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“BTW, progressives like Yglesias often point out that no matter what they say, the GOP is devoted single-mindedly to one goal, and one goal only—lower tax rates for the rich.  And I have to agree that that is an obsession of many GOP economists.  But then why the strange pattern of state income taxes around the country?  Income taxes are often higher in conservative Republican states in the South, than in liberal Massachusetts.  Even more surprisingly, the rich in the South are especially likely to be Republicans (as compared to the rich in Boston, NY and LA.)  Yes, there are some GOP states with no income tax (Texas, Tennessee and South Dakota.)  But there are also swing states (Nevada, New Hampshire and Florida) and even one liberal state (Washington.)  Why don’t the southern and Rocky Mountain GOP states at least cut the top rate down to Massachusetts levels (5.3%)?” —Scott Sumner, Economist

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  1. Jon says:

    Instead of cherry picking the liberal outliers (Washington, Massachusetts) and cherry picking the specific taxes that will be considered (income), why not rather look at the whole picture? That’s what I looked at here:


    True enough Washington is the most regressive state. But plenty of red states in the top 10. Notice that the 4 least regressive locations (3 states and DC) are all blue. That’s about what you might expect, don’t you think?

  2. Fernando says:

    The bigger picture is? IS, IS , IS, Is, Is, Is OBAMACARE.

    Kinda hard to fund 30 million extra folks on ObamaCare when there are no extra taxes for it.

    Though Obama HAS Hollywood in his back pocket [He paid them off well, and it’s already being felt on the internet. Thought police, and the Aclu wont get involved either cause they got a stake in it as well].

    DC is NOT a State.

    By the way;

    That rich vs. poor debate is misleading if you see who is supporting dear ole obama and why?

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