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“In fact, for the malcontents of Hollywood, academia, and the catwalks, Chávez is an ideal ally. Just as the sympathetic foreigners whom Lenin called “useful idiots” once supported Russia abroad, their modern equivalents provide the Venezuelan president with legitimacy, attention, and good photographs. He, in turn, helps them overcome the frustration John Reed once felt—the frustration of living in an annoyingly unrevolutionary country where people have to change things by law. For all his brilliance, Reed could not bring socialism to America. For all his wealth, fame, media access, and Hollywood power, Sean Penn cannot oust George W. Bush. But by showing up in the company of Chávez, he can at least get a lot more attention for his opinions.  As for Venezuelan politics, or the Venezuelan people, they don’t matter at all. The country is simply playing a role filled in the past by Russia, Cuba, and Nicaragua—a role to which it is, at the moment, uniquely suited”. –

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  • As the Iowa Primary comes closer, candidates are starting to pick up significant endorsements that could raise their popularity ratings. For example, Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement of Barack Obama is viewed as a major factor in the Democratic Primary, especially considering their pending joint appearance in South Carolina, which has now been switched to a venue capable of accommodating 80,000 people-certainly bad news for Hillary.

    Not to be outdone, Dennis Kucinich, hereto considered the cellar dweller of the Democratic pack, has picked up a giant endorsement from……..none other than Hollywood’s Sean Penn! As Lawrence Welk used to say, “Ah wonderful, ah wonderful-ah!”

    Well, this just might be the turning point of the campaign! It should not come as unexpected, however. Why wouldn’t Penn, who has traveled the globe to suck up to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, embrace the very candidate (Kucinich) who recently traveled to Syria to embrace the dictator, Assad, and criticize his own president and country in the process? As they say, there’s a lid for every pot.

    Curiously, however, Kucinich’s campaign was somewhat reserved in its response to the Penn endorsement, stating in effect that Penn is an “intense individual, who says what he thinks, no matter what.” Huh? Maybe the Kucinich people (are there more than one?)have figured out that the endorsement of someone as anti-American as Sean Penn might be considered as a negative.

    The other tidbit that came out of the Kucinich campaign this week was that if nominated, he would consider as his running mate,among others,California Representative Maxine Waters, probably the most odious and obnoxious person in the entire US Congress. You know, someone who if anything happened to Kucinich, would be qualified to step in immediately as president.

    But enough about Kucinich. Let’s get back to reality. Frontrunner Hillary Clinton also picked up a valuable endorsement this week. Guess who? Jennifer Flowers.

    gary fouse

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