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“I notice that the liberals within the Catholic Church are a big part of the organizing brains and muscle behind the huge illegal immigrant rallies in cities across the U.S. They are arguing that it is unkind and un-Christian to want to arrest people who have entered America illegally. They also fear prosecution if aiders and abettors are criminalized since they aid and abet illegal immigrants. This is fine, and obviously a man does not sign away his First Amendment rights if he takes orders. But isn’t this obviously Church interference in legal and political matters? How come this church involvement with the huge political issue of illegal immigration is fine and dandy — but involvement by conservative members of the Catholic faith in trying to save the lives of the unborn, the sick, and the deformed is a dangerous intrusion over the “wall” between church and state? How can illegal immigration be considered a bigger moral issue than the killing of tens of millions of the unborn who are totally innocent of any crime? The hypocrisy of the left on this issue is staggering”. —Ben Stein, publishing his random thoughts in the American Spectator

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  • it’s not a secret that the catholic church has a long history of political involvement.

    in addition to individual parishes’ involvement in the immigration rallies, the catholic church, as an institution, remains pro-life. my parish, which is very much on the political left, preaches support for immigrants AND pro-life positions, including anti-abortion and anti-death penalty political stances.

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