Rand Paul On The Patriot Act


A must watch.

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  • Awesome.

    I read somewhere that Harry Reid screwed him over and got around his desire to have a debate.

  • Here’s a source on Harry Reid’s maneuvering. Interestingly back when Reid was in the minority he pretended to oppose the Patriot Act.


  • Democrats did my group a favor by not letting the “Bill” languish.

    Anyways under the Democrats health insurance Reform Bill they used the severely disabled community to direct the country to universal Health care.

    The Democrats added to the Medicare and Medicaid roles in the number of 18 million more people, and those costs under law HAS to be covered.

    Even I acknowledge that the country needs the vat tax to cover that amount of people who have been added to the roles.

    For if not? Both programs go broke.

    But it gets better; The severely disabled community understands all of this, and they ARE fully aware that the democrats ARE using their disabilities as hostage to push a bigger agenda through.

    When it is all said and done, if the vat tax does not go through?
    The severely disabled community will pay for the extra 18 million people with the severely disabled communities LIVES.

    Fun game don’t you think Jon?

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