Education Revolt In Watts

There is no area in more desperate need of school choice than the ghettos of the United States. With high levels of gangs, drugs, and crime, just basic security concerns are enough to push parents to seek alternative venues. Yet even in these dire circumstances, the teachers union continues to stand in the way of any school choice program, even great charter schools like green dot.

More on the green dot charter schools and the wonderful work they are doing for inner city children can be found here. The video can be found here.

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  • I’ve missed a lot of the recent productions, but I like them a lot. I really respect their publication and the videos. Carey could be an asshole host, but he really just furthers the arguments.

    I like the Green Dot program a lot. Most minority students I’ve met over on the East Coast who are from South Central or Inglewood went to one of the Animo groups (In September, two weeks into the new school year, I was walking across Harvard Yard and saw a group of minority students near the John Harvard statue. I was wearing my Dodgers cap, they saw it, and called me out on it. I came over and asked them where they were from, and they were from an Animo high school). Back to the points. If it is proving to work at certain schools, why not apply it to similar schools?

    Sometimes I feel that the LAUSD should be broken, but when I think of the differences in funding, I don’t see it as a viable option.

    UTLA gets on my nerves. It’s one of the unions that has deviated too much from what it was intended to do and has now become the very thing it opposes. It’s too bureaucratic, silly. In high school, I was pretty close to a few teachers, and some let me know what they thought of the union. Not very favorable, per se.

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