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“As for dividing Americans, who came up with the idea of radically altering the most ancient of all social institutions in the first place? Until the last few years, every civilization known to man has defined marriage as between people of opposite sex. To charge with “divisiveness” those who would do nothing more than resist a radical overturning of that norm is a sign of either gross partisanship or serious dimwittedness”. —Charles Krauthammer

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  1. Michael says:

    Let’s see two years ago, in the middle of a presidential election the President advanced this notion that Gay Marriage was this insidious crisis that was threatening the legitimacy of all heterosexual marriages and we needed to pass the first ever amendment to constitution other than prohibition that actually denies a right to American Citizens specifically one segment of citizens in order to save the nation.

    He wins the election and for nearly two years this problem is not addressed at all in Washington. Meanwhile one state begins to have gay marriages, nothing changes at all to the heterosexual marriages in that state. Meanwhile the president’s approval among all groups within the nation including his hardline religious, conservative base is plummeting, midterm congressional and senate camaigns are in full swing and most polls show a chance of the ruling party losing control of one or both houses of congress. Virtually every aspect of this president and this party’s record is an embaressing failure, so all of a sudden the president and the speaker of the house who likely will be running for president with his expected base being the hard right conservatives tell us again that this is an emergency that must be addressed now despite the fact that this “emergency” was not addressed for nearly two years. Right before they are to bring up the next “burning” issue rankling the nation. Flag burning even though there have been a reported 30 cases of flag burning in the US in the last 15 years.

    How could this not be seen as simply a devicive distraction to stir up fears amongst some voters while a War slips out of control, wages have been stagnant for five years, a deficit rages out of control, a hurricane destroyed a city while the president and his adminstration acted like the keystone cops, ethics scnadals have been racking the capitol, gas prices reached record levels for the second straight summer?

  2. I hope you put this as “Quote of the Day” to show how ignorant it is, and not for any other reason.

  3. Michael says:

    Throw in the fact that one of the main supporters of this legislation Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma stands on the senate floor and says:

    “I’m really proud to say that in the recorded history of our family, we’ve never had a divorce or any kind of homosexual relationship.”

    Obviously if he is proud to say that he has not had any homosexual relationship in his family, he would be ashamed if he had one.

    Sounds pretty contemptful of homosexuals.

  4. Observer says:

    “Sounds pretty contemptful of homosexuals.”


    Maybe it’s the sexual act, and the family member, that would cause him embarrassment.

    Some are embarrassed of acts of infidelity in their family, but they are not contemptuous of the ones who committed the infraction.

    In other words, if one is “ashamed” of an act that does not automatically indicate that they are contemptuous of the one who committed the act.

  5. Michael says:

    “Some are embarrassed of acts of infidelity in their family, but they are not contemptuous of the ones who committed the infraction. ”

    Sounds like you are arguing in favor of legalized gay marriage. If someone is pefrorming a sexual act with their married spouse, there is no infidelity.

  6. Observer says:


    I seriously can’t imagine how one could get the impression was making an argument for legalized gay marriage, based on that quote. I suspect that only a mind looking to duck the real meaning would purpose such a wild and inaccurate conclusion.

    But, I do think homosexuals should have their marriages legally recognized. Trust me, I’m no superstitious zealot (Right-wing Christian); although, some of my best friends are Christians.

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