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“The vote- or seat-maximizing incentive for the Republican Party as a whole is to lay low, put forward no “Newt Gingrich” villain figure, and let Obama continue to take the blame for the ailing economy, while avoiding fights they can lose, because of the President’s superior bully pulpit and media presence.” — Tyler Cowen

6 Responses to “Quote Of The Day”

  • Sounds very principled.

  • Politicians being principled? What planet have you lived on?

  • It’s not that I expect them to be principled, but that I assume you offer the quote because you think it reflects good and reasonable thinking. Do you advocate this kind of unprincipled behavior?

  • I dont advocate it – but I dont expect anything less.

  • Nor do I, but this quote is not from a politician. It’s from a pundit. Why are you propagating it? Normally a quote like this reflects your thinking. You didn’t give any indication that you have a problem with it. Now you’re saying you don’t advocate it. My response assumed you did. Good that you don’t, but why post it? Are you trying to expose conservative pundits for the unprincipled scumbags that they are?

  • I posted it for its predictive power – namely, I believe that all politicians care first and foremost about retaining and gaining power. I dont believe that there are any principled politicians – conservative or liberal, outside of a quest for power. This is a theme I’ve blogged on repeatedly before. See two recent examples here and here.

    I doubt the author of the quote, Tyler Cowen, advocated the strategy either, he is just stating what is.

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