Obama Watch – President Elect Version

I am going to periodically give my thoughts on Obama’s actions, appointments, and anything else I may find interesting, with an overall rating on his performance. Today, I give you the President Elect Version.

Obama’s decision to invite Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration has been much talked about. Some people call it a shrewd political move, others call it the first of an attempt at party realignment, and then there are those who call it a betrayal. However, what interests me the most about the move is its relationship to Obama’s political views.

As I pointed out in my post, Thoughts On The Obama Victory, Obama is not the type of liberal the presidency is used to; he has a large appreciation and experience with inner city liberalism. Though inviting Rick Warren would have been anathema to limousine liberal’s like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Bill Clinton, it’s almost a natural choice for an inner city liberal. Inner city liberalism is comfortable, even full on accepting, of evangelical Christianity, where Limousine liberalism is certainly not.

And so Obama’s choice of inviting Rick Warren gives me hope that he will, as I expected him to but was not sure, leave his distinguishing mark on the presidency, not just by being the first black president, but by being the first inner city liberal the presidency has ever seen. The next four years are sure to be interesting and Obama’s pick of Rick Warren is already starting to draw the lines, separating the limousine liberals from the inner city ones.

Then comes Obama’s economic team. Before the election one could make arguments on both sides that Obama was either an extreme liberal playing the center just to get elected or a true moderate who was willing to listen and follow what worked. Obama’s economic team is outstanding, and shows that those who held the view that he was a moderate were right. I can’t see how McCain could have ever picked a better economic team.

With that said, as of this point in time, I give Obama a clear A. He is shaping up to be a great president. Hopefully that won’t change.

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  • The Obamanation’s economic team consists of only of 4 economists out of 17 members, half are lawyers, and as a whole they are predominately protectionists. Summers has not seen a bail-out he did not like. Half have never earned a dime or contributed to the economy as they have been academicians and government workers all of their careers.

    It appears that these picks will seal the deal, and following any of these individuals, (I know I’m being nice), will keep us in a recession for years to come. Looks like the Obamination will only serve 4 years.

    One will need “Hope” if he’s going to rely on this bunch.

    Disclaimer: I did not support any of the Republicans as well.

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