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“So my question is, does that decision not lay a moral obligation on the US to lend support to the effort of its allies? British, French, Canadian, Danish, and Norwegian fighter jets flying over Libya are coming under anti-aircraft fire from the minions of Col. Qaddafi. The United States had the most robust ability to take those anti-aircraft batteries out, which it largely did. Should the United States have said, well, too bad, we are not getting involved over there? Had Washington responded in that way, and had NATO allies lost jets to Qaddafi’s rockets, would not the allies have had a legitimate grounds for absolute fury?” — Juan Cole, a supporter of the Libyan intervention posing a question to Glenn Greenwald,  who is generally opposed

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  • I think it depends on why we are there. We’re told it’s a humanitarian intervention. But as Chomsky points out repeatedly that’s what’s stated every time an aggressive action occurs. Hitler said the same. The Soviets said the same. So that our leadership would say that carries absolutely no information at all. That’s their job. To reflexively offer benevolent pretexts for military action.

    But what in fact happens is our leadership offers benevolent pretexts and everyone just accepts it because they say so. What is the real reason? I mean, it could be humanitarian, but we could never know that because Obama said so. We have to start digging.

    We also have to ask what the rebels want. Do they want our help? Do we care about democracy? There’s a history of the US coming in to help “democracy” and in doing so democracy is undermined and the suffering people are just as bad or worse off than before. So if the Libyan rebels are smart they would not want our involvement because they should expect us to subvert democratic efforts. In fact that’s obvious. From what I can see they don’t want us there, though it’s hard to be sure at this point and certainly there are conflicting data points. We should respect that they may not want our help.

  • For the French to condemn our actions, they were pretty quick to beg us into another war because their oil was in danger. If i recall, thats also how we ended up in vietnam too.

  • Hey Jon,

    What about this story? Seems to me like, atleast those rebels, want us there (with that said, I am still more against the Libyan intervention than for it).

  • I was never for it. Another Muslim country that will hate us even if we help the victors. Let them kill each other.

  • I was hoping that the United States would have stayed out of it, and let the World figure out its own problems instead.

    The United States is still providing intelligence, as well as boots on the ground support, as well as diplomatic support.

    Now! The only thing that I don’t know about yet is; How many Billions it’s costing the United States in getting diplomatic support?

    My God!!! Just to get Italy to recognize the rebels? Imagine how much that cost. <~~~~~~ This alone is M-O-N-E-Y.

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