations, including women and children. The gang scrawled threats and racial epithets in graffiti on walls.” This quote came straight from your newspapers (LA Times fool!).

    I know for a fact that your kind wont pull that bullshit up here in the chi because these niggas will run all of yall the fuck out of the city. If you dont believe me, then bring your punk ass out to the southside or westside and see for yourself. Cmon out to spots like 63rd and ashland (englewood), the wild hundreds, K-town (westside), 71st and halsted, 47th st, Austin, etc (much much more) talking all of that bullshit and see how these niggas will mash on all of you bitches. You fuck with these chi niggas and you could easily come up missing. Little mike, q, come out here and see for yourself and you will learn why the mexicans stay there punk asses on the southwest sides. Thats why when your kind over populate other neighborhoods, you move into rundown white areas like Berwyn and Cicero and fuck up there neighborhoods. They dont bring that bullshit in our neighborhoods because they know better.

  149. Eric says:

    Basically thats it, I said what I had to say. You all are for most part a bunch of punks who like to fuck with people who cant retaliate. Your kind can pull that bullshit in LA but you wont in chi because you know we are too deep here. You dumb, pussy ass, cunt, dick in the booty mexicans can keep arguing over who runs the streets of LA and what not while I get out and make my money. GO THE FUCK BACK ACROSS THE BORDER WHERE YOU BELONG AND GOOD BYE BITCHES.

  150. Q says:

    hey,you dome nigger,the avenue’s dont have any crab or slob hood’s to fight in they’re hood.that’s why they get at those other nigger’s,whats the difference?a nigger is a nigger!look up the phrace “racial cleansing,”idiot monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!don’t let that lame ass “cuzz”try to change anything’compton?do your research monkey’s ,way more nigger’s get killed in compton than mexican’s!!!!!pretty lame example”cuzz”!eric,your own people already wrote you off,what are you doing here?stupid monkey,go away!nigga please!remember monkey’s ,do your research before you log in and say something stupid !anyway’s iv’e alway’s wondered ,why don’t you monkey’s ever take shower’s in the county jail??????nasty motherfucker’s!STOP LYING,STOP LIVING IN DENIAL,YOU BEAN PIE EATING MONKEY’S!

  151. Mike says:

    This is what i think of mexicans, i yhink they are worst then blacks.
    Check these link out.

  152. Eric says:


  153. q says:

    hey eric,i think your a fucken kiss ass!!!!!get off mike’s dick!you like to cuddle up to other monkey’s that contribute to this blog so much why don’t you let them fuck you in your ass!!!!!!all you do is cry,cry, bad you don’t know what the fuck you be talking about.try and act like you know about the street’s,what a fool!”cuzz”made a fool of him self bringing up that “compton”shit,damn,negro was way off!!!!i don’t even think he’s from “compton “cause a real motherfucker would’nt lie like that!he would know what’s up!read the head line’s”cuzz”,three week’s ago the
    “los angeles time’s”said that there were 20 shooting’s in compton ‘most of the victom’s were afro american!!!!!!hahahahahahaha,stupid mother fucker’s!nice try “cuzz”!eric,you jumped on his hiv infected dick real quick,huh,and you did’nt even know what he was talking about!damn eric ,stop blabbering you big lip’s alrady !i thought you were done talking!!remember ,a fellow black man dismissed you already,listen to him ,he said i made my point and you did’nt,and that basically means your a joke!!!

  154. spider from L.A says:


  155. tim says:

    this blog is a joke!it seem’s to revolve around this guy from chicago who challenged a latino in a heated debate about racial tension,only to be totally lost, did’nt know the concept of racial gang violence did’nt back up his point!denied the reality of the truth,he seem’s hurt.he’seem’s to be living through movie’s like boyz in the hood,movie’s that blew the black experience in south central los angeles way out of proportion!it’s like a kid who believe’s professional wrestling is real!then he admit’s to being in denial about his boxing argument,then say’s he understand’s the strategy of bringing down a much bigger man with 2 or 3 smaller ones,(by the way who said there were rules in gang banging?).and soon enough he start’s to sound like his old self again ,nagging and crying,cheerleading on the side when a guy named cuzz decide’s to make a very untruthfull statement about who’s killing who in compton.dude ,how old are you?i have black and mexican friend’s,i don’t participate in no gangbanging or racial discrimination.but i know one thing it’s atitudes like your’s that stir’s the pot that is racial tension,be your self.the truth is a sad one,mexican’s are just taking there land back,that’s all.before we can talk about the problem,how to solve the problem,we must first admit and face the ugly truth of racial tension…..peace to all of you.

  156. T says:

    ive been reading this blog and wow, looks like some real racially heated mud-slinging. im from miami, but ive been alot a places including chicago, but not cali, and yes i am black. i got both black and latino friends. i grew up around alot of latinos including some mexicans and ive only mixed it up with one mexican and one cuban. the rest, like 99% were cool towards me, while the majority of fights i got into were with other black dudes. dont get it twisted, im not a soft uncle tom house nigga, im black and proud, and will represent.

    my points are this, i hate to say this but i think q got eric beat on the debate. q obviously stuck with the LA streets as the topic for racial tension while brother man kept talking about chicago. stick to the damn topic. yes, there are ruthless gangsters in alot of areas, but i thought this topic was about LA, not chicago. if you want to talk about racial tensions in chicago, start your own blog. speaking of chicago, the reason why mexicans and blacks dont bump heads is because the gangs are people nation vs folk nation. people nation consists of latin kings, vicelords (blacks), black p stones (blacks), and others, while folk nation consists of gangster disciples (blacks), black disciples, latin counts (i think). blacks and latins riding on both sides, but last i heard they arent fighting hard because been sticking to hustling and making money. eric wasnt telling the whole story about chicago.

    then, the other black dudes backed up the mexican dude’s point. thats sad, because even though q was speaking more objectively and sounded more credible, they should have at least tried to help the brother out. either they are scared to disrespect the mexicans or they dont have enough pride to at least try to have another brother’s back. thats probably why the black gangs are having a tough time, because we as blacks tend to in-fight amongst each other. as a matter of fact, even in cities where the mexicans are deep like houston and dallas, ive always got along with them folks so this beef here is new to me.

    now, i got question and if anyone wants to answer then please do, but if not then fuck it i dont care. do any of you see this situation cooling off in the future or do you see a rodney king like riot getting set off in LA.

