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“But the good news is that these newcomers by and large aren’t listening to the left-wingers pushing identity politics. Mexican immigrants, like their European predecessors, are assimilating. Their children learn English and by the end of high school prefer it to their parents’ native tongue. They also marry people they meet here. Second-generation Latinos earn less than white Americans but more than blacks and 50% more than first-generation Latinos. According to Tamar Jacoby’s “Reinventing the Melting Pot,” the most common last names among new homeowners in California include Garcia, Lee, Martinez, Nguyen, Rodriguez and Wong”. —The Wall Street Journal editorial page explaining Why The Wall Street Journal favors open

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  • I’d hate to think we are on a path to totally lose connection to our culture and language. I guess a nice consolation is the fact that Hispanic culture has more and more of an influence on the overall tepid American culture.

    There seems to be more of an interest to preserve and in a way transfer our native cultures to this country by my generation. This seems especially true in the younger educated and affluent circles. Spanish rock is hip, so are Spanish authors, film directors, poets, artists, etc. This isn’t the overwhelming majority, but it does seem strong. If I ever have kids I plan on educating them in at least Spanish and English, and expose them to Spanish, Mexican, and American culture.

  • I generally agree with everything you said, I don’t think anybody is arguing for total assimilation – mutual influence is a good thing.

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