Celebrating Work — All Kinds Of Work

This Ted talk video by Mike Rowe, the host of “Dirty Jobs,” is both educational and entertaining. It gives a side of work that is often ignored in todays society.

A must watch video.

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  • Terrific video…I have to figure out how to send this to everyone on my email list. I am even going to talk to my school principal to see if we can have our high school students watch this clip. High school students should know that trade and skill schools are an option on par with those that seek further academic education at the college/university level.
    I especially liked that he said that he “got so many things wrong.” How many times does one hear anyone ever admit that? Maybe the polarization in our country would dissipate if everyone stepped back and analyzed their views from what they may be getting wrong instead of being so dogmatically and ideologically confident that they have it right.
    This video also reaffirmed the wisdom of my parents. My brothers and sisters were constantly reminded that all work has dignity and that no work was beneath us. My father would tell me, “El hombre debe saber como trabajar con el lapiz o la palla.” A man should know how to work with a pencil or shovel. He understoood that manual labor or brain work was still work at the end of the day.
    Anecdote: I quit being a principal and took a temporary job at a gym. People that knew my background were baffled why I someone like me would be washing and drying towels, vacuuming floors, giving assistance to people on exercise machines, etc. etc. I would reply that “all work has dignity.” This would leave them baffled. Sad.

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