  157. Mike says:

    First of all. i think that q, spider and a few other posts are from one single person.
    You are trying very hard to be someone else. I think you are the same person.
    But every white person who lives in L.A like i do, is feed up with illegal mexican spics, i dont mind blacks, but wetback beaners are the low of the low.
    They all should just go back to mexico and stay the fuck away from this country.
    Nobody really likes mexican people, they just put this country as a 3rd world contry.
    I used to love L.A, but now is full of dirty mexican spics, and most of them illegal aliens.
    And thats all i will say, because one cant have a decent conversation with mexicans.

  158. T says:

    true, for all we know, the other so-called black dudes could be one single person trying to back the mexican’s argument. good point.

  159. q says:

    calm down dude’s,i don’t agree with “mike”,saying that “q,spider and a few other post’s are from a single person”,i don’t think so white boy,but nice try!it sound’s to me like you and “t” are the same people too!!any more theories dumb shit!first of all,your supposed to be the all american here?your a joke learn how to spell first ,you stupid white trash!!!!!to bad you can’t do any thing about your gripe’s white boy,you guy’s are coward’s!imagine if it were the black’s that took over your land,you would be talking shit about them,huh,and you would say “i don’t mind mexican’s”.say that ain’t true you fucken fuck’s do got it worse than the black’s though.your proud race did’nt even put up a fight!did you know that it’s the mexican’s that protect your punk ass’s in jail when the black’s try to smash on you fool’s!if you don’t mind black’s then you won’t mind when they fuck you and your relative’s in the big house!after they fuck you in your ass,then maybe you could jump on my mexican dick too you punk!!!!!!

  160. T says:

    trust me on this, im not white. im just intelligent.

  161. T says:

    besides, im just trying to understand where all of the beef is coming from and whether or not this tension can cool off

  162. q says:

    hey “t”before i go on ,you should be thankful you aint white!any way’s iv’e alway’s been cool with black folk,we alway’s got along out here,honestly,it suck’s that we dont get along,and most likely never long as there is black and brown’s going at each other’s throat’s in prison’all across california then it wiil never end.the truth is ,the homie’s inside call the shot’s on the racial war.if the mexican mafia say’s to attack any and all black’s,then the huge number of street soldier’s will do as they say.ther’s been to much anomosity between us and the black’s that it’s impossible.honestly i can coexist with any black as long as i can trust him and visa a versa,but that has been thrown out the window.yea mexican’s have been fighting each other for many,many year’s,but there’s a certain passion,a lust for violence and vegeance when two culture’s collide,i’m sure the the black’s feel the alot of time’s all is forgotten,the past is the past,because now there’s a new war,more vicious than any seem like a cool dude,that’s why i’m refraining from using derrogotory comment’ asked a question and i decided to answer it.unlike that punk from chicago,that fool pissed me off with his stupid comment’s!!!any way’s going back to your question,no, i don’t think it’s fixable i wish it could be ,but that’s wish full many gangster’s out here and no body’s backing down.

  163. black mexican says:

    It sucks seeing black and mexicans fight. I think mexicans and black people don’t know that in mexico we have black mexicans i’m a black mexican and it suck because some mexicans think we only have light skin to brown skin color and thats no true almost all of the great leaders of mexico were black mexicans like panch villa teachers should start teaching people about the black mexicans in mexico and that would probably stop the fighting between blacks and mexicans.

  164. paco says:

    Im glad to see finally that the mexicans arent taking anymore shit from the mayates. I cant stand those fuckin monkey negroes always starting shit and jumping fools, and trying to mack our honeys. Them motherfuckers cant even stick to there own women trying to mack on ours and some of these latinas go for that shit. (At lease where am they do.) Then they complain about not being hired for jobs. Shit, get your lazy asses off of the front porches, fucking porch monkey, and maybe we’ll hire your asses. Dont get it twisted, I dont have a problem with all black people, I just really hate them chickenwing eating, malt liqour drinking, dirty, gold teeth wearing, thug wanna puto niggas.

    Opps, I said the N word just like how you fools say it, guess Im racist now. Guess the black man is going to have to leave LA altogether. Thats good, they should take their crip/blood bullshit to someplace more to their liking; like alabama or mississippi.

    Check it out: if any of you could keep score on this mexican vs mayate fighting in LA, what would say the score is at this point?

    Por mi gentes…….

  165. proud & black says:

    ese don’t get 2 happy 13s run the prison but the streets are still up in the air. yea blacks r outnumbered but we still put it down and any agression is swiftly returned. the reason 13s control the jails is they outnumber blacks, have a solider mentality (will sacrafice thereself for the group) while blacks have kings mentality (look out for ourselves individually), and 13s sold they’re souls to the devil (aryan brotherhood) so basically the only reason you run the jail is to protect the white man from us revolutionary independent black men basically 13s are pawns that can’t do anything but take orders. I live in inglewood where blacks aren’t the majority but can still hold our own unlike in huntington park or most of the IE so maybe my belief that blacks can fend off this mexican agression is unrealistic but I believe that the only way to win this war won’t be with our muscle (since no matter how strong we are u can’t beat 5 southsiders wit 1 black tho I’ve seen it done) it will be with our brains. we need to put aside this blood and crip – hood and gangstas beef and show sum unity on the streets they r cumin from mexico everyday eager to kill a black to earn stripes so we need to show that we will not stand for them targeting or race. if we could come together when whites would target us (the reason the crips were even founded) we can sure as hell stand up to them. oh and don’t think the white man won’t turn on u eses like he did freeway ricky and other black drug dealers the cia gave coca 2 they r going to shut the border down sooner than later (election year 2008) and then it will become more of a fair fight and they deport u muthafuckas back to tj to sell chicklets 2 me when I go party with your hynas sorry but cali has black roots from black panthers to NWA and we aint goin no where so yea I say mexicans may have the advantage but the game isn’t ova. and why does it seem that 13s are way deeper than 14s can’t yall get recruits I mean help a nigga out and is this happening n any other border states

  166. paco says:

    whatever you say proud mayate, no fuckin way can one mayate beat 5 mexicans….what the fuck are you smokin. you motherfuckers have no pride, no unity, no balls.

