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“Many campuses have speech codes where it is called creating a “hostile environment” if you say things that make various racial, sexual, or other protected groups unhappy. Young people educated at our most prestigious colleges and universities are learning the lesson that storm trooper tactics can silence those who are not in vogue on campus, and honest expressions of opinion about issues involving anything from affirmative action to women in the military can get you suspended if you refuse the humiliation and hypocrisy of being “re-educated.” —Thomas Sowell

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  1. msondo says:

    When I was in Jr. High School a friend of mine decided he was fed up of the political correct attitude at the school and dressed up in a Nazi uniform… he marched down the halls until he was escorted out and told to never come back. So much for free speech eh?

  2. Sowell wasn’t referring to high schools and junior highs, he was referring to colleges and other higher level institutions where it is becoming difficult simply to challenge certain views – yet these institutions are supposed to be places of ‘higher learning’.

    I guess hearing opposing views is not part of their definition of learning, huh?

  3. msondo says:

    For the most part, I have always seen the college campus as a place for anybody to express their views regardless of what is ‘accepted.’ I was at a WSU game a few weeks ago and witnessed a demonstration by the college Republican committee. Nobody stopped them from speaking. A few years ago the college Republicans at SMU (a private school in Dallas) made headlines when they held a bake sale fundraiser and listed different prices for black students. They were not disbanded, just criticized publicly for their openly racist actions. Wasn’t Bob Jones university the school that had a policy against interracial dating?

    What is my point? You’ll find examples on both sides of the spectrum because any college campus is filled with a wide mix of eccentric ideas. Blame it on the marijuana.

  4. That is good to hear but from what I see colleges are extremely hostile environments for conservative views. Political activists like David Horowitz, Dinesh D’Souza, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham constantly face hostile environments when going onto University campuses to give a talk. Sometimes it as benign as loud interruptions during talks, but often it has resulted in throwing pies and destroying some of the presentation material where security has to get involved.

    This is without even mentioning the numerous occasions where a student is suspended or even expelled for stating her/his conservative views.

    Btw, what is racist about holding “a bake sale fundraiser and listed different prices for black students”? If this is racist, then so is affirmative action.

  5. msondo says:

    Can you give example of a student who was suspended for expressing conservative views? Interruptions, heckling, protests, even sabotage are all personal choices the people who commit these actions choose on their own. If you are as provocative as Ann Coulter you should expect such a reaction. All of these people were invited to speak at whatever University because there was some perceived interest in their presence. If some students are openly (and sometimes unlawfully) opposed to their views, should the entire educational system of the world be put on trail for not accomodating to a particular ideology?

    Racism is defined as any action that is discriminatory or prejudiced in a racial context. Charging black people more money for a product or service is racially discriminatory action. Back in my parents generation Dallas had openly racist policies… blacks and other minorities, for example, were not allowed at some establishments. Examples: They were not allowed to eat at the same tables as whites, they were not allowed to ride the same bus, they were not allowed to attend the same schools. In short, Dallas has had a long and painful history with racism. Show me one example of how University tuition is different for people of color (and solely based on this criteria) and for whites.

  6. Here and here are just a couple examples of how free speech, especially regarding conservatives, is almost non-existent on University campuses.

    As far as the bake sales go, I think you have it confused, blacks and hispanics were not charged more – we were charged less. The bake sales were a (very clever, I might add) way of protesting affirmative action by bringing to light the absurdity of it’s philosophy. See this CNN article here:

    Southern Methodist University shut down a bake sale Wednesday in which cookies were offered for sale at different prices, depending on the buyer’s race or gender.

    The sale was organized by the Young Conservatives of Texas, who said it was intended as a protest of affirmative action.

    A sign said white males had to pay $1 for a cookie. The price was 75 cents for white women, 50 cents for Hispanics and 25 cents for blacks.

    Members of the conservative group said they meant no offense and were only trying to protest the use of race or gender as a factor in college admissions.

    Similar sales have been held by College Republican chapters at colleges in at least five other states since February.

    A black student filed a complaint with SMU, saying the sale was offensive. SMU officials said they halted the event after 45 minutes because it created a potentially unsafe situation.

    These bake sales are usually quickly censored by the Universities, which again, proves my earlier point above, conservatives have very little to no free speech rights on University campuses.

  7. Very interesting guys – this discussion is very relevant in Australia where so few of your American ‘rights’ are codified in our legal and political system – but simply assumed by the majority of the population.

  8. msondo says:

    Thanks for the links! Thankfully, the ACLU was able to step in defense of the student. These seem like isolated incidents and I don’t think anybody agrees this is acceptable behavior. I’m a perpetual student and see an entire spectrum of views expressed by students. If there is a perceived lack of conservative views, it is likely due to a lack of interest rather than some vast conspiracy of censorship.

    Regarding the bake sale, however, I’m still confused. I don’t see anywhere in the SMU tuition schedule stating different rates for minorities, females, etc. In fact, my sister and I were both approached by the school upon graduation and asked to apply. They waved a small scholarship to each based on merit, not race. I know several people who attend that school and there is correlation between race or gender and price.

    Besides being inaccurate, I see this is a disgusting action and it further exemplifies why I distance myself from such people.

  9. msondo says:

    I meant to say “no correlation” … gotta hit up the coffe shop for more artificial energy today. šŸ˜›

  10. There is no price difference, but there sure is an admission difference based on race – which is what they were trying to highlight.

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