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“But that’s why we shouldn’t have laws that enshrine any sort of profiling.  If the immigration problems in Arizona are really so serious that they merit deep intrusions upon the liberty of citizens who happen to resemble illegal immigrants, than they are serious enough to intrude on the liberty of everyone.  Don’t make the cops check the status of anyone who they “reasonably suspect” is illegal; make them check the status of everyone, no matter how blond-haired, blue-eyes, and fluent in standard American english they may be.  If you forget your license at home, the police detain you, just like they detain anyone of mexican descent, while someone fetches it.  If you can’t produce a birth certificate, passport, or similar, then you wait in the pokey until they can verify your legal status.  No police discretion.  No profiling. ” — Megan McArdle, on the Arizona immigration law

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  • It’s the human trafficking plus the drug running. States have always had the drug problem as well to a much lesser degree human trafficking in prostitution in general.

    But the human trafficking has not been seen like this since the Slave Trade, as well as the crime.

    Christ!!! If I lived in a border State and saw what folks in Arizona see? I would be just as desperate for any solution to the problem, no matter how draconian the solution is.

  • Fernando,

    Are you sufficiently desperate to support:
    1. Legalization of drugs?
    2. Increased legal immigration and legalization of current illegals?

    Because if you are, the dire situation you describe could be immensely improved upon without states passing draconian measures.

    Just wondering.

    And McArdle is absolutely correct.

  • Legalization of illegal drugs? Not in this century.

    The math is very simple on those here illegally, with the retirement of the baby boomers there is not enough people paying into the system and thus those here illegally made legal will off set the current fiscal crisis that’s coming.

    Now if we didn’t have abortion on demand? We would have never been in this situation to begin with.

  • Both Republicans and democrats want immigration reform, but here is the sticky part? There are other factors, but high unemployment is the main reason.

    Trying to convince the general public that it is in all of our best interest will be a challenge.

    It’s like me as well as others trying to convince the general public that Obamas green initiatives are doomed to failure even though the facts are already in.


  • I’m sorry, but the idea that Republicans want immigration reform is just laughable. If just five Republican Senators were to vote for immigration reform this time through we would all be amazed.

    Click here to see the roll call the last time we voted on Immigration Reform. There will be even less this time. And that’s why Immigration Reform is very unlikely to happen.

    Face it. The Republican Party is no longer the responsible one.

  • I hope Arizona trains their law-enforcement officers well in the fine art of identifying an illegañl alien. There are illegal aliens from every corner of the globe walking our streets. Some appear real pale, almost ghost-like, others look a nice golden brown and others almost as dark as charcoal. Even the BO’s African aunt leaves illegally in the United States.

    When I worked for the Social Security Administration, during the racist Clinton regime, managemant inferred that only hispanic looking people were to be suspect, of being illegal immigrants thus ineligle for benefits. I knew of several lily-white illegal applicants as well as many charcoal-black African looking illegals who applied for benefits. They all spoke english better than most of the Afro-american applicants who walked in our doors.

  • LaurenceB; I know you are not going to believe this, but I caught several democrats who work for the unions coming out against illegal immigration.

    There response to me “Directly” was that if I were to tell anyone of their involvement that I would be killed.

  • Are you sufficiently desperate to support:
    1. Legalization of drugs?

    Yep. And I’d want that even if it had no effect on immigration. People have the right to use drugs, and the criminalization of drugs has created the drug lords in this country and the countries south of it.

    2. Increased legal immigration and legalization of current illegals?

    This will have no effect on human trafficking or drug crimes. “Immigration reform” now seems to mean only increasing the number of immigrants, and this in turn usually means from Mexico. You generally don’t hear about the need for more people from Poland.

    But “Immigration reform” used to mean something else — like not giving preferences to people with families in the the US. The law that is currently on the books leads to a break-up of Mexican families, and to preferences to countries with large families. That’s where reform should start.

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