Why I Like !Ask A Mexican!

Gustavo Arellano, the writer of !Ask A Mexican! for the Orange County Weekly is a weekly read for me and more often than not, his posts make me laugh. Take his November 2nd response to a reader who asks what will happen to white people if Mexicans become the biggest raza group in the United States:

Dear Wab: That’s the 64,000-peso question, Mex. Demographics show that Mexican birth rates grow even as those of gabachos fall. The Jim Gilchrists of this country predict chaos and a goat in every backyard once there are more Mexicans than gabachos; pro-amnesty activists claim Mexicans will assimilate into this country’s fabric just as previous immigrant groups did. I’m among the latter, and propose we’ll be the most American ethnic group yet. Taking historical cues from our gabacho forefathers, Mexicans will ridicule English speakers and dismiss them as lazy minorities with funny-sounding surnames and traditions. We’ll do what gabachos were always too pussy to try—take over Mexico—and create a true NAFTA, bringing further riches to the United States and ending the illegal immigration problem for good. Then, we’ll become too complacent and fat and gabachos will plot the takeover of their ancestral lands by having more babies and agitating for affirmative action and Gabacha/o Studies programs. What’s the moral of the story? Protect your children’s future, gabachos. Treat Mexicans well and encourage their simpático ways. Otherwise, we might just become Americans.

That made me laugh. Another favorite of mine was when he discussed Chicanoism and University Chicano Studies Programs. He wrote, “…most Mexicans and children of Mexican immigrants wish Chicanismo would go the way of the Frito Bandito” and continued that with “The culture of Chicano activism, while fighting the good fight, also creates insufferable, self-righteous bores whose idea of political humor is screaming “GO BACK TO EUROPE, PILGRIM!” at geriatric gabachos. I blame Chicano studies, which corrupt the brains of young Mexicans with antiquated concepts like victimization, objectification and grade inflation, all anathema to the libertarian Mexican soul”.

Of course this is what most Mexican-Americans I know believe as well, but it is always refreshing to hear another fellow Mexican say it in a public venue.

Either way, if you want a good laugh and if you want to learn more of why Mexicans do the things that we do, Gustavo Arellano’s !Ask A Mexican! posts are a must read.

His November 2nd post is here. His reasonable comments on Chicano Studies programs can be found here and here. His most recent post can be found here.

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  1. B says:

    Those articles were hilarious.

    I agree with him, but this is the first time that I’ve ever seen anyone bring those thoughts to light in the general public.

    I am the daughter of Mexican immigrants, and was born in the United States. However, I do not mind when someone calls me Mexican, because I am. I do know other Mexicans that strictly go by “Chicano/Chicana” and if you call them Mexican they jump down your throat.

    Anyway, I’ve only ever heard these viewpoints in the context of my family. So I’m somewhat relieved, and very much humored. Thanks.

  2. You are in good company here B and it has been my experience that many other Mexican Americans feel the same way.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Gracias for the plug, Hispanic Pundit!

  4. urbanleftbehind says:


    Are you from Chicago (or at least not from the Southwest or Cali)? Usually us here in Chicago don’t mind the Mexican reference; we know its not as much of a loaded reference maybe because their isnt as much anti-hispanic bigotry here (thank god for the high black population to take the target off our back!).

  5. La Profesora says:

    finally we agree, HP. but that’s the last time, I promise.
    I heart Gustavo!
    (and Hispanic Pundit, if you replace “heart” with “totally disagree with on most issues”)

  6. Replace or merely append? 😉

  7. La Profesora says:

    fine. you’re worth a more complex sentence:
    I heart Hispanic Pundit although I totally disagree with him on most issues (and I’m always way more correct).

  8. I’ll take that. 🙂

  9. PipnTisha says:

    Considering that America is comprised of people from all over the world – most of whom learn English because they want what America offers – do not want to change the foundation of this country, including it’s language. It’s too good of a deal from where they came from.

    It’s odd that the Hispanics want to change everything in America – not to make it better – but to make it theirs. There are undertones of that and Americans are becoming increasingly angry about it – rightfully so. Marching in the streets isn’t going to change the fact that government listens to 82% of the citizens of this country who want illegal immigration stopped.

    Americans know that Hispanics who come here from regions that are the poorest and most poorly managed countries in the world won’t take over the leader of the free world by simply overpopulating and refusing to speak English.

    Americans also know that the sad economic and political successes of Mexico clearly indicates the Mexican inability to govern America. Again, giving birth to countless babies doesn’t constitute a takeover of a country. It constitutes ignorance, it perpetuates poverty, and squalor – just like in Mexico.

    They certainly don’t help by laughing at America’s citizens, (which includes Asians, African Americans, Europeans, Indians, and other groups who Hispanics don’t mention in their jokes about America) – it’s only the whites. But really, all these groups are included in these jokes because the distain is for America, for it’s language, it’s laws, and everything it means to many people to be an American.

    Yet, since the Hispanics continually single out the whites, that means the Hispanic intent is purely racist. If it’s racist (which many Americans are believing more and more that it is), it simply breeds contempt against Hispanics (which it is becoming). Natural reaction out of human beings.

    Take that attitude to any other country in the world and you will face the same contempt. Arrogance is something people don’t like in general.

    Overpopulating is a Third World method of a takeover, granted, but keeping women at home barefoot and pregnant while the Latino male cherishes his machismo (while also crying discrimination against his own by the white man) in a country that he himself fled to in order to have better life makes him a hypocrite and a bigot. The equation is confused and sends icky, uncomfortable messages to all Americans.

    If Hispanics want dismantle white society in America and antagonize it’s citizens, then they better get busy antagonizing all groups who come here for a better life. Americans who really assimilate here – people from all over the world learn English because English is the language of money and will continue to be so for a long time. It isn’t just money – it is the life that America affords them – one that Mexico does not (I lived there a long time).

    The Mexican existing in low paying jobs and refusing to learn English, while other groups immigrate here and learn English and make twice the money the Mexican laborer makes means this: a group of people who aren’t intelligent enough to run their own country won’t lead the free world in another.

  10. Lesley Magana says:

    i think mexicans do it better because mexicans know how to party & htey know whats right
    many race wish they were mexicans & other races
    are jelouse cuz they know we are better and so ya thats hwy mexicans are better

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