Che: The Lefts Icon

Glenn Beck of CNN reports:

So, what is the uniform of choice when fooling terrorists in Colombia? …

That’s right, the same T-shirts you see Hollywood celebrities, starving pseudo-artists and confused hipster teens wearing around local coffee shops. To all those who decide that you want to be coffee house communist-chic, remember this: When you are wearing a Che T-shirt, you’re wearing the same shirt that makes terrorists believe you’re just one of the gang. I hope that latte is tasty.

How Che became such a revered superhero of the hard-core left is laughable. First of all, he wasn’t even a good revolutionary. He failed in his attempt at world revolution almost as badly as communism has failed in the places it was actually tried.

“This is a history of a failure” is how he himself described his efforts in the Congo. He was killed in Bolivia, trying to fire up another failure of a war. Earlier, he even managed to drop his gun and shoot himself in the face.

But more important than his incompetence is the fact that the man was a mass killer. Hundreds were reportedly executed on his watch, and that doesn’t include the deaths incurred in the wars he was constantly trying to start. He described his maniacal lust for war in his writings, saying he savored “the acrid smell of gunpowder and blood of the enemy’s death.” How this guy is a hero to the anti-war crowd is truly perplexing.

I should also point out what seemingly gets eliminated from the Hollywood movies attempting to glorify him: his bouts with racism. When describing the differences in the strife between “Europeans” and “the black,” the supposedly progressive-minded Che wrote, “their different attitudes of life separate them completely: the black is indolent and fanciful, he spends his money on frivolity and drink; the European comes from a tradition of working and saving which follows him to this corner of America and drives him to get ahead.”

Ohhhhh, so the “European” is a hard worker while “the black” is a fanciful drunk. Now I understand the difference. …

Revisionist history’s fusion with fashion sense isn’t exactly new, but its popularity seems to be growing. When actress Cameron Diaz showed up in Peru, she thought she had a trendy bag that might garner some jealous stares. People were staring, sure, but for all the wrong reasons.

The bag, purchased in China, featured a red star and the words “Serve the people” on it. The problem? That was Mao Zedong’s most famous political slogan, and it stirred up memories of the Maoist Shining Path insurgency, which, according to the BBC, was responsible for 70,000 deaths in Peru during the ’80s and ’90s. Diaz apologized later for “inadvertently” offending anyone. “

The full article can be found here. The comments section at the end of the article are a must read.

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  • It’s your blog HP, but I think you ought to consider changing “CNN reports” to “Glenn Beck opines”.

    For a sentence or two, I was under the impression I was reading a straight news article from CNN – but it sounded like a high school student’s book report. Weird sensation.

  • Good point…Ill change it.

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