  167. BFC says:

    I agree wit yall dat say dat blacks and browns in Nor Cali get along dats wat it should be like, power 2 da people.

  168. BFC says:

    I think that everyone should stop hating on each other cuz we all da minority and killing each other aint gonna do much betta but only to the white man, so we should drop all that racial shit and be brothers.

  169. proud & black says:

    I’ve been n tha county when black were outnumber 20 to more than 100 and blacks still stood tall when your shotcallers made u followers take off paco so yea sum blcks can take on 5 eses and we may not have any unity right now but when it really starts to go down I believe we will cum 2gether black people do have a lot of pride and its only so much we can take

  170. q says:

    shut the fuck up you stupid little dreamer!”proud and black”,you remind me of that shit for brain’s from chicago,”eric”.your just another big mouth monkey that does’nt know what the fuck your talking about!i don’t know what world your living ing but to say that the war in the street’s is up for grab’s!ha!what a joke!ask the “hoover’s”what happened to there hood,”south -los 13″took over there turf!”east coast crips”,they’re getting smashed by “florencia”!”18 street” for a while now has been blasting slob’s from”black p stone”!i could go on and on you fucken monkey!get your story correct! name one varrio in los angeles that a black gang took out?none motherfucker!it’s not even a fight,new’s for you,in case you did’nt know,the reason nigger’s don’t peace up and prefer to fight each other is because they don’t want to commit to a war with mexcicans! imagine that all black gang’s got together,then imagine that all mexican’s got together!!!careful what you wish for monkey!you “nigga’s don’t want that!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. proud & black says:

    ill admit that in east la the ese’s r smashin blacks but that’s cuz of that blood and crip shit that keeps us from uniting. unlike mezican hoods which have large hoods like like 18 longo florencia south los and others blacks have a lot of different gangs that war with eac other and don’t cooperate where there is that blood and crip shit like in long beach they smash on longos and In compton even though there r bloods and crips they did unite for awhile when the sewer rats wanted war and let u know what can happen when u start a race war and q u should know that south central is ran by blacks 60’s eight tray and families run that and the florencias don’t smash on them cuz they know what’s up ese only start shit when hoods r weak like bps and hoover’s who don’t have any allys and r cornered on all sides by enemies bottom line blacks gangs r still a force n la and the only reason blacks gangs haven’t declared all out war I think is cuzz we get tha dope from yall but sooner or later there will have 2 b a truce (which isn’t impossibe but with so many cultural differences and deep scars on both side I think is unlikely) or they will have to call the national gaurd 2 this muthafucka cuz we will burn this bitch down.

  172. proud & black says:

    oh and q since u like to call blacks monkey let me give u a history lesson tha black man is the original man u mexicans r basically muts, indians raped by spainards. your race isn’t even 1000 years old (i think) so b4 u talk about blacks remember your whole culture is made by europeans and why do u muthafuckas want 2 b white so hard? but guess what all u r is a puppet of the white man so go ahead and hate blacks like your abusive daddy the white man we r use to being hated on but u need to wise up and c the only chance mexicans have of living equally n america is to team up with other minorities instead of hatin on us like u do with blacks and asians (yea asian gangs hate u sewer rats to) take that take that

  173. proud & black says:

    to bfc I think most of the agression comes from the 13’s they have some kind of belief that this is there land so they target us since they have the majority blacks don’t dislike mexicans its the other way around but if this continues than they will be generations of hatred against both groups I wish we could be united black and brown but in so cal the 13s run the mexican gangs and they have aligned with the aryans and as long as they side with hate towards us we as blacks have no option but to defend ourselves “by any means necessary”

  174. q says:

    yo,yo ,yo”proud and black” stop acting like you got answers,you don’t know shit! stop telling lie’s!the black’s in compton been getting smashed for the past 2 year’s!read the news papers dumbshit,watch the new’s,everybody know’s what’s going on,you can’t change that by telling lies!shame on you monkey!!!!south central is not run by the black’s!the raza been running that shit for a while you even live in south cali? it don’t sound like it cause you are severly misinformed!black gangs are being run out of there neighborhood’s!compton used to be all black,remember that,motherfucker’s used to beat down mexicans and shit,now there is more raza than black’s in compton and “niggas”are getting smashed on!!!!!!!!!it’s a slaughter house up in that bitch!damn 5 year’s from now there aint gonna be any black’s left!your still going to be in denial? “by any means necessary”ha! ha! ha!you black’s are a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. q says:

    hey “black and clueless” how many city’s can you name that are “black”?come on,enlighten me,i’m just curious.i see a pattern here,do you?maybe not.just like “eric” from chicago you seem to be in extreme fucker’s make the most off the wall comment’sm, it’s fool’s alway’s say “keep it real”,but you don’t,you clown’s like to live in denial.check it out ,i’m about to keep it real……………yea back in the day you motherfucker’s used to beat us down,rape our woman,run us out of our house’s,in jail you motherfucker’s used to beat the shit out of us,you were the majority!man,we had it bad!well,20 year’s later the table’s have changed!and it’s clobbering time!pay back’s a bitch ain’t it!now it’s your turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha! ha!ha!you want us to go back to mexico,only if you go back to africa!!!!

