Is President Bush From Compton Too?

Okay, I’m still mad at Bush for Miers, but this makes me dislike him a little less:

History buffs and Bush aficionados might like to know that the Bakersfield house isn’t the only such project: In Midland, Texas, a house occupied by the Bushes from 1952 to 1955 is under development as a museum called the George W. Bush Childhood Home.

Between Bakersfield and Midland, the peripatetic Bushes stayed in Compton for six months, but visitors there won’t find even a plaque. The family had an apartment in a sprawling complex called Santa Fe Gardens, which eventually became a dilapidated drug haven.

A few years ago, it was condemned and razed by the Compton Unified School District, which is building administrative offices on the site.

“We’re putting it to good use,” said district spokeswoman Christine Sanchez.

LOL @ Bush living at Santa Fe Gardens. Of course this is before Compton was, well, Compton. I’m not sure, but I think the Santa Fe Gardens complex are those abandoned apartments on Santa Fe after Alondra, I guess they are finally tearing them down, damn, it’s about time.

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