Supreme Court Upholds Late-term Abortion Ban

It took Republicans having control of the Senate, the House, the Presidency and to nominate two Supreme Court justices to finally get this gruesome procedure banned. If Democrats had controlled anyone of these, they would have prevented its passage.

The Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban is a great sign for women, for unborn children, and for humanity at large. Read the news release here.

Update: The Wall Street Journal has more.

5 Responses to “Supreme Court Upholds Late-term Abortion Ban”

  • You are wrong.

  • What up ~ LOL ~ 1 for the bad guys / 0 for the good guys ~ 2 more years kid

  • Congratulations, you won a

  • Good, we won one.

    Now this is going to be off topic, but since I am banned from hb; “Oscar and to hb itself” you have lost, and the democrats are doing it to you.

    Just for the record; I will NOT help, nor will I hinder you.

    Oh!!!! just incase you don’t believe me? do the math.

  • I would rather US law were much less conservative on abortion, if only to counteract the inhumane policy in Chile (and probably many other Latin American countries), that’s not only anti-abortion, but anti-contraception. So backwards that the Catholic Church funds anti-anti-AIDS campaigns. That’s just dirty. So when wishing for stricter abortion controls in an increasingly conservative United States, well…be careful what you wish for.

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