The Best Way To Help Haiti Victims

Paul Romer gives my preferred solution:

There is a natural complementary approach that is a much better bet than giving colonialism another chance–letting Haitians migrate somewhere with better governance and rules. This is the surest answer to the question posed in the beginning. It can give them access to the urban infrastructure, buildings, equipment, and the know-how that can support jobs in areas like garment assembly.

Immigration, like free trade, is the greatest poverty alleviation tool the world has ever seen.

2 Responses to “The Best Way To Help Haiti Victims”

  • Slight problem there. When U.S. backed murderous dictators are running things anybody that braves the waters seeking asylum in the U.S. is shipped back to Haiti where they are often later found hacked to pieces. It’s a gross violation of international law. This policy was reversed briefly when the U.S. backed candidate was defeated and Haiti saw it’s first real democratic election when Aristide won in 1990. Though refugee’s reduced to a trickle at that point they were given asylum in the U.S. Subsequent to the coup that removed their first democratically elected president and re-installed U.S. favorites U.S. policy was again reversed. Hatians seeking asylum would be returned to Haiti where they continue to be executed.

    Free trade the poverty eliminator, eh? Check my recent post.

  • Jon,

    While I agree about the shady practices with regard to some countries including our own, it’s a bit of non sequitur to say free trade cannot reduce poverty. Not even Chomsky says that. Policy change is required, but don’t conflate arguments.

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