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“You cannot morally treat children, or fetuses, as if they have the same rights and obligations as human adults; they have fewer freedoms, but more entitlements. Children are not only uniquely vulnerable, but also uniquely innocent; that fetus did not ask to be in your body, and has no means at his disposal to get out and stop bothering you. Trying to reason his fate from principles designed for consenting adults is neither practical nor morally just. Moreover, any society that did try to treat children and fetuses as adults, in the way that my commenters are advocating, would not be long for this earth. Evolution does not take cognizance of how beautifully consistently you have reasoned from first principles when it decides what behaviours will survive”. —Jane Galt, In a post titled, “Why children are a special libertarian case”

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  • The juxtaposition of your two quotes are interesting.

    On the one hand, you are arguing for universal rights to children (fetuses), on the other hand you are extolling the praises of Wal-Mart, a company that buys products manufactured in overseas factories that employ children in unsafe conditions, for unbelievably long hours at low wages who are forced to work rather than attend schools so they will never get the education to get them out of their slave-like existance.

  • Question for responder:
    Since some countries have laws or alleged practices you disagree with, that means it is somehow justified, even necessary that a company join in with the willful killing of millions of unborn human beings?

    The suggestion Wal-mart is some evil company that happily sells products from “child labor camps” is a myth. Repeating a myth over and over does not magically make it “the truth”.
    Furthermore, if you think Wal-mart is the only store that sells products from other countries (including communist China), you are truly ignorant. Trade with and joint ventures in China expanded dramatically during the Clinton administration. (Do an internet search, “Clinton and China trade agreement”.)

    Also, any person’s suggestion that people are underpaid in other countries is most often associated with that person’s complete misunderstanding of economics, cost of living differences, and cultural differences.
    If you are personally upset about something you think is happening in a country, boycott their products. You are free to do so. … Slandering a company helps no one.

  • In addition to what VIP responded, I also disagree with your premise Michael. Without free trade, without the ability to sell their products overseas, these countries workers would be in worse circumstances, not better. So even if what you say is true, that is yet one more example of Wal-Mart business helping those in need.

    Don’t believe me? Even the very liberal economist Paul Krugman says the same thing.

  • Lemme see…. I’m a dirt-poor child, lving in appalling conditions in some village lacking sanitation and potable water. My choices are:

    1. Starve to death.
    2. See if I can survive a march to a charity center where I can subsist on charity food and never rise above my circumstances.
    3. See if I can survive a march to a city where I can try to beg for a living, only to end up as a child sex slave.

    But LO! What is that on the horizon? It’s Western Imperialist Pig-Dogs building a sneaker factory where I can slave for 10 hours a day to earn more in one week than my father made in the past year. How dare they exploit me this way!? Those heartless capitalistic bastards! Why, I might even end up … learning a trade and being able to support a family some day! What are they THINKING!

  • Yes child labor is wonderful. Yes, lets keep the poor foregners uneducated. I can’t believe I actually found people in favor of child labor and sweat shops. Lets keep all of these browns and yellows poor for the next 10 generations so they can make $1 a day sewing sneakers rather than letting the kids go to school.

    Why not take all of the fetuses that are going to be aborted, let them go to term, be born and ship them all to Bangeledesh to make Kathy Lee Gifford pajamas. Because it is such a wonderful life.

  • Michael,

    Nobody is saying that child labor is good, what were saying is that it is better than the alternative, which in many cases is prostitution and absolute poverty.

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