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” In 2001, comparing men and women who never married, never had a child, worked full time, and were college educated, women earned 117% of what men earned. That is, after controlling for marital status, having children, hours worked and education, men earned 85% of what women earned”. — Dr. Mark J. Perry, professor of finance and economics at the University of Michigan-Flint in the School of Management

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  • Quote of the Day:

    “Recently, I undertook the task of discovering some statistic somewhere, under some very particular, narrowly defined set of conditions that would make it seem that men and women are compensated equally. I knew this would be difficult to accomplish since anyone with any real world experience realizes that such a statistic would fly in the face of reality. But I needed to find this statistic to satisfy my pre-determined ideology – Reality be damned!”

    “Unfortunately for me, it turns out that married men make more than married women, and also married men make more than unmarried women, and in addition married men make more than married women, and even unmarried men make a bit more than unmarried women. Even after compensating for education, hours worked, etc. In every case, the men were overcompensated! But I had known my task would be a difficult one when I began, so I pressed on undaunted – choosing to work on the case of single men and women, which seemed to have the smallest discrepancy.”

    “My next task was to find some attribute of these single men and women that would somehow give the women an apparent advantage. I tried everything – men with homes vs. women with homes, men with cars vs. women with cars, straight men vs. straight women, but in every case the men were clearly overcompenstated. Darn! Then, finally one day I hit paydirt – It turns out that (for some crazy reason) men without children get paid less. Eureka! I had my statistic!”

    “So, there you have it.. In 2001, single childless men make less than single childless women (after controlling for education, etc.). This is wonderful! I now feel completely vindicated in my long-held philosophical conviction that there is no such thing as gender bias, that there is no glass ceiling, that the femininazis are just spreading lies, and that Hillary Clinton is a man-hating lesbian. Hurrah for me!”

    — Dr. Mark J. Perry


  • LOL. Now that’s good satire!

    I too was surprised by his findings, but I do find this data much more believeable.

  • Thanks HP. I should probably re-evaluate the amount of time I spend writing comments on blogs. That one was way too long. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Long but good, I certainly enjoyed it.

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