  176. proud & black says:

    ok q I c u must have been beat up n da county by some bloods or got your soccer shoes stolen by sum crips n highschool cuz u seem to have sum pinned up rage against blacks. I wish u could give me a real reason for this hatred I know that 20 years ago when blacks were the majority we did not shoot mexican gangs just cuz we outnumbered them or riot at high schools during black history month. this agression is not warranted and just shows that u 13s don’t even know why u r at war with us just takin orders as usual I will say in jail yall did have it ruff but fuck its jail and we may have robbed sum of yall but there were not mass riots where 100 blacks would shank up 20 eses. and I do live in “INGLEWOOD” so I do know what is going on n south central and I can say for a fact that black gangs r n control. yea mexicans have left mexico and flooded la the past few years since you hate your home but love your race (makes no damn since 2 me if u have so much pride then make your country a decent place 2 live) but in spite of being outnumbered n all of la black gangs have deep roots n la and still control territory. like I said, in south central the 60s 40s 30s families and 83 run it …..and florencias r quiet as kept they only beef wit ecc cuz they r more n east la. as for compton blacks r outnumbered yes but your actin like ese aren’t dyin 2 u r no safer being a nigga n a white tee than u r bein a bald headed mexican n compton and that’s real. do u even live n la you r actin like if u ride down crenshaw late saturday night u don’t see all blacks a lot of which r n gangs standing outside n the heart of southcentral or if u go to the nickerson’s u won’t see bountyhunter posted outside (and I don’t mean bail bondsmen)! so in short blacks gangs were here b4 u sewer rats all jumped the fence and started jumpin us and we will still b here when yall get deported back to mexico to work n a lighter factory or sum shit sorry q but the illegals will have 2 go sooner than later and when they leave its back 2 black 🙂

  177. proud & black says:

    and just 2 answer your question q blacks have not taken any varrios but the reason why is that blacks do not start agression to mexican gangs they only retaliate to agression I black gangs do c 13s as a threat but the strong gangs like 60s or 83 don’t want to help weaker gangs like hoover to help curb the latino taking over their enemies turf like I said b4 black gangs tend to look after themselves and not have the group mentality that the 13s have 4 now

  178. eric says:

    fuck you dick in the booty ass wetback q. Chicago is black, detroit is black, philly is black, atlanta, washington dc, memphis, little rock, baltimore, milwaukee,….etc, look it up for yourself. how many cities are mexican, LA plus smaller CA cities, houston, dallas, and thats it!!!!! And mexicans dont fuck with us in houston nor dallas.

    I’ll keep it real with you, yeah you mexicans are serving us beatdowns on the westcoast but the next five years, they will be deporting your illegal alien punk asses back across the border. they will be building a fence along the border too. they need to electrify that shit too so your inferior dirty asses can get shock treatment when trying to cross.

    as a matter of fact, i was at movie when bumped into a punk ass wetback and knocked his damn pretzels out of his hand accidently. dude didnt even do shit and he was 4 deep while i was with a woman. guess he thought i was one of those chi-town gangbangers with his hat to the right and had some heat in my trunk…hahahaha!

    q if you so bad, bring your punk ass to the southside of the chi talking that shit.

  179. eric says:

    oh, i forgot, one more city with a majority wetback spics, “san antonio”. there aint shit in SA but a bunch of dirty ass spics.

  180. eric says:

    House Passes 3 Immigration Measures
    The three approved measures allow quicker deportation and make tunneling a crime, but they could face resistance in the Senate.
    By Nicole Gaouette, Times Staff Writer
    September 22, 2006

    WASHINGTON — The House on Thursday approved three new bills targeting illegal immigration, including one that would make it a crime to tunnel under the border and another making it easier to deport gang members who are not citizens.

  181. q says:

    ha!ha!ha!ha! my “nigga”eric!where you been monkey?oh ,i forgot making money!but of course!here we go again talking about chicago,and now memphis,atlanta etc….damn i was afraid of this,serious, thee most annoying nigger ever is back!mr. denial is flapping his big lip’s again!you can’t speak on west coast issue’s so step the fuck back!take your lame ass “pretzel” story to some “other site!ha!ha!ha! that shit is “gangsta”!!!!!!not!….check this out “nigga”you been clowned already so i wont waist my time responding to your “pretzel” stories!for now on you can read about me responding to “black and proud” or what ever his gay ass name is!he may be full shit like you but he claim’s to be from”inglewood”,another former “nigga” stronghold!!but for real though,stay up my nigg’s!!!!!!!! you killed’em with that pretzel story!!!!……………………………………………”proud and black”,”black and gay”whatever,change your name fucker,anyway’s your full of shit!but you already knew that.i kept it real monkey,you did’nt,it is what it is,sorry but it’s not meant to be for you monkey’s!your time is up,your an “endangered species”!ain’t nobody being sent anywhere,mexican’s are here to stay no matter what anybody say’s!there’s no point in arguing about who’s taking over the street’s,i’ll let “fox channel 11 new’s!.the “l.a time’s”and all those sobbing fat black mother’s that are crying over there dead crab/slob son’s tell you!!!!!!!!!!!i’ll be expecting your pathetic fake ass responce!

  182. eric says:

    Hey q-ball spic, my one and only amigo bean bitch,…how are you. Long time no hear ese.

    dont hate a blacks just because your little mexican chicas want to hop on alot of black dick. and dont say there isnt alot of interracial dating on LA between black dudes and all others.

    you asked what cities were black so i answered. simple as that.

    now continue to run the streets so you can die like a dog on the block or in prison bitch. hahahahahahaha……

    im curious though q-ball, if there is so much hating against blacks in LA, why is there so much interracial dating there.

  183. proud & black says:

    damn q the best comeback u have is that you’re keepin it real and I’m not don’t b mad that I’m giving truth 2 power and u don’t have answers to all the points I’ve brought up. yea I have admitted that there is more ese’s than blacks in la but what u fail to realize is that blacks have been the minority since we were brought ova here by tha white man and we have still survived. so go ahead and enjoy your 10 seconds of fame u know black gangs have been a force in la since the 70’s and 13s just started beings a force n la n tha mid 90’s. 1 thing u have 2 admit tho q is that there is no way that the usa will alloy all these illegals to stay here and that they will tighten the border and stop the mass flood of mexican immigrant come on vato the shit is in the news all da time and once that happens the 13s (which r composed of mostly illegals) will be significantly weaker. so I hope u and all your homies have green cards when the shit hits the fan hell I still love carne asada and some of those latino girls r sexy I feel u eric

  184. paco says:

    !way to take it to them nigga’s chins Q! those mayate animals are in for some payback. life is going to get real rough for a black man in america once the latinos take over shit. they will all be running their asses back to mississippi and alabama. can u imagine what life will be like for these motherfuckers in 2025 when latinos are 25% of america and they are still at 13%. they will be begging whitey to take them into their neighborhoods and schools. their mayate blood/crip, black stone bullshit will begging for an alliance with the 13’s, latin kings, and other latino sets. they will yelling “yo yo dawg, call off this damn war man, we want peace, c’mon man we bruthas, HEEELLPPP!”

