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“Despite criticisms from Republican politicians about the White House’s overly lenient immigration policies, this administration is actually deporting more immigrants than the Bush administration.” — Catherine Rampell, writing in the New York Times economix section

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  • On this subject, Yglesias says it better than I can:

    My guess is that there are approximately zero people currently residing in the United States who place a high premium on deportations of illegal immigrants and who are aware of this information and have therefore become enthusiastic backers of Barack Obama. By contrast, there are many people in the United States who are concerned with undocumented workers and their families who are aware of this information and have therefore become less enthusiastic about Barack Obama.

    This is precisely correct. Beyond increased enforcement, Obama has taken several steps to placate the anti-illegal-immgiration mobs – sending troops to the border, for instance. None of this has worked to calm down the crazies, and none of it will work. What these folks want (an end to illegal immigration) is simply undo-able without some kind of accompanying amnesty coupled with looser legal immigration restrictions, which they vehemently oppose. It’s a “no win” for Obama – he should recognize it and work harder for true Immigration Reform, or just move on to something else. Trying to make them happy is a losing proposition.

  • The Economy is in the dumpster. That’s my answer to immigration reform.

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