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“Here we see the fundamental differences between the parties: One believes in spending more and allocating that spending via central planning.  The other believes in spending less and harnessing individual choice and competition to ensure that the money is spent wisely.” — Greg Mankiw, professor of economics at Harvard on the difference between the Ryan plan and ObamaCare

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  • Somewhere on the web there is a bizarro Mankiw who is just as committed to framing this issue in far left terms as Mankiw is in providing a Republican-friendly framing. Here’s what that guy is probably saying:

    “Here we see the fundamental differences between the parties: One believes in the gradual elimination of the “safety net” for our elderly – essentially leaving them to their own devices. While the other commits itself to spending more wisely, while continuing to maintain the same level of health care that we have provided to our elderly citizens for generations.”

  • I dont think Republicans want to completely eliminate the safety net…they just want to weaken it. Means test it. Make it so where those who can afford to pay can pay.

    What about that middle ground? That sounds reasonable, no? Especially considering that its the elderly who are the most blessed in our society…and its the youth who have it the hardest. Yet its the elderly who benefit at the youth’s expense.

  • Whats so shocking? It seems obvious to me. For the elderly, atleast made it to old age, something that many young adults paying for the elderly’s medicare costs might not be able to say. Second, the elderly is the richest segment of the United States…the youth, the poorest. etc

  • It not good for a countries largest employer to be the government anyway…. Even if you took 100% of the top 5% of americans, we wouldnt be able to balance our budget. The government is bloated beyond anything we can handle.

  • HP,
    For what it’s worth, I don’t think most Republicans want to completely eliminate the safety net either. I was just providing a left-wing viewpoint to Mankiw’s hyperbolic right-wing viewpoint. It seemed like one was needed.

    On the subject of the elderly, I think what you’re failing to account for is that the elderly were once young.

    Is that meant to be a “factually accurate” statement?

  • Nope, its common sense. The wages/salaries of private sector employees go to an ever expanding government. Soon there wont be enough wages to pay for the largest employer which does not produce anything of value to other nations.

  • LaurenceB,

    On the subject of the elderly, I think what you’re failing to account for is that the elderly were once young.

    True – but the reverse can’t be said. Not all young people will be elderly. Some will die early. Yet still forced to pay for the elderly.

    Second, many on medicare today never paid for medicare as a youth, certainly not a substantial portion, to their elders. This is a boom to them that they have full benefit to…with little to no costs.

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