  185. eric says:

    Hey q-ball, where the fuck you at amigo. You out working in the factory again today, or are you cooking up some nice enchiladas. Thats right homey, feed all 25 of them folks staying in your casa.

    You know what man, I like you though. Your a real character. Really though, Im sorry to hear about how bad you mexicans had it. Damn that fucked up ese, getting your shit pushed in by some big black guy and having your bitch get raped, and generally getting fucked up for no reason. I bet your corny buster ass couldnt even walk down your own block. Well, when they start sending all of you illegal aliens back to mexico, good luck hombre. Dont bother replying ese because me and “black and proud” already made you look like the dumb spic that you are.

    Oh yeah, fuck you Paco talking all that bullshit. Talking about gangs like you bang. The only thing you probably bang is the motherfucking table bitch.

    Chew on that shit faggots.

  186. Luis El Boricua says:

    I think it is a shame that there are so many tensions between blacks and Latinos. The white man hates us both. In New York there is not so much animosity. There is some tensions between different Latino groups. Puertoricans are the most established. Mexicans and Dominicans are growing in numbers. They want a piece of the pie. But it never leads to this kind of violence. There are Bloods,M.S.13,Latin Kinds in New York. But the violence is not as bad. I went to L.A. wearing baggy clothes and a bald head. I got nasty looks. I did not know why. My friend said that if you have a bald head and baggy clothes they will look at you nasty. I think L.A. is a great city but New York rules. I couldnt deal with the ghettoness in L.A. Just my opinion.
    Luis El Boricua De Nueva York

  187. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT! says:

    Look for all you ignorant mother fkers on this page running ur mouth talking like you know about gangs!!you got to be an active gansgter to know the facts! first of all every gang has their low punks and their high crazy gangsters every single one has a couple of them fools that do the dirty work and the other punks who just act tuff! but what gangs actually are really really down for their shit in southern california la and sgv 18street and florencia 13 are the main ones then ,clanton 14,rockwood,38st,la puente 13,los nietos riffa,and maravilla even thought alot of people say they are punks everyone knows not to step in to maravillas main heart not to many do and the ones that do dont make it to far because its mostly family members they say Ms13 are down its just publicity from that stupid whore from msnbc that came up with that worldsdangerous gang when all them fuckers are ignorant cerotes that never been to la the gang they claim most of them in down town have been deported or are either dead theres not that many of them claiming that shit around la they are in tijuana selling corn and trying to smuggle people by the border! as we all know 18street it is and still is the biggest gang IN THE WORLD!! they are the only one gang with all four sides SS

  188. UPTNHUT says:

    What’s up to everybody I am a 27 year old black male from D.C. I just want to say that I love my people black or brown we need to see the big picture this shit will only destroy us we or the ones who out number all the other races in America we made this country what it is today the streets is always going to have rules that everyone has to follow but you as a man or women have to know yourself there are not many leaders out here in the world today and the ones who are in control are after money and power which you can not to take with you to the grave

  189. BIG D FROM THE LV says:


  190. BIG D FROM THE LV says:

    and this is bigger than the drug game, i have lived in new mexico before where the murder rate, and drug game is not that big, and nobody is really getting money, but the blacks, and mexicans are always at war, in the schools, on the streets everywhere. its all about blacks has always been consider the hardest, and most dangerous people on the ghetto street level. no doubt about it. mexicans back in the day did not want it with the crips or bloods, but now they got the numbers they try to punk us, and elimate us. i m disappointed in us black people as far as the crips, and bloods, i dont understand why are crips, and bloods still there number 1 enemy, and the eses are already taking us out. its very true mexicans have more pride, and stick together, more than us blacks, and that is hella wack. i remember in high school back in las vegas where the eses use to hang in the parking lot, and we never worried about them, they were like scared of us. me growing up around crips we always fought the bloods, and thats how it was, now i go back to my old school, and the eses have it on lockdown. i think the worse part of this beef is that its not about gangbangin no more its not crips, and bloods against the eses, its blacks against mexicans. mexicans are just fighting, and killing blacks who they know dont bang. i still dont understand why would the mexicans have a alliance with the aryanbrotherhood, why do they protect them. they dont like mexicans, but they stick to them so the blacks dont whip they asses. there are many black hoods that is becoming inactive because we are killing each other, and letting eses kill us also. truth be told blacks in la dont want it with the eses. i dont see why people like snoop dogg are making songs like vato trying to unite blacks, and browns, before we can unite black, and brown we need to unite black. crips, and bloods are one of the worse creations in black history, there are thousands of black men who died because of crips, and bloods, maybe if there were no crips and bloods alot more black people would be alive to this day, and still have enough numbers to at least hold there own to all the mexican immigrants. but i hope we dont back down, i still wear my white t to LA, black students should not stay at home on that mexican holiday. stop acting like we scared, the mexicans can try to take over my hood, but me, and my homies going out strong, we not backing down, you can out number us, and come kill us all, but i guranteed yall going to lose alot of lives, also. stop the hating, and stop trying to act like yall all hard, i know eses who are scared as hell of blacks, until they are backed up by 50 of them, i seen blacks in new mexico, and las vegas out numbered 20 to 70, and still held there own. but brothas we are not going to hold our own 20 to 200, lets wake up, and stop killing each other, and unite, after we unite, then we can unite with the brown, and we can all kick it together enjoying this beautiful westcoast living. another hood message from big d from that notorious lv

  191. urbanleftbehind says:

    Hey Eric:

    If beaners fuck up neighborhoods, how come a house in the Wild 100s/ Avalon Park costs barely 100K and the same house on 55th and Pulaski costs over 300K? The hig h level stuff in Bronzeville shouldnt count because its white people moving in that bring it up.

