Who Is General Stanley McChrystal?

He is making the news today and everybody knows him as the man in charge of Afghanistan, but I am reminded of an article I read weeks back describing just how disciplined and respected this general is:

The Special Operations forces that McChrystal led in Iraq were not so afflicted, despite a home front—especially a policy nomenklatura in Washington—that by 2006 had given up on the war. McChrystal, whom Williams called “the singularly most impressive military officer I ever served with,” has never submitted to fate. His oft-documented physical regimen—running eight miles a day, eating one meal a day, and sleeping four hours a night—itself expresses an unyielding, almost cultic determination.

I was shocked when I read this. It takes even more meaning when you read that Williams, whom talks so highly of McChrystal, is himself retired Lieutenant Colonel Richard Williams of the elite British Special Air Service, a special forces officer himself.

Not necessarily relevant to the news stories circulating today, but when you read that removing him would be a big hit to the special forces operations inside Afghanistan, this is partly why.

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