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“Ironically, many Democrats tend to wave a white flag at precisely the time in which great progress is being made in Iraq. A Brookings Institution report cited by columnist Max Boot notes that the Iraqi economy is beginning to boom (per capita income has doubled since 2003), order is being restored (5,500 police-service personnel have been trained and equipped), communications (44 commercial television stations, 72 radio stations, more than 100 newspapers) are up and running, thousands of public schools have been constructed, hundreds of public health and water and sewage projects have been completed, the Iraq military (22 new battalions) is increasingly able to take the lead in combat operations, and two national elections have been held successfully”. ––Historian Thomas C. Reeves, writing in the History News Network

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  • Awesome Post! With all the advances you listed and the others not listed, there is talk that Iraq is on the verge of Civil War. I wish we knew the truth and who to believe. I want to belive that CW is not the case and I have to think it’s not considering the comments and observations from the troops I know and what I read on mil blogs. But if CW is going to happen, what a tragedy that would be for us, the people whom we just freed and the region as a whole.

  • I agree with Patd95 – Its just so hard to judge how things are going there. There is some progress , but the death toll just keeps climbing especially these last few days and the administration has misspoken so many times the last 5 years who do you believe.

    I hate to say it, amd call me narrow-minded, but will this be worth the cost. By Bush’s estimate, over 30,000 Iraqis killed, over 2,000 Americans killed. A country 3 years after invasion that is still unsafe to travel to. For what, there is a risk that the democratically elected ruling government could become a Shia Theocracy unduly infuenced by Iran as many of the leaders of the elections are loyalists to Iran. Are we really better off with a religious dictatorship vs. a secular dictatorship.

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