  192. 38ST says:


  193. 38ST says:


  194. BIG D FROM THE LV says:


  195. envy blazedoutx13 says:

    mira mi ese los mexicanos rifan so degen la pendegadas a gue chinguen su madre por gue de todos modos nos va a achingar la madre con los pinche mallates i que viva “blazed out”

  196. proud & black says:

    can sum 1 translate what blaze just said 4 me

  197. envy says:

    fuck all the fuckend niggers good for nothing there are allways going to be slaves and i would just cut there head of and hangend in my wall of throphys. fuck niggers y que vivan los mexicanos

  198. proud & black says:

    stop lyin envy I do live n la so I do know sum espanol and i know tu madre means yo momma so what he say about mom duece

  199. patna says:

    man this is some bullshit. I am ablack man in atlanta and the idea of blacks and mexicans fighting just makes me sad. We need each other to fight our real enemy. califonia is border state, hell it even used to be mexico and they are taking it back you really cant be mad, home team rules. But the south is different, this our home field, and we will always run shit here. The mexicans are welcome to come, but they will never take this over because first of all, we dont gang bang… we are not spplit between crips and bloods, folks and peoples, etc. People move here from other parts of the country with their gang afffiliations but it donesnt have much traction here becasue niggas here move more in like cartels. We get money, and if we are getting money together, we dont even have to be from the same neighborhood. So we do buisness with the eses. We buy and sell to each other. Its still a dity game and anything can happen but there is a mutual respect and black people here are a larger part of the population and we have a lot of money. This is our turf, they could never run us out of here. We are to deep, to well entrentchened, and to rich to be intimidated. So on that not i say the mexicans are welcome here. Go take over the white neighborhoods, we could use your help with these rednecks, who are losing more ground by the day. That bullshit that goes on out west will never catch on here becase of demographical diffences. Black and mexicans are more likely to eventually unite here in the south than automatically fight each other.

  200. patna says:

    As far as the south goes i see an eventually merger of sorts between some aspects of black and mexican culture. I work in constuction with a lot of mexicans and some of them are assholes but all them arent. some are really cool. The rednecks get intimidated when see blacks and mexicans getting along. They teach me spanish, i eat their food, They like our women, we smoke motta together and listen to rap music. Hell, the other day i was driving home, and i saw some mexican road workers, playing pick-up football after work. I was proud den a motherfucka. One was dropped backed in the shotgun playing QB, Mike vick style. Football is king in the south, and as the mexicans will and continue to americanize you will continue to see as you have more and more collegate and pro- plyers with spanish last names, particully WR, and running backs, speed positions as well as QB. They only thing that comes between us is the refusal of some mexicans to americanize. This aint mexico, yall came here we didnt go there, so you should speak english officially wich is in no way a threat to the spanish language. Im learning spanish everyday. And my kids will be more familiar than me, just like the mexican kids that grow up here will go to black schools and be popular not outkast. Which leads to interracial dating, mixed kids and spanish speaking black people who identify themselves as mexican. I live in gwinnette county and it is just a matter of time, in snellville where i live its kinda of hard to be racist becase there are so many interacial people and families here. Yea she looks like a white woman but her kids are black, you never know. Black girls date cool ass white boys , white women assume black men have big dicks, but the point is everyone is fair game, there are no barriers, espically with money and good looks as an equlizer. Gwinnette is the future where the blacks, whites and mexicans live. peace up, A-town Down

  201. BIG D FROM THE LV says:

    patna what you talkin bout homeboy!for one homie,i m a black man, i grew up between watts, and las vegas, and our urban areas were once very black, and you would never think mexicans would outnumber us like they do, but them faggots did, and soon ATL, and every other big city in the south will be hispanic majority. i visit the south all the time, and i was very shock with how much hispanic people i seen in places such as georgia, and nc, and virginia. the fact is that these punks are gonna keep jumping the border, and spread like a bad diesase. 20 to 30 years from now, they will dominate much of the south,and thats real!we need to first unite as black men, before we unite with hispanics, out here on the westcoast even with all the war with blacks, and mexicans crips, and bloods kill blacks at more of a rapid rate than the mexican gangs do. bottom line i dont care to see a sorry mexican playing football or basketball, i care about my people, and not they wack ass mexicans,

  202. patna says:

    Big d, maybe you should read more closely befroe you start talkin shit. First of all california ia a BORDER STATE. meaning they dont have very far to go. They hyave been building up on yall’ll asses for years. There are more black people in georgia, than in california even though calif has way more people. Black people in cali mostly live in cities that once you get outside of its all white, that is not the case here where many black people still live in rural areas. Did you not see the BET awards last night this is the home of hip-hop, which generates massive amouints of black buying power locally, Fucking whitney Houston lives here. The mexicans could form their own communities, but we will always have our place here. And after surving slavery and segregation at the hands of whites, you mean to tell me we should be worried about a bunch of mexicans..hah..shittin me

  203. BIG D FROM THE LV says:

    you silly homie, first off california has more blacks than georgia if you compare numbers of people, los angeles has more blacks than atlanta if you count numbers of people, but as far as percentage you guys have more, because cali, and LA, has more races than georgia, and atl, so we have a low percentage, but as far as numbers we beating yall. you can go look that up for yourself. well denzel washington lives here, so what does that mean like of black famous people live in cali homie. atl is not the home of hip hop, atl is whats wrong with hip hop. that music is horrbile, westcoast music is legendary, and has many hits, south music will be heard today, and forgot tommorrow. all that snap dancing, and crunk stuff has no substance, and will never go down as classic music. please believe that country boy, come out to cali, and get with the real NIGGAZ

  204. The 2000 US census:

    Atlanta Georgia counted: 255,689 Blacks.

    Los Angeles Ca counted: 415,195 Blacks.

    Blacks in LA are just as deep rooted as blacks in Atlanta. The overwhelming difference between Atlanta and Los Angeles is that the city of Atlanta(and state of Georgia for that matter) has basically 2 races, blacks and whites, with small populations of Asians and Hispanics.

