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  • Michael Hanson

    Gee, parents who select the school for their children are happier with their schools than those assigned to schools. How much money was wasted on these obvious conclusions? Yes, parents who make choices tend to be more involved; involvement leads to satisfaction. Assigned parents often less so. Does this warrant vouchers, as I am sure will be suggested as the answer on this blog.

    Studies show that parents who think schools need improvement believe other schools, not their children’s school, needs improvement.

    The report also notes that school choice scholarships get more applicants than they can award. This only proves that people think that these schools may be better. It does not prove the school is better. Again, most private schools like the best student that they can solicit (and I know voucher proponents claim this is not true-that they take all.) Difficut students don’t last, no matter how much the voucher is for.

  • There have been studies that show just that – that schools do perform better when a voucher system is implemented, see here:

    Public schools do respond constructively to competition, by raising their achievement and productivity. The best studies on this question examine the introduction of choice programs that have been sufficiently large and long-lived to produce competition. Students’ achievement generally does rise when they attend voucher or charter schools. The best studies on this question use, as a control group, students who are randomized out of choice programs. Not only do currently enacted voucher and charter school programs not cream-skim; they disproportionately attract students who were performing badly in their regular public schools.

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