Leaving To Guerrero, Mexico

Though most of my family was born and raised in a small town in Guerrero, Mexico, I personally have never been. As a child my dad would make fun of me saying that I would never survive more than a couple days. Where he grew up they still didn’t have electricity, hot water, or most of modern technology we live with today. Then there is the mosquitoes, the heat, and the food. My dad said that I’m too accustomed to the comforts of the United States to really appreciate it there.

Well, come later tonight I am about to find out. Because of the passing of my grandfather who still lived in the area, the rising violence, and the overall tole the twice yearly trips are taking on my aging father, my dad decided to sell his long held ranch and say a final goodbye to the small town he called home for the first twenty years of his life. And since I can’t take any classes this quarter because of my unborn childs due date, I have a chance to go and finally see the area that has shaped my families early years before my dad finalizes the paperwork on his ranch.

So tonight me and my close friend Albert leave from LAX bound to Mexico where we will take a bus and meet up with my father, who has already been there since last Friday. Plans are to tour the neighborhood, meet uncles, aunts, and family that I have never met before, see his ranch, his house where he grew up, and hopefully get a chance to go into Acapulco and party like its 1999. 😉

I’ll be back on November 9th. Oh, and, about the election, I mailed in my ballot weeks ago. Go Bob Barr!

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  • Very cool. I assume there will be pictures on Flickr? Looking forward to seeing what the foundational core of latino conservativism looks like. Safe travels bruva.

  • Your trip has rekindled the memory of my first trip to Mexico. This was in 1968 when I was 14 years old. My grandparents immigrated to the States in late 1800’s and both of my parents were born in the US. The bulk of our clan was in the US, but there were a about a dozen relatives still living in Mexico. Mom had one aunt in Monterrey and Dad had an uncle in Matehuala.
    Anyhoo, my mother had a “promesa” (a religous pilgrimage) to keep in San Juan de los Lagos and the time had arrived to comply with the agreement between my mother and the Virgin Mary.
    So one day that summer of ’68, they packed us (9 kids plus my grandfather and grandmother) into the family station wagon and set off at the ungodly hour of 4AM – my father a firm believer in not “burning daylight.”
    Now mind you, we were raised in the small sleepy burg of Rupert, Idaho. It had and has a population of about 5,000. My parents settled there when they quit the migrant labor life. There were very few Hispanics in the 60’s that lived in our little community. Those few Hispanics were like my parents, Tejanos that settled there out of the migrant stream. We knew virtually everyone in the Hispanic community.
    On the morning of the 2nd day we awoke in a hotel in Edinburg, Texas. We all bathed and then crossed over to Reynosa, Mexico. My father stopped at a bank to do a money exchange and we waited in the car. Needless to say we are all agog – truly “strangers in a strange land.” We weren’t saying much as we were taking it all in, finally my youngest brother piped up and said, “Wow, there are a lot of Mexicans here.” We howled with laughter and to this day we still laugh about that comment.

  • Hahahaha. Good stuff!

    I travel to Monterrey, Mexico often as my grandmother on my mothers side lives there. She is being cared for by my uncle, who found Monterrey’s highly commerce city life appealing. Send me an email, I can send you a link to the pics, if you like.

    Edinburg, Texas too is familiar to me. Though I grew up in Compton, California, my mom would occasionally send me to the area to live with family and/or friends. I even got a chance to go to South Edinburg High School for part of a semester. 🙂

  • Oh that’ll be awesome. These trips are always fun. Wait til you meet the tia/o’s that say, “remember me?last i saw you, you were this little itty bitty!” LOL

    Have fun, be careful and take lots of pictures!

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