Latino Assimilation

The American Immigration Law Foundation finds:

Latinos experience substantial socioeconomic progress across generations compared to both their immigrant forefathers and native Anglos. But this fact is lost in statistical portraits of the Latino population which don’t distinguish between the large number of newcomers and those who have been in the United States for generations. Advocates of restrictive immigration policies often use such aggregate statistics to make the dubious claim that Latinos are unable or unwilling to advance like the European immigrants of a century ago.

The report could be found here. In addition, Duke University provides a report by James P Smith here.

2 Responses to “Latino Assimilation”

  • If it’s true, I think this is good news; all the talk about Latinos not assimilating just hurts the country and makes people angry, and the fact that it is done with no good statistical backing annoys me. Though, being a white guy who doesn’t know too many Latinos, I can’t be positive if the article’s true, but it’s sources seem good. Everyone should look at the full article; it’s very interesting.

    (It’s my fist time posting here, just wanted to say you have an interesting blog with news I never find anywhere else.)

  • I cant say if latinos who dont assimilate hurt our country, but from what i read it seems to be some what true.But,befor anyone jumps to the conclusion that Im saying latinos are destroying the state,I must say these people bring cultar to our states.This country was and is made up of immagrents.Our family tree is made up of poeple from diffrent cultures.Well this is my point of veiw ,who knows if im righ or not its just something i belive.

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