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“Not until about 15 percent of a school district’s children are in charter schools do those schools exert pressure to change the way the district functions. Of this city’s 1,453 public schools, only 61 are charters. They serve 19,000 of the 1.1 million public school students — 1.7 percent. Andy Smarick, writing in Education Next, reports that only 2 percent of America’s public school pupils are in charters, which are being opened very slowly — only 335 a year nationwide, even though the students already on charter waiting lists would fill more than 1,000 schools. At that rate, by 2020 charters will serve only 5 percent of the public school enrollment. One reason for the slow growth is that some school districts, terrified of competition, mount expensive advertising campaigns — parents’ tax dollars at work — to dissuade parents from choosing charter schools.” — George Will, writing about one mans quest to open up a charter school to help the downtrodden, and the constant roadblocks he faces

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