    On the other hand Los Angeles(and the state of California) is basically half Hispanic(Mainly Mexicans) and the rest is Blacks Whites, Asians, and every other race from each and every country on the friggin map. It is very diverse here. Most people here get along very well, the only people who dont are the gangs or the lil punk kids. Of course there are a few racist folks from the difference races but they usually constitue a small fraction of each race.

    Im coo with everyone. I only dislike those with a bad attitude!

  205. patna says:

    one more time for you suckas, well thats start with that 255, 689 number of blacks in atlanta. That number you quote is only the city limits which are quite small, thats not including lets say college park, east point decatur, lithonia etc. More blacks live in theses conjoined but seperate municipalities than within the city of atlanta. But you would’nt understand that cause you’ve never been here. Atlanta is the eptitamy of urban sprawl meaning the population density continues at least 50 more miles in every direction of downtown people commute from damn near macon. Big D is a big dummy, the percentage is what matters dummy, all this REAL NIGGAZ talk, i cant tell, how the amigos smashin yalls ass in compton and the aryan gangs run the prisions. what so real about that. Reality huh. Just cause im from atlanta what makes you think like snap music any better than you. we are not all the same unlike you khaki suit wearing maufuckers. The westcoast aint had nothing classic since death row , right about the time niggaz lost control out there, better move to north cali where you still have pull. ( im just bullshitting im not really dissin the west coast, but with blacks fragmented between different gangs and the southern mexicans alligning with the skinheads, niggaz got a tough pill to swallow out there, but im sure they’ll pull through maybe this is what we need to finally bring us all toghether. And i think its fucked up when a bunch of gangsters in prison get to dictate what happens on the outside, this is the same thing that happend in bosnia. people inside of their prision agitated ethnic differences to advance their own agendas, this eventually led to ethnic cleansing, and mass suffering, they were eating each others babies. in the end everybody LOST…REMEMBER the BOSNIANS.

  206. a mexican says:

    look we have a culture so we do tend to bring it to america thats not our fault thats who we are and we are not ashamed. black people dont have a culture they were robbed from that by the black man so they dont understand that. hip hop is black culture and im not making fun of the blacks but its true. we have a culture and were not going to change i dont hear you talkin about chinatown which is in america. asian’s dont change thier culture either but i dont see anybody saying anything to them. and about speaking spanish yeah i do understand that mexicans do need to learn spanish but your talking to the first generation mexican im second generation and i can speak both languages and if you look and 3rd generation mexicans they speak english hardly no spanish so give us time it will come around. and were not going back to mexico why the same reason blacks dont go back to africa we see opportunity here and i do respect the white people for showing us that. the REAL REASON why most blacks and browns dont get along is that black people have no respect what so ever. i mean its true no one can get along with blacks why is that? asian’s dont like blacks nithier do whites so why then? is everyone racist to blacks? or maybe just maybe its just black people not having respect and im not saying all blacks are like this but a majority of them are. so we label them and as soon as we see a black person dressed all dumb we label him and say oh thats a nigger. until we see this black man working hard and having an education so now he’s an african american and its the black person’s fault for making us think that way i mean from rap to the movies. oh and another thing why this black and brown have a tension because were different from white and asian were not scared of blacks like they are. if you disrespect us we’ll ask you to stop and if you do it again we’ll do something about it. this thing been brewing for a long time so when the mexican mafia said to kill all blacks it was because they stole drugs from us like they steal everything else and were fed up we got the power in the southwest and were tired of the blacks just like everyone else is so yeah were gonna do something about it.

  207. a mexican says:

    look blacks are stupid they can unite but its too late already. and maybe a big black guy can take on a couple of mexicans but you big black guys better thank the whites for that slavery shit or you bitches wouldnt have that muscle but its koo cuz we all have guns now. now you tell me if you ever saw a black man with a gun take on 5 mexicans with on. never in this lifetime homes. lol. look its over even though if they did shut the border down were still gonna come in. look were like drugs you can slow us down but you’ll never stop us. the southwest is taken over and now were headed for the south. good luck with that!!!

  208. american says:

    Can you believe the balls of the fucking illeagal immigrants. What makes them think that the real tax paying citizens of this country are just going to stand by and let our country be overrun by a bunch of sweaty border jumpers. Im glad to read blogs like this that tells the world just what you mexicans are thinking. Well time is running out on your asses and we are going to close all of the rat holes that you and your ungrateful assed people have managed to wiggle through. I hope they re-instate the draft and send all you wetbacks to iraq, that will teach you to sneak into our country. We are passing new laws everyday to deal with you migrant rats and we are gonna send you and your anchor babies packing.

  209. american says:

    Thank god for Lou Dobbs

  210. jason says:

    fuck mexicans

  211. BIG D FROM THE LV says:

    a mexican you are hella retarted! first off whites, and asians dont like mexicans either, hella asian gangs fight with mexican gangs out here on the west, actually i see more alliance with asian, and black gangs more than i see them with mexican gangs. most blacks, and asian gangs in long beach are allys to take out mexican gangs. but mexicans are stupid, anybody who asscioate with the aryan nation should be ashame of themselves, i hope you know they hate yall too, the only reason why they keep yall around is because you guys outnumber them, and we outnumber them, so they keep yall to protect them from us. if they had the numbers they will smash on all you mexicans. you stupid faggots. yes its true blacks are not liked, but neither are you guys. the only differences we dont kiss ass, for acceptance, but yall do. puerto ricans on the eastcoast realize they are fighting the same struggle as us, thats why blacks, and puerto ricans can live in the same neighborhoods in peace. mexicans are retarted, and want to be white, and they are jealous of blacks, if you dont like blacks stop listenning to our muisc, stop dressing like us, stop trying to act like yall hard when most of yall are cowards, and thats real yall are str8 up cowards, yall scared to go head up with any blacks, str8 bustas, punks, and i cant wait to catch up with any of you suckas, so i can smash on you.

