“Conversation Continued” Section Created

Updated: Using the term ‘Conversation Continued’ instead of the politically charged ‘censorship’.

I am a frequent commenter on various blogs and especially those I politically disagree with. Over the years I have often encountered blogs that refuse to post my initial comment or follow up comments. However, since the blogs are the personal property of the writers, I often ignored it and moved on. But since I am now linking to my various discussions on other blogs, I feel that I have an obligation to let readers know what I would have responded had I been allowed to post my rebuttal.

So from now on I am going to post on here the comment that I would have posted on a blog that has (presumably) censored refused to post my response. I will do so under the tag of ‘censorship’ ‘Conversation Continued’. Before I do so though, I want to make a few things clear.

While I personally believe in a completely censor free blog (I have even allowed comments that called me racially charged names, traitor, and various other accusations) I also strongly believe that it is up to each individual blog owner to choose what policy they wish to follow. A blog is the personal property of the blog owner, and as a strong believer in property rights, I strongly believe that a blog owner has the right to decide what criteria comments should adhere to.

Second, just because I place a particular blog under the censorship ‘Conversation Continued’ tag does not mean that the blog intentionally censored refused to post my response. Oftentimes comments get eaten up by the spam filter, get lost in the clutter, or are simply forgotten and therefore if the comment is to later appear on the blog I will include an update to the post saying so.

Lastly, tagging a certain blog with ‘censorship’ ‘Conversation Continued’ is in no way to imply that the owner is in any way less supportive of free speech, and/or the first amendment in general…it is only here to give my readers the chance to see what I would have responded – nothing more.

The tag will be available on the right hand sidebar under ‘Categories’.

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