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“In education, on the other hand, a small, but growing, number of schools are proving the SchoolRef[ormer]s right: with high expectations, a rigorous curriculum, and dedicated teachers and principals, low-income black and Hispanic students can excel. Stephan and Abigail Thernstrom studied these schools and summed up their strategy as “no excuses“. Two examples are here and here.

Not coincidentally, many of these schools are charter schools, which have considerable freedom from government control. Joanne Jacobs’ new book profiles a charter school in San Jose, CA whose students, predominantly poor Mexican-Americans, are having amazing success. The KIPP schools across the country are great examples, as are the Watts Learning Center in Los Angeles (via Joanne) and the Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School in Southeast D.C.” — Katie of “A Constrained Vision”, blogging about, ” Poverty and school reform”

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  • Still not going to read that Thermstom book! I think I will check out the Jacobs book though. That looks interesting – I will have to remember that title.

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