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“Do you suppose it’s ever occurred to these people that abortion was not quite as divisive an issue when its legality was determined by the bodies politic of the several states — a cabal liberals simply cannot afford to entrust with policy decisions?” —David Limbaugh

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  • Everytime you quote David Limbaugh, you lose credibility, in this case his argument is, well lets just avoid this contraversy, it does not matter what is right or wrong, lets just ban abortion so nobody is angry anymore.

    By his assumption if there is a vote and as most polls indicate the vote goes and some form of abortions are legal, will the protestors who are opposed to abortion on religious grounds going to all say, well all-right thats whatthe people want, I’m taking my placard and going home. I doubt it.

    Another thing, the post seems to imply that the extremists are just as crazy on the left as the right. Well, as far as I can tell nobody has ever shot an abortion protestor, nor placed bombs throughout a major metripolis one of them specifically meant to kill cops and rescue workers. Nobody spits in the faces at teen age abortion protestors. HP, you are always good at research, find me the press account of a left wing abortion protestor inflicting harm on his opponent in the debate, and don’t tell me the harm a fetus is inflicted with.

    Limbaugh’s argument lets the crazies win. Its like, lets not overturn segregation laws because it will offend the KKK.

  • My point of the quote was in arguing that the abortion debate would be alot less of a hot issue if it was settled through democratic means, as opposed to judicial means. I’m not saying it still wouldn’t be a hot issue, only that it will be less of a hot issue.

    I think this is a very valid point, and if you see the quote after this one, you will see that it is a view that even Ginsberg (the hardline liberal Supreme Court justice who worked for the ACLU before joining the Supreme Court) shares.

    As far as pro-choice crime, a google search returned this.

  • This is what you meant by it not what he did.

    Your discussion is all about a legislator having the right to make decisions regarding abortions vs. the courts. How about we take this one step further, why does a legislator have a right to make decisions about on behalf of a women. While we are discussing the political ramifications of Roe v. Wade and Ginsberg’s interpreatation (who by the way most resources describe as liberal to moderate, not-arch liberal). I think, her statements during confirmation sum it up perfectly – She characterized a woman’s right to choose an abortion as “something central to a woman’s life, to her dignity… And when government controls that decision for her, she’s being treated as less than a full adult human being responsible for her own choices.”

  • Hey Michael,

    First, Ginsberg is no moderate. To refer to her as a moderate would be as fair as to say Thomas is a moderate conservative. Can you give me the sources that refer to her as a moderate? Because if memory serves me correctly, she has voted with the liberal side on atleast as many ‘party line’ votes as the other liberals, if not more. For example, she was among all the liberals that voted in favor of the government in the eminent domain ruling.

    As far as abortion, I generally agree with almost everything you say, except for my definition includes all parties involved, both, the mother and the unborn children. 🙂

    In other words, the unborn child has just as much right to control its own body as the mother does. Hence, why I disagree with abortion.

  • From MSN Encarta

    As a moderate-liberal, Ginsburg sided with both liberal and conservative wings of the court.

    From wikipedia

    Ginsburg is generally regarded as a moderate to liberal judge on the Rehnquist Court.

    Anothr little known secret in advance of the confirmation hearing and a lesson from President Clinton to Bush. Ginsberg and Breyer were recommnded to Clinton by none other then Oren Hatch the minority leader of the Jusrice Committee who advised against a brutal confirmation battle over then leading candidate Bruce Babbitt. Ginsberg and Breyer would satisfy the Republicans and did and Clinton sought bipartisan support.

    I hope Bush does the same and considers some of Leahy’s choices as Clinton did with the minority party in ’93 for Ginsberg.

  • Wow, surprising. I would like to see cases where she has broke from the liberal rank and files on the court, and see what makes her a moderate. I had always seen her as extremely liberal, but that might be because I am extremely conservative.

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