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“Joel Kotkin has an excellent column in Forbes about the economic plight of California (thanks, RCP). The notion that the state embodies American enterprise and innovation at their most flourishing is seriously out of date. Broken government and a lagging economy have become mutually reinforcing, and the state seems to lack the capacity, or even the desire, to break the circle. As Kotkin says, California’s poverty and unemployment rates are two and three percentage points worse, respectively, than the national averages. Its income and sales taxes are very high–but not nearly high enough to cover the corresponding state-government outlays. A poll of more more than 600 CEOs ranked its business climate dead last in the US. People are moving out.” — Clive Crook

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  • I do wonder when this country is going to finally understand that living in a fantasy world just does not cut it.

    California is a perfect example of it. Their bottom line is self explanatory. Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi are trying to model the country on California’s’ economic model.

    The democrats still don’t get it for the simple reason that they re-elected her as Minority leader of Congress.

    I do wonder if the country will get it?

    [You see! If barack Obama is re-elected what that will tell people like me that this country does not get it, and it’s best to get the hell out of dodge.] <~~~~~ What this means is that this country will be hitting a brick wall at 120 mph, and I don’t want any where near this country when that happens.

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