Blog Updates And Blog Changes

When I first started this blog in July of 2004, it was with the intention that it would be a place where I can store memorable articles and my thoughts on the world in general. I was hoping that in doing so, I can trace the evolution of my views across time. Being a political novice, yet someone who considers himself open to opposing views, I thought it would be a great learning experience to put my views up for public display as well as public criticism.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks of trying to write my own posts I realized two things: I am not a very good writer (damn ESL classes!), and when I do try to write well, it takes me a really long time. Fortunately, this is not the case when my views are challenged, for some reason in response to challenges I can focus enough to write decent and in the process, improve my writing skills. Well, after a few years of doing exactly that via blogging, and after many more years of participating on online forums and discussion boards, I am confident in my writing skills enough to take another shot at my second objective above.

In 2007 you will see more posts written by yours truly. The topics will primarily focus on economics and politics, but now also include personal experiences. You will also come across some of my impulsiveness, as I plan to post thoughts that I have not clearly thought out and may later change my mind on, as opposed to just views I firmly believe in. I plan to continue, though to a lesser degree, the quote of the days and posting of articles as well. However, many will be substituted with del.ic.ous link posts containing a short synopsis. Therefore I can still store my memorable articles and continue to give readers of this blog a chance to read and discuss any of the articles.

In addition, because I am switching to a more personal and ‘from the heart’ type blog, I have decided to make the blog a bit more anonymous. I want to feel that I can write about almost anything without it affecting my work, personal life, or people whom I am writing about. So I have removed my personal name, my city location, and the pictures link from my blog. I have also decided – more because of spamming than anonymity – to stop using my old email and instead use a Contact Form method to get a hold of me. Of course the writing will still come from the same HispanicPundit you have been reading before; it will just be more anonymous to the google engines and those that don’t know me already personally. This will allow me to write more about my personal life, my upbringing, my life growing up in Compton, my life as an engineer, my life lessons, my family, and many other areas without feeling that google is always looking over my shoulder.

Hopefully this objective will last alot longer than the previous one. See you in 2007!

As a final reminder, my old email will no longer be used. From now on, to get in contact with me click the ‘Contact Form’ link above. Because of the large amount of spam I have decided to stop using my old email indefinitely.

6 Responses to “Blog Updates And Blog Changes”

  • hp, i can’t wait to see you writing more as opposed to quoting. i’m sure you will have interesting stuff to share. yes, ask your grandmother EVERYTHING, make notes, collect names, and remember to let her talk and you just sit quietly and listen. its something priceless that you will be able to pass on to future hp’s. merry xmas and happy new year.

  • Sounds like a good New Year’s resolution. I really hope you stick to this because there are aspects of your life that are interesting. Will you ever write about the blogger who broke your heart? Heh. Cuidate en México.

  • I agree with Irasali, this is a fantastic idea! Your writing skills will improve with every post you write and before you know it, it will just come naturally. ¡Suerte!

  • You already know how I feel about it bro …

    Hope you get some rest and some play down south and can’t wait to see what you come up with when you get back.

  • HP, I read hundreds of blogs a week, and probably write about that many a month (I have 10 blogs). I’d say your writing ability is in the top 10%, especially when you create a story. Keep up the good work! A good story can change minds and hearts.

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