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“What the Holocaust taught me – as did communism – is that the denial of God can lead to genocide. There is a German scholar who wrote that one of the main reasons for Hitler’s ravenous anti-Semitism was that Judaism was the first religion to believe in the sanctity of human life. Judaism says that human beings are made in the image of God. That stood in the way of Hitler’s hatred and desire to kill people. As Stalin is reported to have once said, “No people, no problem.””–Dr. Richard Pipes, acclaimed Russian historian and Harvard professor of Sovietology, who as a Jew escaped Hitler Germany because of his wise father

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  • Religion leads to genocide, too. In terms of slaughter, there’s not much difference between “believing” and not “believing.”

  • Talmudic teachings do not consider a life to begin until the head of the baby emerges. Prior to that it is considered a partial life and thus if the pregnancy endangeres the health of the full life (mother) then an abortion as allowed. The question regarding the health of the mother is open to interpreation, does the mental health factor in. These are debates currently going on amongst Rabbis. Orthodox, conservative and reformed jews fall within a spectrum on these views.

    This illustrates why Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison set up the seperation of church and state and ommitted all mentions of the word god and religion in the constitution, even within one religion, their are all sorts of interpreatations of rules. Throw in the fact that America is full of people from dozens of different religions and it makes it impossible and unfair to force one religion or subset of a religion’s interpretaions and beliefs onto the whole of society.

    As far as Hitler, he did not kill Jews because they valued “life above all else” (as the Jewish saying goes). Otherwise he wouldn’t have sent gypsies and homosexuals and communists to the gas chambers also. He tried to wipe Jews off the face of the earh because he was an evil and sick man who like many leaders before and after him used his hatred as a prop to rally his nations majority against a minority. He attempted to blame all of Germanies problems on minorities and took it to the level that all of Germanies problems would be resolved if we get rid of these minorities, first he created discriminitory laws eliminating all rights to the minorities, then used fear using pogroms and crystalnacht in the hopes that all Jews would flee Germany but no other country would accept them, then he sent them into segregated ghettos where only Jews would live, that was too costly and difficult to manage after the Warsaw ghetto uprising so he and Goering devised “the final solution”, where he sent these minorities off to concentration camps to efficiently kill millions of his enemies.

    When a minority is victim of a genocide it has little to do with the minorities beliefs. Just as it has never mattered throughout all historical genocides from Christians vs. Muslims, Muslims vs Jews, Sunnis vs Shiaa, Believers vs. Non-believers, Christians vs Jews

    Doesn’t matter if it is 1st century or 21st century.

    I might not be a Harvard professor but even I know that.

  • “…the denial of God can lead to genocide” is only true in the same sense that vegetarianism can lead to genocide, or that abstinence from alcohol can lead to genocide.

    Hitler was a vegetarian tee-totaler, but I don’t think these beliefs caused him to promote genocide. Neither did atheism.

    At its root the holocaust was caused by sustained bigotry over generations that was seized upon as a political tool by the Nazis. It had absolutely nothing to do with disbelief in God.

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