The WikiLeaks And Iran

I haven’t verified this, but I thought this sequence of tweets from David Frum interesting:

What do we learn from Wikileaks re Iran?

1) Many more govts than you might think back a US military strike.

2) It’s now public knowledge that Iran and North Korea are exchanging deadly military technology.

3) Whole world can see that US has gone every extra mile to reach a negotiated outcome with Iran

4) Nevertheless Iran has pursued nuclear ambitions all-out.

Seems to me the combined effect of this information would be to make US military action more politically acceptable.

3 Responses to “The WikiLeaks And Iran”

  • Yeap!!! the leaks from wikileaks is hitting the ceiling around here.

    It’s a public relations nightmare for our government.

  • No, the Democrats leading up to the last Presidential election made the case for Iran to have Nuclear power.

    Obama won’t do any military strikes against Iran.

    The wikileaks leaks are major on many different levels.

  • 1-Who cares that US backed thuggish dictators back a strike against Iran? The Arabs don’t back such action.

    2-I understand that this is not your claim, but Frum’s claim, but he’s just dead wrong here.

    3-What is he basing this on? Iran offered to fully end nuclear enrichment if only the US would get Israel to stop threatening them. They are entitled to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, but they said they’d stop. The US decided that having the ability to threaten them was more important than ending their nuclear program.

    4-Iran is entitled to enrich uranium as signers of the NPT (which Israel won’t sign). They’d stop though if you could get Israel to stop breaking the law and threatening them. But no. Israel will continue break the law and threaten them.

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