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“At the risk of rambling on redundantly, I want to stress one thing about my attitude toward the Citizens United case: We’ve been focusing on this question of “corporate personhood” because that’s the legal frame we’ve been handed, but it’s pretty much irrelevant to my thinking about this question. The root conviction here is just that when someone has produced an unflattering political documentary about a sitting senator who is seeking higher office, and the government seeks to prohibit it from airing just because the person to whom it pertains is seeking political office, that cannot possibly be compatible with the First Amendment. Who produced or funded it are beside the point.  Now, if you tell me that with such-and-such a fact pattern, given a framework of other legal decisions, this result requires the court to treat corporations as bearers of First Amendment rights, so be it. If you tell me the courts have an alternative means of reaching the same result while denying that corporations have such rights, fantastic. I have no real independent commitment to a position either way on this question, except insofar as it appears to be necessary to avoid carving a huge loophole in protections for political speech.” — Julian Sanchez

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