  212. patna says:

    mexican is stupid, i understand where he is coming from and its stupid…how is he gonna speak for all the people of every race and say they dont get along with blacks, some will ,some wont, that couldnt be determinded by ethnicity if you can get along with black people , i have friends of all races. My nieghborhood is very diverse, some people i like, some people i dont like, so when mexican says we are all tired of black people, i get tired of black people too, but that dosent mean all the white people are cool either, i take this shit on case by case basis. So when i say that i dont think the mexicans will be a problem , dosent mean we are gonna get caught slippin. They dont have enough money to fuck with us here. like they say numbers is their game, and those tricks they used to beat the system and overrun the southwest, wont work here, not that ima big fan of the system but they are outta tricks. They wont let them live 30 in house anymore, illeagal cant even get foodstamps here, and if they have forged documents good luck with that shit. for the mexicans to do to ATL what they did to L.A. thay would have to take over the drug trade because thats who runs the streets. That could never, ever, ever, ever happen here. THat would be like the u.s trying to win in iraq, hope you have snickers cause you are not going anywhere for a while. They dont have enough money to fuck with us, To fuck with us here thay would have to earn more and become more educated, and when that happems they wont be just a buch of border jumping gangbangers, i think they will wake up and see who the real enemy is. Their gangs would fragment and loose influence cause they wont take orders from a maufucker in jail, this will be 30 maybe 50 years from now. So a ignorant incarcerated border jumping mexican is as a ignorant incarcerated border jumping wetback does. let them try and come to they south with that shit those rednecks will be all over them, and when they start fighting back against the rednecks..see they are helping us already. The racial tensions come from prison, take note of this ..this shows the ability of law enforcement to lock up your leaders, all that gang banging keeps you getting locked up all the time for shit the D.A. dosent have as hard a time proving, where as the people calling the shots here never go to jail cause they dont have to kill people in broad daylight. A bandana wont get you very far here, we get money we dont gangbang. Think about it

  213. patna says:

    And another thing as soon mexicans learn to speak english niggs here are going to take their bitches, those mexican guys are so insecure they won’t let their women learn english, as soon ass you amercanize which you must to do buisness here niggas will be driving 10′ inches of dick all in ya fine ass daughter, just deal with homes, if you are scared of that you beter go back to mexico, i dont like it any more than you but i promise you will assimalate or wont make it here. what are going to do when all those half black/ half mexican babies start popping up, are going to alienate your own people, go ahead we’ll take them and their mama. How can you control your daughter when her black boyfiend has more money and a nicer ride than you, not to mention he’s huge compared to you and has a dick like baby i see your little girl sneaking out her window to hang with brothas. hey man i’ve fucked some mexican women myself so i know it could happen. And i know mexican dudes go crazy black girls but they are too short and to broke to have a black girl..shes not going for having all those damn babies. Once mexicans start doing better for themselves they are not gonna want to have all those babies either. just wait youll see.. I LOVE it, cause i hate rednecks

  214. patna says:

    and what happens when the mexicans moving east start to more and more encounter, other spanish speaking minorities, i dont think puerto ricans or cubans are going to like your aztec indian ass calling them niggers. So im just gonna end it with that, the only reason that shit on the west is going on is because in calf prision the aryans are outnumbered so they use you to proctect them from us. so lets not be stupid and when you get here act like you got some damn sense.

  215. lil chica says:

    patna is my hero…xoxoxoxo

  216. BIG D FROM THE LV says:


  217. […] Hispanic Pundit ” An Introduction To Racial Tensions In Los Angeles … Bloods and Pirus tend to get along with each other and unite to fight the Crips. … history, the coverage of the 92 riots was interesting for the intense … […]

  218. bro africa says:

    In understanding the hispanic or the latino people is to understand a confused people. You shout about having pride in your culture but the culture you live is African. I’m trying to find you but all I see is me, MY clothes, MY music, MY talk, the way WE walk, and even the way our women wear their hair. So what are you really saying? I don’t see anything that’s impressive about you. If you dont understand let me break it down.
    1. There is no such thing as latin hip hop or Reggaeton. You are taking our music and trying to make it your own. You’re not good at it and you sound horrible. Shut the fuck, sit down, and do Mariachi!! Additionally, LEARN ENGLISH before you try to rap. Do you see black people trying to sing Mariachi? NO!! Everywhere I look I see PUNDAS(SWAHILI word that means DONKIES) wearing G-UNIT gear and blasting hip hiop music out of their cars, but you don’t see black people where Sombreros and tight ass jeans with cowboy boots do you?!! Ofcourse not! Why? Because we are trend setters and leaders, not followers. Also, the reason you have to fight us 5 on 1 is not because its your “Strategy”, its because you’re cowards and weak. Mike Tyson was shorter than alot of his opponents but still knocked everybody out! That’s because we come from powerful genetics. We run faster, jumper higher, hit harder, and move with unparalled rhythm. So when I look at so called PUNDA aka “Mexican” culture, all I see is a people trying to immulate so one elses culture. Get off our dicks!! Or in Swahili – Kula Mboro which means Eat A Dick!!

  219. The Swah says:

    I feel you on that Bro Africa!! The Punda(POON-dah – Swahili meaning ‘Donkey or Donkies’) are hypocritical in their dislike for Weusi(way-oo-see Swahili meaning ‘Blacks’). How can you dislike us yet copy our styles? You even speak the language of the people that conquered and raped the Aztecs…you know…THE SPANIARDS(the WHITE people who speak Spanish)! Pundas aren’t taking over neighborhoods either, Weusi(Blacks) are moving out because we are moving up economically! We can afford to live in better neighborhoods than the pundas. If Weusi had no where to go the war in the poorer sections of the country would be even worse. The majority of African-American are in the MIDDLE CLASS, and that is a STATISTICAL FACT!! The majority of pundas are satisfied sweeping and mopping, or working at fast food joints. Pundas are not “doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do”, Pundas are doing the jobs that their level of education allows them to do. If you want to see a dumb punda, walk into any fast food joint and watch them fuck up your order! Holla back donkies!!

  220. Due to the significant deterioration in comments, I have decided to close the comments section for this post.

  221. […] all people of Mexican heritage live in L.A. And as Hispanic Pundit has so knowledgeably explained here, the origin of the animosity between Mexican gangs and black gangs in Los Angeles can be found in […]

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