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“I have never quite encountered an intrinsically less fair institution than the university, at least in liberal terms of egalitarianism and respect for the underclass. A full professor may damn Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart would never get away with the two-tier system that the university in built upon: the PhD part-timer has no job security, sometimes no benefits, no privileges, and earns usually about 25% of the compensation that is paid to the full professor to teach the identical class. When one factors in the use of graduate assistants not merely to TA courses, but to teach them in their entirety, then you can appreciate the level of exploitation that the university is built on. And add to the notion that tuition has climbed higher than the annual rate of inflation, and the picture is complete of an institution that is entirely immune from public scrutiny.” —Victor Davis Hanson

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  • God Bless Tenure! Once you get Tenure, you hit the jackpot and can never be fired. Almost like being a government employee where it takes an act of congress to be able to fire someone. Universities and Governement don’t have to answer to shareholders, so there is not accountability. Come to think about it, even some corporations don’t answer to shareholders or act in their best interest. Before I go off on a tangent, I was reading an article in NYT I believe, describing the dire situation in Italy and their Universities. All the young, bright, academic minds are leaving Italy to look for jobs because of the Tenure system and positions being doled out as favors or because of who you know, rather than on merit. There is basically no turnover rate and once the professors get appointed to their posts, there is no way to get them out unless they die.

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