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“Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member by Sanyika Shakur a/k/a Monster Kody Scott (1993) is a straight-foward account of the initiation, criminal involvement, and incarceration of a young Black youth (initiation was at age 11) into a Crips set in South Central Los Angeles. What is most unsettling, besides the normalization of violence in the daily lives of the youth of South Central (at least those depicted in the book), is the treatment of the violence between African American street gangs as a kind of war, with troops, weapons, strategy, discipline, nationalism, bravery, death, and destruction. The war, however, is for no apparent purpose besides honor and bravado. What can be done to redirect the energy in places like South Central as well as East LA, Hunters Point, Harlem, East Phoenix, etc. to more productive activities? …The longest economic boom in U.S. history during the 1990s seems to have done precious little to change the opportunities for African American youth in places like South Central. Schools and infrastructure are no better. One would not be surprised to in the near future a repeat of the violence in May 1992 following the Rodney King verdicts”. — Kevin Johnson, law professor at UC Davis blogging over at the Black Professors blog, in a post titled, “Gangs, Crime, and Opportunity

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