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“But there is one thing of which I am nearly perfectly certain:  If we pass this thing, no American politician, left or right, is going to cut any of these programs, or raise the broad-based taxes necessary to pay for them, without any compensating goodies to offer the public . . .  until the crisis is almost upon us. I can think of no situation, other than impending crisis, in which such a thing has been done–and usually, as with Social Security, they have done just little enough to punt the problem down the road.  The idea that you pass a program of dubious sustainability because you can always make it sustainable later, seems borderline insane.  I can’t think of a single major entitlement that has become more sustainable over time.  Why is this one supposed to be different?” — Megan McArdle, on the impending ObamaCare

2 Responses to “Quote Of The Day”

  • This is true. Hard to argue otherwise.

  • Too late; It wasn’t just the Democrats who were in favor of this, it was also under the Nixon Administration. Though it did amaze me in how many folks missed that one.

    I was just waiting for someone to pick up on it. Which no one did, except some one in the Presidents staff. 🙁

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