Why Elections Matter

Alito And Bush

It has been a long fought battle, but well worth it, today, I am happy to tell you, Sam Alito was confirmed as the 110th Supreme Court Justice of the United States. The day is getting closer and closer when us voters can actually decide moral issues for ourselves, and not have them forced down our throats (more on that here), needless to say, liberals are in tears.

And some of you thought elections don’t matter? Bush has yet to complete his first year of his second term as president and he has already nominated and confirmed two Supreme Court Justices. Chances are high that before his three remaining years are up, atleast one more Supreme Court Justice will decide to retire…elections matter, and they matter a lot.

Congratulations Samuel Alito, may you live a loooooonnng and healthy life. 😀

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  1. Kelly says:

    UGH! 🙁

  2. Julissa says:

    What’s with the red ties? Well at least Samy looks like he has a clue. Not like the other dude he’s walking with 🙂

  3. LOL, good catch on the red ties, didn’t even notice that.

  4. myke says:

    may he turn out to be another david souter!

  5. Kjerringa mot Strommen says:

    HP – You and many others may live to regret this. We have just elected what may be the greatest of activist judges; one who aggressively pursues to end the separation of powers in favor of an imperial presidency. We can only hope the people get wise and realize, as you just pointed out, that elections do matter. We ignore this knowledge at our own peril.

  6. Actually, to be honest, I am sympathetic to that argument. I don’t think the president has the power, for example, to hold a prisoner – citizen or not- indefinitely without some sort of hearing. The president should also be limited in what kind of civil liberties he is able to violate, even during war…etc. The final limits of that, I don’t know, but there should definitely be some limits.

    My point with judges is almost exclusively moral. I think that citizens should be able to decide their own moral culture, not judges.

  7. Big Gringo says:

    HP – who do you think will be the next judget to retire? And who might bush attempt to replace them with?

  8. Whoever the next Supreme Court justice to retire is, s/he will almost certainly be liberal. If you look at the current age group of Supreme Court justices, they break down like this,

    Conservative Justices

    Scalia: 69
    Thomas: 57
    Roberts: 52
    Alito : 55

    Liberal Justices

    Breyer: 68
    Ginsberg : 72
    Souter: 66
    Stevens: 86

    Moderate Justice

    Kennedy: 69

    So on the conservative side, the only one we really have to worry about is Scalia, but even then, he is about the same age as several liberal justices. So with Bush still left with three years in his presidency, liberals have alot to fear. Remember, all it takes is one more justice on the liberal or moderate side to step down, and when Bush nominates a conservative, that would make an easy majority of 5 on the court, making the remaining liberals meaningless.

    As far as who specifically will step down, well I have been hearing rumors that Ginsberg and Stevens want to retire soon. I have also heard rumors that Souter would like a Republican to pick his replacement. So I would keep my eye on those three first, in that order.

    Either way, these next three years are sure to be interesting.

  9. Michael says:


    I give you credit. You predicted that Alito was a free thinker and would not blindly follow his consevative bretherin on every decision and sure enough, first decision out of the block, he goes against Thomas, Scalia and Roberts. Lets all hope he remains an independent thinker.

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