The Argument Against Regulations

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs are common in downtown Los Angeles and especially in Mexican border cities. Tijuana, for example, has a vendor at almost every corner. Well now, apparently, Los Angeles is trying to ban the cart sale of these very delicious bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

As a huge fan of bacon-wrapped hot dogs (I’ve eaten more than ten in one TJ night before), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this recent regulation as an argument against regulations in general (though not all regulations). It is a perfect illustration of the standard argument against regulations: reduces consumers choices, benefits the well-off and established sellers, and harms competition. All, of course, in the name of saving the consumer from himself…government paternalism at its finest.

However, those of us that eat bacon-wrapped hot dogs in much less regulated settings (Mexico, for example) know who these regulations really benefit (not the consumer!).

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