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“Ever since Starbucks blanketed every functioning community in America with its cafes, the one effect of its expansion that has steamed people the most has been the widely assumed dying-off of mom and pop coffeehouses. Our cities once overflowed with charming independent coffee shops, the popular thinking goes, until the corporate steamroller known as Starbucks came through and crushed them all, perhaps tossing the victims a complimentary Alanis Morrisette CD to ease the psychic pain. In a world where Starbucks operates nearly 15,000 stores, with six new ones opening each day, isn’t this a reasonable assumption? How could momma and poppa coffee hope to survive? But Hyman didn’t misspeak—and neither did the dozens of other coffeehouse owners I’ve interviewed. Strange as it sounds, the best way to boost sales at your independently owned coffeehouse may just be to have Starbucks move in next-door.” — Taylor Clark, writing in Slate on why starbucks actually helps mom and pops coffeehouses

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  • My business-broker wife and I have discussed this on several occasions. Often, a premium sit-down coffee and tea place with free wireless Internet will open near a Starbucks, stealing customers while benefiting from its foot traffic. My wife has sold a couple of these and they are doing well.

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